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What is waiting: Definition and 103 Discussions

  1. M

    Waiting for Products Earned: Have You Received Yours Yet?

    Has anyone received the products they earned yet? I thought they were to be sent out early this week......I'm anxiously waited them level 3 package....really thought I would have it today.
  2. baychef

    Director forThose Waiting for Catalogs 25 Pk.

    Just noticed that catalogs for S/S in packs of 25 are on back order until March 6th. In case you know of anyone who has ordered them thought you would like to know.
  3. quiverfull7

    Director Waiting for Stat Update: Anxiety Mounting!

    Has there been a stat update yet today? I was expecting some changes but now I'm sweating a bit! :) I know two consultants had cards on hold ... but I think they resolved them. I should just go do something else for awhile!
  4. pampered1224

    Still Waiting for My Tote Show #2: Any Updates?

    I submitted show #2 two days ago but I have a party on the 9th where I have several people who want to see the tote. Can anyone tell me how quickly they got theirs? THANKS! I looked for it with the "G" as I knew the HWC one but do not see a new one yet.
  5. A

    Has Anyone Received Their Visa Gift Card Yet?

    We're not travelling to Toronto--just waiting for the $$! :) Has anyone else gotten their gift card yet??
  6. J

    Still Waiting for My Sling Bag: Where Is It?

    Is anyone else still waiting for their's? I haven't received my yet. I know HO said April, but... I thought someone had received one recently and it got my hopes up... :cry: I really want my sling bag :p
  7. finley1991

    Director Waiting on Bag Order: Frustrating Delay!

    So I know it's my own fault for not submitting my 2 Jan shows until Jan 30th (but they were on the 27th & 28th so I got them closed as quickly as possible!) and I keep checking the back-way to see if my bag has shipped and nothing is showing up. I'm sure they had a gazillion orders going in on...
  8. California Girl

    Waiting on My Show Approval: How Long and What's Next?

    So I have been pending for a while now and I just finally submitted a show, how long till I get out of pending? And when can I start to put in wedding registries?
  9. kcjodih

    Help! I'm Looking for a Recipe - Apples Peeled and Waiting!

    Does anyone have this recipe? I tried the PC website but it won't load and I know I saw it posted in a thread recently but can't for the life of me find it. Apples are peeled and now I sit here and wait....
  10. K

    Waiting for an Answer: Did Anyone Get Theirs?

    Did anyone get theirs? I still haven't gotten mine-been a month now, as neither did my sister director. I called PC and they are acting like they have no idea what I'm even talking about. Supposed to get a call on Monday.
  11. NooraK

    Waiting for Conference News: Anxiously Working in the Meantime

    ...with everyone off to Conference, mostly traveling today and with nothing announced yet. I'm anxiously waiting to hear anything, but in the mean time I actually have to work... :grumpy:
  12. C

    Waiting for May Consultant News and HWC Customer Connection

    So here it is, 5 pm on Monday May the 3rd and the canadian May Consultant News still isnt up online!!:grumpy: On top of that, the HWC customer connection emails and articles arent there either and I'm trying to set up a fundraiser. So frustrating I'm still waiting for my printed version of...
  13. pamperedbecky

    Eye Catching Recruiting Flyer to Post in a Waiting Room?

    Does anyone happen to have a simple, eye-catching recruiting flyer? I have an opportunity to post a flyer (along with putting out some catalogs) about recruiting in a waiting room type setting. Before I re-invent the wheel and try to make one, I thought I'd see if anyone has something like...
  14. thehaleykitchen

    Waiting for Show to Be Added....

    Ugh - I hate the waiting! I submitted a show last night, and normally I would be more willing to wait to see it added but this one will have me qualified! I have been spoiled in the past I guess with my shows showing up within a few hours but now its been over 11 hours and still no update! It...
  15. C

    Waiting for the Drawing Results: Did I Win a TV or Mittens?

    ...to find out if I won anything in the drawing. One of the TV's was given away @ our Spring Launch on Saturday. It was sorta cool - it was the Birthday of the lady who won, and they called her up on stage, and gave her balloons, and a cake, and sang happy birthday...and then presented her...
  16. C

    Waiting on Email from Director: Who Else Is Still Waiting?

    I have not received my email yet, but my Director has. Anyone else still waiting on her email?
  17. J

    Waiting on Dec 29th Info: Have You Gotten Yours Yet?

    Has anyone gotten their info yet? I know it's supposed to arrive by Dec 29th, just wondering...
  18. C

    Waiting on Merrill: How Long Does Shipping Take?

    How long does it take for Merrill stuff to ship? I ordered last Thursday and I'm very anxious to get it. Any ideas?
  19. P

    September Sales Good for Consultants, But Some Still Waiting

    Double edge sword....show submitted 9/30 still has not been shipped (still showing received) so I guess this is a good sign that sales were good for the month of September for consultants yet bad for me, my host and her guests that they are still waiting for their product.
  20. J

    Rant Ok, so I Have Been in the Queue Waiting for the Next Available Ho

    Ok, so I have been in the queue waiting for the next available HO person and listening to bad music for forever. Ok, really only 20 or 25 minutes so far, but it really seems like forever. So, I thought I'd ask...what's your record? Mine is 20-25 minutes so far w/ no human. You? Guess I am not...
  21. S

    Waiting for Debit Card: Experiences & Wait Time

    Has anyone gotten there's yet? My recruit qualified with 1250 in sales on August 24th and I still have not received my debit card yet. Has anyone else heard of the wait time? I did receive the PC bucks, though.
  22. P

    Waiting for the FedEx Man: An Unexpected Surprise

    Patiently waiting for the FedEx man to show his face. I know as soon as I get in the shower he will come and probably won't leave the three large boxes and I really wanted to deliver my items today since I was not doing anything until about 6:00 p.m. I wish I had never looked at the tracking...
  23. D

    Waiting on Merrill's Wave 3 Photo Cards

    Did anyone order photo cards from Merrill at wave 3? I'm wondering when I'll get them...
  24. crysboo

    Waiting on My Debit Card... How Long Does This Take?

    I can't wait to start my website to hopefully boost my sales, but I'm still waiting on my debit card. I applied for it July 4th and still nothing. Plus I did my direct deposit the same day and got a paper check in the mail on the 9th! Does anyone know how to check the status on these? Also...
  25. K

    Why Such a Long Waiting Period for Adjustment

    just curious. It says it;s going out June 4th. Is this normal. I also received a Adjustment on Hold email with a reference number and that =gave me the shipping date.
  26. chefkathy

    A Dilemma: Submitting Show & Waiting for Checks?

    I have a dilemma....Did a show on 4/26 for a sister director. The hostess has been a tad difficult and since the show was a hand-off, I didn't do any coaching or have a chance to build rapport with her.She wanted the things in time for Mother's Day,so I told her that I would need all money to...
  27. C

    Waiting for Registration: A Lesson in Patience

    I need a class in patience. I obviously have none because I have been waiting for registration all morning, glued to the computer!
  28. babywings76

    Waiting for the Newswire: Will There Be Any Surprises?

    It's supposed to be online today, right? I think that's what the Newswire said. It's not up yet. Can't wait for when it comes on! I wonder if there will be any new news or promotions in it.
  29. Jessamary

    Waiting for HO Email: Jan-Feb Promotion & Wait Times Discussion

    Has anyone gotten their e-mail today from the HO regarding the Jan-Feb Promotion? I was just wondering...I haven't gotten mine yet. Also, did anyone else get the email from HO last week about how they know wait times have been horrendous? I thought I'd see discussion on that here, but I haven't.
  30. princessmeshelle

    Waiting to Order Samples After Submitting Show - Help!

    Ok, so I just submitted my show that should reactivat me.... I can't wait to order samples.... Does any one know how long it should take before I can order them? Someone said right away, but the web sit isn't letting me. :cry: