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What is debit card: Definition and 66 Discussions

  1. S

    Question About Pampered Chef Debit Card

    My recruit applied for a PC debit card to transmit shows last week and they said it would be about 5 days before she would get an email with a number to call and get your number. She is having problems with her email (not working right). Does anyone know the number she can call? SHe has a...
  2. loreo

    How do I register my debit card within 5 days?

    I have a new consultant who called last night asking how to register her debit card. She said she received it yesterday with a letter that said she had 5 days to register it. Her letter mentioned the "host order form" but it wasn't clear. This does not sound familiar to me at all. Can someone...
  3. C

    Prevent Debit Card Overdrafts: Tips for Submitting Funds Quickly and Accurately

    I have a host who wants me to submit her show tonight, but she didn't get her $ deposited today due to an error with a few of the checks. When I submit it, how quickly is it withdrawn from her account. I hate to give her wrong info and get her overdrawn. Please help ASAP!!
  4. J

    Can I Get My Website Up and Running with Debit Card Processing?

    Hello, How long does it usually take to for the HO to process a debit card request? I really want to get my website up and running, but I need the Debit card to do so. Thanks, Juliet
  5. L

    Direct Deposit and Debit Card Account Changes

    So, when I first signed up, I attached direct deposit and debit card to my personal account, now I have opened another account for PC exclusively and would like to change the account those things use. My dilemma is that it doesn't let me change the debit card information online? We can only...
  6. M

    Can't Order Without Pampered Chef Debit Card

    Okay. I just signed my contract 9 days ago. I have not gotten my debit card in the mail yet, and I haven't been able to call and get my number yet either. I'm trying to order some samples to have for my Grand Opening on the 16th of this month, the website only gives me the option to enter my PC...
  7. E

    Urgent Lost Debit Card? Here's What You Need to Know | Expert Tips

    :eek: Help! I'm a newbie, and had my debit card issued right away when I signed up, however, I didn't need to use it, since most of my shows have been credit cards. Well, my husband and I are moving this week so everythings a mess, and I swear I put the card in a safe place that I would...
  8. T

    Pampered Chef Debit Card Linked With Checking Acct. or No?

    Hi all! Can you tell me what the pros and cons of linking your PC debit card to your personal checking acct.? My recruiter prefers it this way but I don't know why. I read somewhere on here (can't remember where) that we should have a separate acct for PC. How would I go about doing this? Do...
  9. A

    Ppp Not Liking Customer's Debit Card

    This is a mess. I am headed out of town tomorrow AM and I was trying to get in a last minute individual order. However, PPP is not liking this customer's Visa debit card #. It keeps saying valid card # required. Do we have to put in debit cards in any certain way? I'm doing it just like...
  10. Dotty

    Pampered Chef Visa or Pampered Chef Debit Card? Ask the Wind for Answers!

    I have a question for the wind (Y'all out there). :thumbup: Can I use the PC Visa to pay for my shows? P3 says that after XX date, I'll only be able to use the PC Debit Card. My upline said that the Visa will be fine, but I'm a little worried as that date is fast approaching. I'd...
  11. D

    Pampered Chef Debit Card Vs Visa

    Can someone explain to me the difference between the PC Debit Card and the PC Visa card. As a new consultant, should I apply for one over the other or both? I'd prefer one, but I'm not sure which one would be best. Thanks!
  12. J

    Changing Pampered Chef Debit Card Account

    How do you change the checking account that your PC Debit card is attached to?:)
  13. S

    Waiting for Debit Card: Experiences & Wait Time

    Has anyone gotten there's yet? My recruit qualified with 1250 in sales on August 24th and I still have not received my debit card yet. Has anyone else heard of the wait time? I did receive the PC bucks, though.
  14. C

    Is Your Recruiting Debit Card Activated for July/August?

    Have you received your debit card for recruiting in July/August. My new recruit was active Aug 28th. I was hoping to get mine soon! I have about 10 different places I would like to use it!
  15. K

    Question About Pampered Chef Debit Card

    I know we need to get a PC Credit or Debit card to pay with our orders after 60 days...my question is, does anyone know if they check your credit for the Debit Card? My house is on the market at the moment and we have a mortgage pending for a new house and I was told not to have my credit...
  16. T

    Get Your Pampered Chef Debit Card Number and Pay for Your Website Today

    I've signed up for my Debit Card, I think today is my 5 day mark and I'm trying to retrive my # so that I can pay for my website. I have tried call the finance department, but I have been sitting on hold while they are "retrieving the shipping information". I thought I read somewhere earlier...
  17. crysboo

    Waiting on My Debit Card... How Long Does This Take?

    I can't wait to start my website to hopefully boost my sales, but I'm still waiting on my debit card. I applied for it July 4th and still nothing. Plus I did my direct deposit the same day and got a paper check in the mail on the 9th! Does anyone know how to check the status on these? Also...
  18. chefkathy

    Why Do People Blame Me for Their Overdraft?”

    Even though I explain to people that their card won't be charged til we turn the order in so just assume the money is spent, why do they still blame me when they get an overdraft?I had a show that was held up by a declined card for waaaay too long. Another gal who used her debit on that show...
  19. Jean DeVries

    How Did My Debit Card Get Used Fraudulently in Miami?

    So, here's how my day went..... On my way to a doctor's appointment today, I stopped to get gas. As I was shutting the car off, my cell rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer it. I tried to use my debit card to pay for the gas, but it wouldn't work. I tried to use it as...
  20. chefsteph07

    Declined Debit Card? Host Says $ Is in There

    I just submitted an $800 show this morning, it is on hold from the host debit card, I had PC run the card again this afternoon before calling the host. Host checked her acct balance and says it's in there and wants me to have them run it again, does PC sometimes have trouble w/ debit card...
  21. T

    Has Anyone Received Their Debit Card

    I chose the card instead of level 2 and thought it was to be in by now. I was hoping to see if anyone else has received theirs. Thanks
  22. ElizabethPurvis

    Trouble Ordering from Merrill - Debit Card not Validating

    Hello everyone! I am trying to order some items from Merrill and it's not letting me use my debit card...I know I have the money in my account, so that's not the issue. It keeps telling me that my card could not be validated. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I would...
  23. JTNT8704

    New Recruit's PWS: Debit Card Info?

    My new recruit is anxious to get her PWS started. She just signed on the 2nd. She applied for her debit card already too. My question is, does anyone know when the debit card info is released? Seeing as she needs that info to start the website and I dont remember back 2 years ago when I...
  24. Hathery

    How Long Does TPC Debit Card Take to Process Transactions?

    How long does it generally take for TPC to pull the money from your account when you use TPC debit card through P3?
  25. pampchef.angel

    Depositing Checks & Paying with Debit Card

    Quick question about P3. I have checks that have been made out to me for payment. I need to deposit those checks, and pay for the entire show using my PC debit card...do I enter the check information for each customer as payment??
  26. redsoxgirl

    Shoot! Forgot My Pampered Chef Debit Card at Home!

    Is there a way to get my DC number so I can order the samples??
  27. PampMomof3

    Pampered Chef Debit Card for Nc?

    The checklist tells us to bring our PC debit card but I don't really remember using it last year. Of course, it's the 11th hour and I can't find it!! Do we really need it?
  28. M

    Paying with a Pampered Chef Debit Card: Who Gets the Check?

    If you have a PC debit card and they debit your account, who does the customer make their check out to? You or Pampered chef? You cant deposit checks made out to PC into your account right?
  29. J

    My Debit Card Transaction & KE Order: What Does it Mean?

    I submitted a show last week and my PC debit card transaction has still not posted but the order has shipped. does that mean that my KE order also placed with my debit will not be charged right away as well?
  30. S

    Are My Last Four Digits My Linked Debit Card Number for PC Direct Deposit?

    I am trying to close out my first show. I applied for PC debit/direct deposit 3 days ago but haven't heard anything from that. However, if I click "PC debit" on the payment page, it fills in a four digit number. Does this mean they have linked my checking account and these are the last...