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What is host: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    October 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Here are the specials for October.
  2. chefjeanine

    September 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Here are the specials for next month.Thanks for all you do for us!!!!
  3. K

    Rant Did I Overpay for My Pampered Chef Order? Understanding the Ordering Process

    I just closed a facebook party. I think I did very good and it was really easy. I did a little over 600 in sales. I earned a host special, free gift, 250.00 free product, 3 half priced items, and 25% off my order. I was very happy with this until I went to place my order. I tried doing my 3-...
  4. L

    Mystery Host Pampered Chef Set up

    I have the concept of Mystery Host down, but how do I set up the host party info on PC site? Will I be able to change the host name before I close the party?
  5. chefjeanine

    July 2020 Guest & Host Specials

    Kathleen,How can I be behind when I'm not leaving the house???? :eek:
  6. chefjeanine

    April 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Sorry I'm so late with posting this.Thanks for all your efforts in making me and others look great!Jeanine
  7. AshleyRisen

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Mystery Host Vp Event | Expert Tips

    So I'm doing a Mystery Host party and my Director doesn't know how to do them. We're both now trying it out and neither of us knows how to set it up in Consultant Corner.. Some say don't place under consultant because you won't be able to update it with the winner's name. Please help and clarify!!
  8. R

    Does a Host Receive Benefits if a Guest Joins as a Consultant?

    Hi, I’m new as a consultant. I sold about 15 years ago and still have so many products in GREAT condition because of the quality of P. Chef. Happy to be back. Question: Does a host get any benifit if one of her guests decides to not order product but signs up with a consultants kit instead...
  9. Roadtripray

    How Do I Setup and Run a Facebook Mystery Host Virtual Show?

    Greetings, I have a lot going on in my life. I've had a couple virtual facebook parties, but haven't done one in a long time because honestly I just prefer doing a cooking show. However, I really need to do a show to stay active in October, I'm juggling a fulltime job, graduate school, and my...
  10. kam

    June Host and Guest Special Pdfs

    Can someone post the June Host and Guest special pdfs so I can create the 3-month and mini-catty flyers?Thanks!
  11. chesse

    Viewing a Host Dashboard: A Consultant's Guide

    How can I as a consultant see what a host dashboard looks like so I can tell my hosts about it?
  12. T

    Host Letter Template for Virtual & Catalog Parties

    Does anyone have a recent host letter that they use for virtual or catalog parties?
  13. baychef

    What are the March Host and Guest Specials?

    There is a note on the Host Specials that the flyer will be updated in early February after the Spring product introduction! And as always....THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH KAM!!
  14. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2017 Host and Guest Specials

    Thank you for working your magic each month <3
  15. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Nov 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    They were just posted the other day so here they are :) Thanks, as always, for all that you do!
  16. T

    Getting Back on Track: Host Coaching & Guests Specials

    Ok so I have been a bit inactive so I am tryijg to figure a few thimgs out. 1. Can you only buy the new host coaching folders instead of the traditional flyers that were cheaper?also, what are people doimg now that the host/guest specials are not sent im the cn. They looked much better then...
  17. Niki Kate

    Following up With Facebook Contacts

    What do you send as a quick: Thank you for attending; isn't our hostess great? And you should really host/join my team? for people who attend virtual/facebook parties?Everything people send for letters is LONG. I don't want a LONG thing - just a quick one off that I can send, that won't bore...
  18. O

    Should We Host a Spoiler Thread This Year?

    will there be a spoiler post this year?
  19. Diamond

    Applying the $25 Host Special for My Host this Month

    How do you apply the $25 host special for my host this month? She had a party well over $200 but I don't see it crediting her final shopping cart?
  20. dannyzmom

    Kam - Here Are the Feb 2016 Guest & Host Specials

    Kam - here are the host & guest specials flyers for Feb
  21. Niki Kate

    Host a Successful Facebook Party: Tips & Tricks

    I use these for my Facebook Parties...
  22. W

    Oct Host Special: Get Help & Answers Here!

    Help!! I am really confused about the Oct host special!! Can someone help?? Is it just $35.00 in additional free products??? HELP!!!
  23. Nightschild24

    Host a Party with a Thirty One Consultant: Tips and Ideas

    I am having a party next month with a Thirty One consultant and I've never done this before. Does anyone have any flyers or ideas on how to get the word out? I want this to be successful for me and my friend that sells 31. She is new to this and I am only a year into this and need to get my name...
  24. stephaniekocala

    Do the Host Specials Run on a Calendar Year?

    I'm relatively new to PC business with less than 6-months under my belt. Hopefully this is a relatively easy question for an experienced PC consultant or two...Do the host specials run on a calendar year? For instance, I know that January is always double product, but do other months run that...
  25. A

    Updating Host Packets: Seeking Advice from Experienced Pampered Chef Consultants

    Good afternoon friends! I have been a PC consultant for a long time and am looking to update the contents of the host packets I provide. What I've done has always worked fine, but just want to spruce it up a bit. Would you share how you provide all the necessary information and paperwork to...
  26. ChefJWarren

    Free for All Level Values Host Consultant

    I'm $63 away from the $1500 level. Is it worth it to reach it? Does anyone know the value of the levels? Thanks!
  27. buzzinbee

    Looking for Hosting Opportunities: A Pampered Chef Consultant's Return

    I've been recently inactive and just 're signed up onto chef success and the pampered chef Seeking flyer and or verbage stating I've returned and seeking opportunities To have live COOKING partiesSeeking: hosts
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Creating the Perfect Host Packet: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Event

    I just went to print stuff for a host packet and noticed that most of my materials are based on the old plan. I think I have a new show planning guide, not sure, but not one I can print.What do you include in your host packet? Feel free to share a link!