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  1. Niki Kate

    Following up With Facebook Contacts

    What do you send as a quick: Thank you for attending; isn't our hostess great? And you should really host/join my team? for people who attend virtual/facebook parties? Everything people send for letters is LONG. I don't want a LONG thing - just a quick one off that I can send, that won't bore...
  2. Diamond

    Host Special $25

    How do you apply the $25 host special for my host this month? She had a party well over $200 but I don't see it crediting her final shopping cart?
  3. P

    I Am Trying to Put in Host Order. I Have the #'S for the Guest

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest stoneware. Where do I get the #'s to enter the host 60% off one piece of stoneware???
  4. P

    Host Appreciation/Preferred Cust. Show

    I'm thinking about doing a Show for Past Hosts and preferred customers from the last year (I've been a Consultant since December) and am looking for ideas. I'm planning to have prize drawings and a final drawing at the end of the night for the Host benefits. Anyone have any good ideas...
  5. J

    Recyclable Host Packet

    I was listening to a tape about host coaching and she was talking about a host packet that she recycles and refills with the things that the previous host used. Does anyone else you them? How exactly do they work? What do you put in them and set it up? Any expamples would be greatly...
  6. P

    Mystery Host

    Anyone have any flyers ar ideas for a mystery host show??? Thanks :)
  7. K

    Host's Order Sent to Consultant

    Hi, I submitted my first show about a week and a half ago and submitted it this past week. I wanted to have the order ship to me because I used the host special (the host didn't want it), plus I am waiting for one more check to arrive before I actually hand the products out. I changed the...
  8. W

    October Host Sub-Special

    This is a question about the Celebrate plate that October hosts get when they have 15 orders. Does that ship automatically (like the coffee samples for your first hosts) or do we need to add it? (I'm going to go piddle around with Pampered Partner and see if I can find an answer for myself...
  9. P

    Past Host Discount

    Does anyone know if a past host that hosts another show does she get her additional 10% added to what ever discount level she earns? ex: $400 show gets a 20% discount on additional purchases so does the past host get 30%? Also on the stoneware do they get 70% off if they are purchasing at one...
  10. speedychef

    Bad Catalog Show Host?

    Anyone have any ideas? A lady I know is having a catalog show for me, but is so apathetic about it. I talked to her today (we're supposed to close in a week) and she said, "weeeelllll, nobody seems too interested, but I'll have 2 or 3 orders for you..." And I get the feeling that those aren't...
  11. R

    Ordering Host Special

    I have heard a few people talk about ordering the host's special when they don't want it? How do you do that? I mean, I did that with my mom's party by telling her I was doing it... How else would you do it??
  12. D

    Host Wants Show in a Week!!

    I had a host contact me and wants to do a kitchen show, no problem, but she wants it NEXT SATURDAY!! I have nothing on the books but I have no clue how to get a show together that fast. Any help? I was thinking of doing VERY quick and easy recipes because I told her I have no sitter for that...
  13. C

    Help With Host Benefits Please!

    I am not sure how to enter this into Pampered Partner so my host can receive her stoneware discount...here is what happened - A customer had a catalog show that started around the 1st of September. She had the Fall/Winter catalog a week prior because she was excited about the new products...
  14. P

    December Host Special

    Has anyone heard what the December Host and Guest specials are yet???? :confused: I'd like to start and use them for bookings. Thanks
  15. R

    Hubby as a Host???

    Is my husband allowed to host a party and buy me products?? I wasn't sure if HO frowned on that or anything...
  16. M

    Past Host, New Consultant Order?

    I hosted a catalog show in June, and have since become a consultant. If I place an order, can I do it using my past host discount? Do I get a consultant discount? Which is better to do?
  17. K

    See What Host Coaching Can Do....

    I have a show tonight, and last night my host and I talked on the phone and I entered in her outside orders in Pampered Partner....she had $563 in outside orders already! She is expecting at least 8 people tonight and there are more people at her work that said if they can't make it, they...
  18. P

    Host Thank You Gift

    I am having a show in November for a good friend. She has given me 32 people to invite. I really want to show her that I appreciate her having a show. Any suggestions of a nice gift to give her during the first part of the party? Maybe something that might enhance some bookings?
  19. P

    Help With Past Host Specials

    I hope someone can help me with this. I have a friend who had a show with my Director in April. A neighbor of hers decided to become a consultant and the Director gave her the the other show that was booked from that party. It was to have been in July, but.... No one ever had that show. Now...
  20. C

    Mystery Host Flyer for Fall

    I just made this my first flier. Tall me what you think. :)
  21. T

    Host Special

    A couple of weeks ago I read in one of the threads that we (consultants) could take advantage of the monthy host specials in the month prior to the special (ex. we could purchase the September special (a stone for 60% off) this month). Is there any truth to this and if it is how do we order...
  22. S

    Looking for Advice on Host Coaching.

    How does one go about host coaching for a catalog show - is it pretty much the same as a live show? I did use the flyer re: catalog shows which I got on this site, but not sure where to go from there. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
  23. G

    Shipping Orders to Comsultant and Not Host?

    I have heard many people mention that they have some or all of their orders shipped to themselves and not the hosts. I have a couple questions about that. 1. How do you get pampered partner to do that without changing the host's address information (is their a way)? If I change the information...
  24. B

    Question About Host Order

    I have a question about my host order. My host had only a $200.00 show so she gets $25.00 free PC and 20% off. My question is If she orders $50.00 more than the $25.00 free merchandise, will that count as commision sales. I am $350.00 away from my SS2. If I add in her show at $200.00 then her...
  25. D

    Motivating Catalogue Host

    I have my first 2 catalogue shows going right now, and I'm not quite sure how to properly "coach" my hosts. I sense they are kind of uninspired about it (as if they're thinking "Oh, well, I'll sort of see if I can get any orders...") On the one hand, I have already explained how the shows work...
  26. ChefNic

    My Host Won't Close!

    I have a show still open after two weeks. It is a host and co-host show, and one of the host is ready and already gave me what she wants, we are just waiting on the other host! I email her...she doesn't respond. I call her ... and always get an answering machine... I am just getting...
  27. P

    Host Special

    I know that we dont earn commission on the host specials but when a past host purchases a host special at her friends show does that amount she pays goes towards the guest sales for host of the show?? I hope that makes sense.
  28. K

    Folder Host Packets

    I'm curious to know what everyone does with their host packets. I am replacing the binders I've been using and using them for something else. I went to WalMart lastnight and bought 80 folders for 5 cents each!! I'm going back today for more!! Anyway, I was trying to figure out what to put on...
  29. kcjodih

    Has Anyone Had an Open House/Mystery Host

    show and not had ALL the new season's products available. I only have one show for September and a couple potentials so I'd really like to try the mystery host thing but I'm concerned because I don't have all the new products. I DO have 50$ PC dollars so I could buy a few more but I'm not sure...
  30. W

    Looking up Past Host

    i had a party were one of the guest was a past host for another consultant ..did not know their past host number but wants their discount..how do i find their number?