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What is packet: Definition and 97 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Creating the Perfect Host Packet: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Event

    I just went to print stuff for a host packet and noticed that most of my materials are based on the old plan. I think I have a new show planning guide, not sure, but not one I can print.What do you include in your host packet? Feel free to share a link!
  2. D

    Creating a Recruit Packet: What to Include

    Hi everyone! What kind of information do you put in a Recruit Packet? Thank you! Dana:chef:
  3. Kjurich

    Creating a Unique Guest Packet Without Breaking the Bank

    I am sure this is around here somewhere. But I am trying to redo the guest packets I use for shows with out spending a small fortune. I am thinking folder with a nice label of some sort on the front and then inside a catalog and order form, and drawing slip, and . . . . what else. Anyone ...
  4. C

    Host Packet Letter From Another Ds Company

    My best friend works for one of "those" DS companies and I recently saw her new host packet letter. Below is her letter word for word. I have mixed feelings about this letter as a business and as a potential host. What are your thoughts? _________________________________ Thank you so much...
  5. frozenchef

    Need Ideas for Conference Packet Materials?

    Hi folks- I'm making notebooks for our newbies this year like my director made for us for our first conference. I thought I still had mine, but I don't :( I know we had a little pencil-type ziploc inside with the things like power bar, pen, gum, etc. I have no problem with ideas for that, but...
  6. A

    Maximizing Your Recruiting Efforts: Tips for Follow-Up Materials

    I am going to mail out some recruiting packets this weekend to some older leads that I have... I am curious, what does everyone else send out to those people who you have given the join us book/dvd to previously. Do you send another join us book, etc?
  7. babywings76

    How Early to Mail Out a Host Packet?

    I just booked a few shows for Feb & March. Usually I mail packets one month before the party, so it doesn't get lost or they lose track of it and their excitement. Just curious how you all do it. (This is regarding bookings that you make later over the phone or e-mail...not ones that you book...
  8. M

    Maximize Savings: Ditch Print Costs with Electronic Host Packets

    Sooo, I am spending A LOT of money on ink for host packets and order forms and everything else. So, I was thinking that maybe an electronic host packet would be better. I always send an email with the 50 guests in 5 minutes sheet and the PDF guest list file before I mail the host packet. So what...
  9. mommyhugz1978

    Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Our Easy-to-Use Packet

    So I would like to put a packet together to give to people who are intrested in the opportunity!! What do you all do? I have flyer's that I ordered from TPC. But I would love to put something easy together that won't overwhelm them while their looking at it!! Thanks in advance!!
  10. RCKmom

    Creating a Guest Packet: What to Include?

    Do you put together a packet for your guest or just give them a catalog and an order form? I have been doing the catalog and form, but was thinking about doing a folder. If you do a folder.....what do you put in it other than the special for that month? Thanks in advance for your response!
  11. lisa717

    Holiday Host Packet Mystery - What Is It?

    I just had a host call me that just recieved her show order today and ask what a HOLIDAY HOST PACKET that was listed on her sheet was. At first I thought she meant the holiday mini catalogs, but she said they were listed there too....14 holiday flyers,14 recruiting flyers and a holiday host...
  12. PamperedSD

    Welcome to Our Team: New Recruit Info Packet and Tips for Success

    I haven't had the greatest of luck with recruits so far. They tend to flake or join and drop off. I have a host from last weekend that called and wants to join :love:. She lives about an hour from me so I know she won't come to my Director's team meeting. She had half her guests not show up...
  13. B

    Holding the Host Packet Hostage

    I started sending invites for my host about a year ago. It seemed to help reduce cancellations. Not sure that it's helped sales/attendance, but I'm sticking with it. Since some of you don't send/give a host packet until you get an invite list, I'm going to try that approach. I had half of my...
  14. T

    Catalog Packet Spring/Summer 2010

    Brand new packet has not been opened but I will not use it before end of month. $10, ship media mail.
  15. emiscookin

    soI Am Putting Together an Outside Order Host Packet and a Few

    So I am putting together an Outside Order Host packet and a few questions came to mind: (Note: these questions apply to when my Host comes in direct contact with friends and they place orders right then and there) After I receive the orders (placed on the Outside Order Form) from my Host how...
  16. gailz2

    Mexican Theme Show? Others in Sp/Su 10 Packet?

    Was there any literature in anyone's Spring/Summer box referring to theme shows? I hear people talk of Mexican theme shows. All that was in my box was the CD, DVD, Catalogs, Merrill, mini-catalog, special CN spring edition. Do we usually get order forms, spring supply list form and theme show...
  17. K

    Creating a Host Packet for Themed Shows: Recipe Ideas Needed!

    OK- So I am really trying to make a new sheet for my host packets with the theme shows and a recipe to cook with- does anyone have any thing they can post that they use? Or how do you go about asking people what they want to cook for their shows? This is my worst part! Thanks! Any help is...
  18. T

    Maximize Your Hosting Success: Tips for Creating a Winning Host Packet

    I am confused. We have e-mails that we can send so that they go into the website with a password and work on their lists. Do you do just that, or do you also send paperwork as well? What should I send in the host packet? It's for 2 shows in march..thanks!
  19. crystalscookingnow

    I Just Got a Packet of New Recruiting Brochures With the 1/2 Price

    I just got a packet of new recruiting brochures with the 1/2 price rebate from PC. It had a little letter with it that said I was amazing. Made my day! :love::D:love::D
  20. C

    Roll of Logo Stickers Wanted - Needed for Host Packet Folder

    I would like a roll like we used to have on the Supply Form. Merrill used to sell some, but they only had multiple sizes. I just want larger ones to put on a host packet folder. I like the clear logo stickers. I bought a ton of rolls when we had them that way and just recently ran out :(...
  21. C

    For Sale: Host Packet and Catalog Show Folders

  22. PamperedSD

    Mini Hostess Packet - for Wedding Coordinator

    I'm new and have not done a Bridal Shower yet. I have host in January who is a wedding corrdinator and she asked me if I could put together a couple of packets about what I offer. She wants it to offer to her clients and if they are interested she wants something to hand them. Any ideas...
  23. C

    What to Put Into a Recruiting Packet

    I am doing a vendor fair this weekend and again the first weekend in December. What type of information do you put into a recruiting packet to give to people when asking about joining PC?
  24. pampchef.angel

    Hosting a Multi-Vendor Holiday Party: What to Include in Host Packet

    I have a host who is doing a multi-vendor holiday party this month. I am planning to prepare the recipes ahead of time and just display my products - but I was just wondering what I should put into the host packet?
  25. Jennie4PC

    Forgotten Date: What to Do? - A Host Packet Woes Story

    So I sent out 5 host packets this morning and I realized I forgot to put the date of thier show in thehost packet. Should I just call them all and remind them of the date or should i mail something out stating the date so they have a paper reminder? Yes I usally do the show flyer sheet and last...
  26. K

    What Does Your "Dear Hostess" Flyer Look Like for Host Packet?

    What does your "Dear Host/Hostess" look like? Post it if you can. I am trying to figure out how I should write mine. Thanks!!! Katie:)
  27. K

    Share Your Hostess Packet Tips: Get High Sales/Bookings!

    What do you put in your hostess packets? If you have great hostess packents with good flyers & letters post them here. Let us know if you are able to get high sales/bookings etc. I currently am making hostess kitchen show packets in binders with about 5 pages that are in sheet protecters...
  28. Jen1409

    Hosting a Catalog & Cooking Show: A Guide to Preparing Your Packet

    What do you put in your host packets for both catalog and cooking shows? Can I see your host cover letter?
  29. Sheila

    Streamline Your Host Packets with This Genius Shortcut - Save Time and Weight!

    I can't believe that it's taken me THIS long to come up with this idea. I'm sure there are probably more consultants out there doing this (or a variation of), but I thought I'd share it for those of you who are taking the scenic route like I've been doing for the last 17 months!!! :rolleyes...
  30. pc_jessica

    What Else Should I Include in My Guest Show Packet?

    okay so i am working on my guest show packets i have my first show on wed. and so far i have a catalog, order form and then in one of the page protectors i have the sheet with the aug, sept and oct guest and host specials. I am trying to think of what else to put in that is kind of a MUST or...