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What is story: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. janae72

    What Does My Story on Your Website Look Like?

    I am back to selling Pampered Chef and at a loss as to what to put for MY STORY. Would anyone be willing to put what they have to get my brain working? TIA!!
  2. Sharon Roode

    Can selling Pampered Chef products be a source of joy during tough times?

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  3. M

    Cat Peed on My Pampered Chef Bag: A Sad Story

    Yesterday, I went to my friend's house to show my PC stuff. Her mom is looking to do a show with me. Anyways, when I was going home, I noticed my bag was wet. I didn't think anything of it but smelt my hands. The cat PEED on my PC bag :(
  4. Lilamyw3

    Rant The Bizarre Story of a Mary Kay / Thirty-One Consultant

    Earlier this year a Mary Kay consultant contacts me on facebook. She is a friend of a friend and needed a replacement pizza cutter. We got to talking and she decided to host a party. Her party was before her "Jesus, Cheese & Wine" party. (yes, wine, cheese, & jesus..I didn't stay for that). She...
  5. DebPC

    Celebrate $1K+ Success: Share Your Sales Story with Us!

    Let us know of your success this month with shows of $1K or more in sales!
  6. The_Kitchen_Guy

    theAp Has Picked up the Birgfeld "Release" Story

    The Associated Press has picked up the story that was in the Denver Post a few days ago, regarding Frank Birgfeld's call to have Paige's remains released to the family. You may see this in your local paper today or tomorrow, just be aware that it is a newswire article and is not new...
  7. C

    Director No Such Thing as a Bad Show: A Story of Triumph

    Had a long day Saturday, scheduled a show at 11 am and one at 3 pm and it ended up being a tight squeeze to make it to both on time, I didn't realize how far apart in miles they were. Anyway my show Friday night I left feeling very discouraged and down, I won't go into the whole long story, but...
  8. A

    Explore the Story & History of The Pampered Chef: Left Right Game!

    Is there a Left Right game or anything like that that tells the story & history of The Pampered Chef?
  9. raebates

    I'm a Grandma! (Sorta) - The Pampered Chef Story

    Hey, I'm a grandma! No, our son hasn't married and begun giving us that blessing. But, my amazing team member Melissa has just started her own team. So, in the family tree that is The Pampered Chef, I am a grandma.
  10. finley1991

    Director Desperate Times: A Carlisle Story

    I'm REALLY hoping this isn't going to become a common way of getting business... I received an e-mail from a host/great customer who has a daughter that is corporate with Carlisle. They are very high end clothing... much like Worth and Doncaster. Normally what they do is network and get...
  11. A

    Director Your Story & 30 Second Commercial

    In less than two weeks we are having our Fall Retreat. All of the D's and above attending are participating in a Round Robin style training this year (we get 20min each and there's 8 of us). We do get to pick our own topic and I think I have narrowed mine down to "Your Story & 30 Second...
  12. C

    Director Achieved Miracles in 11 Days: A Direct Selling Success Story

    I closed out a total of 16 shows this month and earned $350 in gas cards, a skinny mini, new apron, the deep fryer(my 7 yr old wants to make donuts) and a mini Keurig!!!!:party: BUT I had to close 7 of my own shows, had two frantic last minute calls from my downline and submitted their shows...
  13. dannyzmom

    Director AD on Local News: My Story of Success

    My AD was in a little clip on the local news today: http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/moneymondays/MI92365/
  14. A

    My First Booth: A Success Story!

    I just had my first booth this past weekend, 12 hours in 2 days. Although I only sold one citrus peeler and got one order; I also got 23 contacts, 6 of whom want to host parties plus 2 maybes and then 1 interested in the business plus 2 maybes. I'm excited. That seems good to me. :cheerleader:
  15. A

    Funny Story but Real Question About Insurance Claim

    Ok, so I opened the fridge at my host's home tonight to replace the eggs. When I did, she had put the 2-liter in a really precarious position. It fell out, EXPLODED and went all over EVERYTHING. It was AWFUL. I just need to know how to do an insurance claim now to have her carpet, etc...
  16. P

    Navigating Late Orders After Computer Crash: A Tote Story

    I did a show last week where 10 had RSVP'd but only 3 showed and the host was like yeah I will get plenty more orders. Then she wanted to extend to Saturday I was like ok, if you are getting more orders. She does not like to collect cash so all of her additional orders would need to order...
  17. P

    Director Story About Taking a Summer Break

    I'm not sure how to search this. Does anyone have a copy of that story of the 2 consultants - one who took a break over the summer? A lot of my team wants some "time off" over the summer. Time off from 1 show a month? Please!
  18. O

    Happiness and Success: The Story of My Host's Sister!

    Had the most amazing thing happen!! My host's sister who lives out of state tried to place an order online and could not get to enter her sister's name as the host. she went ahead and placed the order (over $60.00) and I got the notification but I knew it came as an individual order. I called...
  19. wadesgirl

    Keep Mom In Your Thoughts: A Story of Cancer and a PSA

    Keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers today. She goes in for her trial run for radiation today and also gets her feeding tube and port put in for chemo. She will start radiation and chemo tomorrow for 7 weeks. We discovered in March that she has back of the mouth cancer that luckily had...
  20. vanscootin

    Venting Frustration About Hosting a Show: A Professional's Story

    Just need to vent... I have a show coming up at the end of the month for my mom's friend's granddaughter... this will be her third show with me and I travel an hour to do them for her. Her shows are uaually pretty small. She is my PITB host who wants catalogs sent to ALL her guest list and...
  21. D

    The Unexpected Pampered Chef Show: A School Nurse's Story

    The school nurse called me this afternoon saying my son was sick. I was annoyed that I had to stop what I was doing (working on invites for a show and signs for a fair I'm doing in a few weeks) and go pick him up. I was especially upset because I know it's his allergies and not that he's sick...
  22. whiteyteresa

    Urgent Who Would Do Such a Cruel Thing to This Poor Dog?

    http://times-news.com/local/x1075322613/Search-ongoing-for-dog-with-nose-mouth-duct-taped (I hope this link works) This was first posted on Facebook 2 days ago. So sad - They need to find out who did this and well I will keep my opinion to my self :eek:
  23. A

    Amazing Pampered Chef Support: A House Warming Party Story

    PC! I did a show about 3hrs from my house this past w/e. The host was having a house warming party and decided to have a 31 consultant at noon and then me at 3, so depending on which product people wanted to buy they could make it to her house and she didn't want us competeing. At 11am the 31...
  24. Hunter Mom

    Signing the Deal: My Story of Last Night's Show

    I had a show last night, it was ok. Then the host started asking me all sorts of questions. When we left, I told her I'd drop more info off (had cleaned out my bag and left the DVD out). Today, she texted me and wants to sign! We've both got sick kids today, so will get together in the next...
  25. J

    Cookware Mystery: Searching for a Forgotten Icecube Story

    Somewhere I remember reading something to do with the cookware and an icecube. Searched in files and couldn't find anything. Can someone refresh my memory what that was about?:confused:
  26. kcmckay

    Overcoming Fear: A Phone Call Success Story

    Well I overcame my fear just barely tonight. I picked up the phone. I started with host coaching call got VM no biggie. Called a recruit/show lead got a March show booked not ready for business right now (will work on in host coaching) Called catalog show lead got her willing to do it for...
  27. L

    Successful Home Business Launch: One Person's Story

    Started my business in March of last year. I have been having shows and sharing the opportunity, but haven't had any takers..... Started Jan as just a consultant. Mid Jan, had a show and everyone there was interested. The hostess ended up signing, and last week one of her friends signed under...
  28. A

    Venting Frustrations with Social Media: My FB Story

    So I need to vent a little about FB. FOr the past 3 years I have been battling with them. First someone opened an account with my email (before it was my email). I fought to have that account closed as it was no longer in use. I then tried to open my FB account with my email (which is my...
  29. lt1jane

    Reviving Stale Saltine Crackers - A Success Story!

    A while back I accidentally bought too many saltine crackers. Not a big deal, they are shelf stable so I took the extra boxes and put them on my storage sheves in the basement that I use for panty storage. My husband grabbed a box intending to eat them with some pickled herring only to find...
  30. K

    Learning from My Mistake: An Honest Story About Trusting Too Much

    So, I know what I'm going to do, and how I'm handling it, but just had to rant! Had a show in October for my nail tech that I've been going to for about 2 years. She is an awesome lady, and my former boss has been going to her for about 23 years or so. This lady is honest, and a great...