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What is thoughts: Definition and 125 Discussions

  1. K

    Is the multi-pot worth buying as a replacement for traditional cookware?

    I was wondering for anyone who has bought and used it.. is it worth getting on sample? I went to culinary school so I have many non pc items like a pot with pasta basket and larger stock pots,etc. I was curious if anyone has replaced those type of items with multi-pot? What are your thoughts...
  2. Sara Dawn

    Game Ideas and Thoughts for an Open House

    Like every change of season, I throw a mystery host open house party. One game that my guest love is an auction game. I make up a points system and whatever points they get is their bidding money. I have product wrapped up and they have to bid on it and the one with the highest bid gets the...
  3. P

    Let's Schedule the Demo - Your Thoughts?

    You have just asked someone if they would be interested in scheduling a demonstration.....What do you say to them when they say back to you, "I'm not sure, let me check with my friends"?I have asked 2 people in several days and that is the response I got back.My personal response to one person...
  4. baychef

    Director Directors’ Thoughts on Leads Going Back to Them

    We have all received the email about leads going back to Directors only. Was reading a thread on the main website in which consultants are not happy with this. Was wondering what thoughts are with Directors on this site?
  5. esavvymom

    Pampered Chef- Station Shows - Reviews, Tips, Thoughts, Etc

    Have any of you tried or been doing the PC Station Shows that was recently introduced at Conference? How are they working for you? Has it changed your business or show - for the good, bad, better, different? Do you have any tips to share for the rest of us looking at this style of show...
  6. DebPC

    Exploring the Impact of the New Host Plan: Insights from Current Hosts

    I didn't know what to think of the new host plan when it was announced. But I've had several hosts on it and they all love the idea that all hosts get at least 1 1/2 price item. What do you think now that it's been in effect for awhile?
  7. lt1jane

    Say Goodbye to the Suds Pump & Share Your Thoughts

    Based on e-mail, we know the suds pump is going away. I gave up on mine years ago. I use a regular Softsoap pump and just water down my soap instead. Any other products you would like to see go away/get restyled and any products you would love to see us carry?
  8. Admin Greg

    Discussing Blue Products: Tips, Complaints, Praise, Reviews, Ideas & Thoughts

    Please discuss the Blue Products. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  9. Admin Greg

    Spiral & Slice: Share Your Thoughts Here

    Please discuss the Spiral and Slice. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  10. Admin Greg

    Mix N Chunk: Discuss Tips, Complaints, Praise, Reviews, Ideas & Thoughts

    Please discuss the Mix N Chunk. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  11. Admin Greg

    Rockcrook 4 Quart: Discuss & Share Your Thoughts

    Please discuss the Rockcrook 4 quart. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  12. lt1jane

    Discover the Exciting Changes to Product Samples & Let HO Know Your Thoughts!

    I am NOT posting any spoilers here, but wanted to let everyone know two things that will be changing with this season's product samples. It is important that we let HO know what we think of these changes. I personally, LOVE them. There are NO PACKAGES when purchasing samples. EVERYTHING...
  13. T

    Director Director's Perspective: Evaluating the Impact of New Products

    Should everyone that is a director have received them?
  14. C

    Magebus: Reviews & Thoughts on the New Ride Option

    Anyone here use Magebus? It's relatively new in our area and I just booked my college age son a ticket home for Thanksgiving for $29.50! That's crazy!! Anyway, just curious about reviews, thoughts if you have used or ridden I should say. Thanks!
  15. cookingwithlove

    Director Is the Itty Bitty Jean Launch a Major Flop for Pampered Chef?

    Am I the only one who thinks it is corny?
  16. VeronicaW

    Being There Are Olympics This Year, Any Thoughts on an Olympic Pampered Chef

    Being there are Olympics this year, any thoughts on an Olympic PC Party?
  17. DebPC

    Director Sizzle: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership and Timing for Fall Show Season

    I like the name and remarketing of Leadership. Timing is not great for me- as I am in full blown fall show mode by then. I would have preferred it at a different time of year personally.
  18. kam

    aFew Thoughts on the Web Upgrade

    First, let me say I HAVE NO IDEA about the details of the PC web upgrade. BUT, here are my thoughts on projects of this scope. I have been with my company for 17 years. I have seen many MAJOR projects either outsourced, have major components outsourced, or a project leader from OUTSIDE hired...
  19. pampchefrhondab

    Second Weddings - Your Thoughts

    Sorry long, but it's a story that should be on a soap opera. I'm serioulsy thinking about not attending my SIL's second wedding. Her first wedding I spent about $1,000 on due to the fact my two daughters were her flower girls, my husband was in the wedding, I had a bridal shower for her, had...
  20. DebPC

    Director Outlet Orders Declining: Your Thoughts?

    Would like your opinions. I was really excited when the outlet premiered and I got orders every month for about the first year or so. Then last year the products stayed on there forever and sometimes there were only a few products on there. It's been about a year since I even had an outlet...
  21. finley1991

    Director Please Send Some Good Thoughts...

    My mom is having surgery tomorrow.. please send some good thoughts her way. Thanks. :angel:
  22. B

    What Are Your Thoughts on Shipping?

    What do you say to people who complain about shipping charges?? I really do have a hard time charging 4.50 shipping if someone purchases a 5 dollar mini serving spatula. When people put orders together to save on shipping, do you say anything to them?? I'm sure this eventually drives up shipping...
  23. baychef

    Director Need More Time to Resolve Credit Cards? E-mail HO and Share Your Thoughts!

    Remember when we were recently talking about our shows that would not close? Well my June 3rd show was rolled into July, she finally contacted me and ordered one thing to cover her free products and nothing else. Not a problem. This was submitted July 31st (I know...) then I saw that if I did...
  24. DebPC

    Director Reviewing the New Catalog: Cover Thoughts, Host Benefits, and Product Notes

    I thought the cover was just ok- but I love the inside. Finally they put the host benefits and job benefits in the front!!! I also love the little notes by some of the products. Fewer recipes- but I can live with that. What do you all think???
  25. P

    Host Sneak Peak Idea (Need Your Thoughts)

    Okay so I would like to send out a "sneak peak" of the new products to my past hosts and preferred Customers. Here is my idea Mail each person a mini-catalog with a brief letter thanking them for hosting in the past and then encourage them to look through the new mini to see what all PC has...
  26. B

    Thoughts on the Consultant Promotion?

    For those of you that went to conference, what is the story with the "Going Places" Bags? I'm a little bummed that that is the consultant promotion for the next 3 (!) months. Did they say if we will be selling these in the future to our guests? They are really cute, but I'm not thrilled that...
  27. lt1jane

    Thoughts on 2011 Conference Workshops

    Anyone have any AHA moments from conference they would like to share? Also what workshops did you attend and what did you think? My AHA, is that I work a full-time job. It's retail and I find it hard to make phone calls because of the varying hours. My AHA - schedule phone calls just like...
  28. wadesgirl

    Keep Mom In Your Thoughts: A Story of Cancer and a PSA

    Keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers today. She goes in for her trial run for radiation today and also gets her feeding tube and port put in for chemo. She will start radiation and chemo tomorrow for 7 weeks. We discovered in March that she has back of the mouth cancer that luckily had...
  29. kcmckay

    Pink Recipes Question and Thoughts

    I am hosting my own HWC FR show on Friday. I want to make 2 desserts. One probably ahead of time and one to demo. I'd really like to make a trifle and a cake that I can put on pedestal and I don't have the white appetizer plates but I have the stand and am going to use the daisy plates from a...
  30. finley1991

    Director Thoughts on the Survey We Received Today?I Thought It Was

    Thoughts on the survey we received today? I thought it was interesting... wondering if they are trying to determine how many of us are planning on going...