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  1. Jana Hance

    Hance Helps

    Greetings from Eastern MT, my name is Jana Hance. I have been selling Pampered Chef for 20 years, it is a hobby for me. My start was that I wanted some items and when I sent an inquiry e-mail Pampered Chef told me there was no consultants closer than Gillette WY - 4 hours away. I hosted a...
  2. Jennifer Donoho


    Hello ! My name is Jennifer . I am a married mother of 3 . I have been a consultant for 3 years now & love it . I’m what many would call a hobby consultant. I do good to reach $200 in sales each month . I primarily do virtual parties as I am a busy stay at home mom with 2 kids in elementary...
  3. Sharon Roode

    My Pampered Chef Story

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  4. jnhr1986

    Consultant Lot!

    I'm moving and no longer actively selling so I am looking to sell my stash of consultant materials. $45 +shipping for ALL! (that's less than the price of the apron and bag alone) Email me for a quicker response [email protected] Lot includes: Pampered Chef consultant bag (excellent used...
  5. T

    Thinking About Being a Consultant ???

    ?1. Are there any months of the year that kitchen shows are harded to book? I hear the holiday months ( Nov & Dec) are difficult. Would you say this is true? ?2. When it comes to the shows you need to qualify, does catalog shows count in with the kitchen shows? ?3. How often are there...
  6. K

    Host's Order Sent to Consultant

    Hi, I submitted my first show about a week and a half ago and submitted it this past week. I wanted to have the order ship to me because I used the host special (the host didn't want it), plus I am waiting for one more check to arrive before I actually hand the products out. I changed the...
  7. K

    Looking for a Consultant in Little Chute, Wisc

    I had a guest book a show in Little Chute Wisconsin but it is too far for me to drive. Anyone in that area? She booked off her sister and I asked my upline director and she started that they are both entitled to the host benefit even if I am not the consultant doing the show. Thanks so much.
  8. heat123

    Future Pc Consultant With ????

    Hi, I am looking to sign up within the next 4-6 months (due to a very needy infant who will be weaned before I start up) and have been here before with some questions. As I am learnig more and more about this company (and loving it) I had a few more questions for you helpful consultants out...
  9. B

    Can a Consultant Get the Booking Benefit?

    Does any know if a consultant can get the booking benefit?
  10. B

    New Consultant With Many Questions

    I'm hoping someone can help me. You guys are great on here and are soo infomative. So I just had my show August 23rd and I'm getting ready to close it tonight. First I have to figure out pampered partner, so that should be fun to do tonight. So I may be posting later with questions about...
  11. C

    Louisiana Consultant Needs a Recipe From New Cookbook.

    I live between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Our home and family are okay. We had lots of huge pine trees down. I was so suprise to see none hit our house. Some of my neighbors weren't so lucky. Our power was restored after 11 days. Our lives are slowly getting back to normal. I was so...
  12. M

    Past Host, New Consultant Order?

    I hosted a catalog show in June, and have since become a consultant. If I place an order, can I do it using my past host discount? Do I get a consultant discount? Which is better to do?
  13. C

    Consultant's Corner Not Working?

    Anyone else having a problem trying to sign onto the website? I click on "Consultants Sign In" and it says CANNOT FIND SERVER..." problem all morning... can access everything else on website thought... weird!
  14. J

    Question About Becoming Consultant

    I just saw that there is an incentive for becoming a consultant in August. Are there always incentives every month? I am thinking about becoming a consultant but won't be able to meet with my consultant until September. Also, I have a lot of the products in the starter kit--it is necessary that...
  15. C

    Consultant Id Number

    I just completed my agreement onlin this morning, 8:00 a.m. PST. How long will it take to receive my Consultant ID number so that I can log onto the Consultant Website? Thanks, Rhonda D :)
  16. kcjodih

    Consultant Needed

    I saw this on another message board and thought I'd pass it on I'm looking for a consultant in or near Newburgh, IN (47630) who can do a Kitchen Show for the sister-in-law of one of my hosts. Please e-mail me directly and I will give you her contact information. Lesley Delgado...
  17. K

    New Consultant Supply Booster Orders

    Hi, Just wondering if this can be ordered online or on the phone. Does it HAVE to be mailed in? I'm not very savvy yet in Pampered Partner, but I couldn't find it in there. Also...can I order other supplies at the same time? If I order my booster and other supplies in the same month...
  18. T

    New Consultant Rose Poem

    does anyone have the rose poem for new consultants? tammy
  19. T

    New Consultant Rose Poem

    Does anyone have the "rose poem" that they use for new consultants? I am having a meeting this week and have 4 new consultants there that I want to do this for. thanks Tammy
  20. pamperedbecky

    New Consultant Promotion

    I was just curious if anyone has had new consultants sign in July or August mostly because of the AWESOME promotion going on right now with the free Roasting Pan with Rack. I doubt that would be the ONLY reason someone would sign on to be a consultant, but I just wondered if that was the last...
  21. L

    Does Anyone Have the Consultant Commission Chart Close By? I Am

    Does anyone have the consultant commission chart close by? I am needing the #'s.....THANKS!
  22. C

    Consultant Agreement Question

    Could someone please tell me how to mail in the cosultant agreement. I dont have a credit card and would really like to start as soon as possible. My sister in law recruited me but has only been doing this for 2 months so she doesnt know how to mail it in. :confused:
  23. DZmom

    New Consultant Needs Help!

    Hi everyone!! I need HELP! I am a new consultant, SS1. I have a show booked for Aug 12th and my host I feel would be a great consultant. I think she has a better list of 100 than I do! :rolleyes: I would like to recruit her, BUT... Here's the problem I'm just getting started myself and need...
  24. J

    New Consultant - Worried About Bookings

    Hi everyone, I am so excited I found you all! I'm a new consultant and I'm a bit worried about getting bookings to begin with. I don't have much family in town, and really most of my friends live out of state. I am having my first party at my home, sort of as an open house, where I'll have...
  25. R

    New Consultant, Lots of Questions!!

    Hi Everyone!! I just signed up for my kit on Friday, but I am really anxious to know some of these things: 1. Does a book party count towards your super starter month? (Trying to get 4 parties for my free roaster!! :) ) 2. How & when is commission paid? (My super starter month is...
  26. L

    New Consultant Agreement Question

    Quick question - I'm in the process of signing the new consultant agreement as I type this. Do I need to know the exact dates of the the 4 parties in September - or can a fudge this to get the kit? Thanks so much.
  27. B

    New Consultant

    Hi Everyone I just wanted to introduce myself. I just signed on as a PC consultant yesterday. My buddy is my recruiter, ChefTLD. Thanks again Tanya. So far I have 4 shows already booked and 2 catalog shows for September. I also have a couple more friends and family that are thinking about...
  28. S

    New Consultant Needing New Tips

    Hello everyone! I love this site!! I have my 1st show scheduled for this Monday and I am a bit nervous to say the least. I am really excited about this biz but not very experienced in cooking, if you know what I mean. I grew up on grilled cheese and campbells soup! Well, seeing that shows...
  29. T

    Another Consultant Doing Bad Business

    Hello all, I have encountered a situation my last five shows and wanted to get some feedback on how I should handle this.... I am military overseas and live in a pretty small community. There are a couple other PC consultants here, which is great but there is one in particular that I keep...
  30. H

    What Should I Expect From a Consultant That Is Recruting Me.....

    I am meeting this week with a consultant about becomming a new PC consultant; what should I expect to learn? What is the cost of a starter kit? Is there a discount if I host a party first? What all is in a kit? I have seen postings on this site from what I believe are mostly women; are there any...