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What is consultant: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. apelot

    New Introducation

    I'm new here. I'm a consultant looking for ideas.
  2. millerbarb

    Intro - Newbie Re-Start with PC

    Following directions - having been a consultant from 1995-2001, relocating across the country - I'm back!! I'm very excited to re-start my PC Passion!!
  3. crystalscookingnow

    Hello! New (but old) member doing a reintroduction!

    Hello, hello! I'm writing a quick re-introduction of myself because I've been away for so long. I've just rejoined as a consultant, however, I've been a member here at CS since, gosh, I don't even know when. It was when I was a consultant from 2005-2010. :D Lots of life has changed and I'm...
  4. C

    Pampered Chef consultant aprons

    I have 6 Pampered Chef aprons for sale. All are new in the package. $10 each. Shipping will be determined by actual cost.2- denim (Discover the chef in you Logo) 2- navy blue with the blue/white stripe trim (with same logo as denim aprons)with red star 2- silver with gold paisley, ruffled...
  5. Admin Greg

    How Can ChefSuccess.com Enhance Your Pampered Chef Journey?

    Welcome to ChefSuccess.com, the premier online community for The Pampered Chef enthusiasts and consultants. Our platform is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment where culinary passion and business acumen blend seamlessly.Our MissionAt ChefSuccess.com, our mission is simple...
  6. Trisa D

    How Does Trisa Dyer Balance Consulting and Teaching?

    Hello. I am Trisa Dyer. I've been a consultant for 5 years. I have 3 kids, married, raise goats, love my Boston terrier dog and work as a high school teacher. So glad to have found this group!
  7. Cynthia Shugart

    Are you ready to join the Pampered Chef family?

    Semi-New Consultant here! I started at the end of May and have been loving it ever since! I live near Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, our two children, and my mom. We also have a mixed-breed dog. My husband is an EMT and I own a Web/Graphic Design business.
  8. P

    Nice to see this the last post!

    I cannot believe I had forgotten about this forum!!! It seems a lot of other people have too! Thanks for coming up on my email!! This is a safe zone! Would like to see it become active again!
  9. tsmarr

    Who is the newest member of Pampered Chef? Meet Tonya!

    Hey there! I'm Tonya, and I just joined Pampered Chef at the end of May. I look forward to learning more about the business and appreciate everything I will gain from this site.
  10. Pampered Chef Rachel

    Are you ready to join the PC community and connect with other consultants?

    Hello everyone! I just joined today after seeing the group mentioned in a Facebook group I am in. I am from upstate NY, have used and loved PC products for over 20 years and joined as a consultant 2 1/2 years ago. I am a director with a small director team under me. I love connecting with all...
  11. draskids

    Ready to Dive Back into the World of PC Consulting After 20+ Years?

    Returning to PC after over 20 + years. Quite a bit different doing this virtually, but I'm trying. An awful lot to learn and just trying to get bookings here! Looking at farmer's markets and fairs. Joining here for support and any feedback.
  12. C

    Are you a new consultant from Northern Mississippi?

    Hi, new consultant here from Northern Mississippi. I just started February 28
  13. heulflodyn

    Replacement Part Please for a Uk Consultant. Can Someone Help

    I just dropped my cool and serve and broke the lid. I know I bought something from a US consultant before but I can’t find her details. Would someone be able to order me a lid and post to the uk thanksI am gutted
  14. S

    What Are the February New Consultant Promos?

    I can't find the February promos for party hosts and new consultants if anyone has the pdf versions already & can share -- Thanks!
  15. S

    Anyone Have the February 2021 New Consultant Pdf?

    Also looking for the host promos for February - but mostly Any new consultant info for February. Thanks!
  16. Christina S Garcia

    Ready to join the PC community as a consultant?

    Hello! I have been using PC for over 20 years. I am excited to be hare as a consultant and look forward to the possibilities that the future with PC holds.
  17. S

    What are the details of the new consultant incentives?

    Does anyone have the new consultant incentives?
  18. Stephanie Hays

    Ready for Round 3 as a PC consultant - who's with me?

    Hello everyone! I am a “new” consultant, however this will actually be my third time being a PC consultant. I decided to join because I wanted to do something additional that I enjoyed and that was fun! I used this site often when I was a consultant before. I look forward to all of the new...
  19. WestCoastPC

    September Sign-Up Incentives for New Consultants

    Are there any incentives for a new consultant that signs up in September?
  20. Joyce D

    Can a New Consultant Succeed in the World of Direct Sales?

    Hi, my name is Joyce, I joined in May of 2019 while in Iowa. Within a couple of months I went to Chicago for the conference and then drove to my new home in Florida. I am not doing well as a consultant but I have gotten a lot of product, I am my own best customer! I am starting over, learning...
  21. evvy

    Is Being a Consultant for PC Products Right for Me?

    So, I joined simply to get a bird's eye view in a way. I've been asked if I would like to become a consultant and honestly I'm really on the fence about it.The Pros: 1. I love PC products. 2. I know and love to cook and bake and therefore know how most the products are or are supposed to be...
  22. RNurse74

    Who is the new consultant from East Tennessee at CS Della?

    Hi! My name is Della. I am a new consultant from East Tennessee
  23. Gracie Stafford

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Community Again?

    Good morning everyone! My name is Gracie and I am a returning Pampered Chef Consultant. I was active from about 2009 until 2014, and then took a wee break. I'm back and looking forward to being a part of the Pampered Chef community once again.
  24. Sarah Mitson

    Consultant Reactivation: What to Expect?

    Hi, I was a consultant back in 2017 but only did it for less than a year. I've been thinking of reactivating but not sure what that entails. Would I just sign up as if I was brand new? Would I have to buy a new kit, because I already have most of the items in the kits except the quick cooker...
  25. BAB@MistletoeFarm

    Personal Are you ready to join the Pampered Chef community and grow your small business?

    I have recently joined Pampered Chef and I have to tell you I absolutely love it! I am so excited to have my own small business and to have so much training and support to fuel me but to also be able to challenge myself to grow my business and grow with it personally. Frankly, being in a...
  26. C

    Requirements for New Consultant?

    I'm on the fence about signing up as I just hosted a party that went well. What is holding me back is that I don't want to reply on the same friends/family that I just invited to my party. I feel like it's asking too much too soon. That said, I do have one friend who didn't attend my party, but...
  27. Stephanie78

    Who Has a Pampered Chef March Incentive Umbrella for Sale?

    I am ISO the Pampered Chef umbrella that was offered to Consultants in March. Unfortunately I did not meet my monthly quota. If you earned and wish to part with, please contact me with price and shipping to 45011. Thank you in advance! Have a blessed day! :)
  28. M

    Who is the Newest Consultant on the Team?

    Hi, My name is Marianne and I'm brand new here and a brand new consultant. I look forward to learning as much as possible and working with all of you.
  29. Maya Bamer

    How can my new consultant submit orders without using ebiz tools?

    Hey There! I have a new consultant who refused the website and ebiz tools. I know that there is a way to still submit an order without it but I can't remember the process. Can someone help me with this so that I can get her started? Does she just log in with her email address and password? Thanks!
  30. Xchoi Hunt

    Who is the New Consultant for Pampered Chef?

    My name Xchoi (So She) Hunt and I'm a newbie with Pampered Chef (4 months). I joined to find some ideas, information, and community. I hail from the Mitten state (Michigan) and am trying everything I can to get my business going. I look forward to being a part of the community. Thanks again for...