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Requirements for new consultant?

Apr 22, 2020
I'm on the fence about signing up as I just hosted a party that went well. What is holding me back is that I don't want to reply on the same friends/family that I just invited to my party. I feel like it's asking too much too soon. That said, I do have one friend who didn't attend my party, but who would really benefit from the current extra $50 hostess promo. So I go back and forth. My friend's party might go well, but then I might not have much else for a month or so. How will that impact things in terms of sales requirements? I read something about $150 a month to remain active, is that correct? I also thought I saw something about $1250 within in the first 90 days? Are there any other requirements or promotions for sales that I should be aware of? I just want to time this right. Thanks!

Also, are there any other FB groups I should be aware of for this sort of info. I see lots of groups for party ideas and images, but not so much for general consultant discussion which is what I'm looking for.


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Jun 19, 2008
There are a bunch of FB groups you can join. Type Pampered Chef consultant in the search bar on FB and some should come up. If you can't find any, feel free to send me a friend request and PM me and I'll share some with you.

So PC will tally up your "career sales" as you submit shows and orders. It's cool to be active every month so that the tally grows. Once you reach a certain amount, you get a raise on your commissions. If you go 2 months without submitting $150 in sales, then you lose that and start back at 0 career sales. So it's good to at least submit one show every other month to keep that. To remain a consultant, you only need to submit $150 in sales in a 6 month rolling period. So if you just want to be hobby level and don't care about the commission rate, you can always just keep that as a fall back scenario.

However, your enthusiasm and excitement will help you get started! Don't think of what if I fail, think instead...Who can I help save money getting what they wish they could have from the catalog? When you start, host your own kick off party--even if you just hosted. Now it'll be with YOU wearing the apron, you showing them a recipe made with all the new things you got in your kit! You'll be excited, they'll see things a second time and maybe be like ok, I want to get that this time! People can't afford to buy everything they want at one party...they build their collection over time. So host your party, then get them excited about the host rewards and show them how much they can get and what the savings is! There is value in our products...so much better than buying cheaper versions on amazon/target/etc. Plus they get your customer service, recipes, tips, ideas, guarantee.

You just try to get at least one booking for each party you do to stay in business, 1 more to grow. You're bound to connect to someone wanting to host. FB parties are easy to host! They can be fun! They don't hurt and they don't cost anything to try. So many will at least try. Their efforts do make a difference on the success of the party, so it's good to find excited & motivated hosts! :D

Best of luck!
-Amanda Knudsen (FB will have Glover as my middle name.)