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new consultant

  1. J


    Hello, I’m only a couple weeks new and have 3 virtual party’s booked for June. I’m excited to learn from the form. Thanks for sharing in advance!
  2. Christina S Garcia

    New Consultant

    Hello! I have been using PC for over 20 years. I am excited to be hare as a consultant and look forward to the possibilities that the future with PC holds.
  3. Joanna Hagopian

    Hello there!

    Hello! I’m a fairly new pampered chef consultant and I am excited to be on this journey with everybody! I look forward to learning a lot from all of you!
  4. Your Pampered Foodie

    Excited to be Here and Learn from You All

    Hi Everyone! My name is Tanya and I'm known as the Pampered Foodie by friends and family. I've been creating recipes to share with family and friends for years, and have been purchasing Pampered Chef products and solutions for over 20 years. But, it wasn't until the past summer when I happened...
  5. K


    Hello I am a fairly new Consultant and I will take all the suggestions and advice I can get. I just started the end of July, so only been doing this about a month. Starting out very slow, but hoping things pick up soon. I have a party tomorrow night, a virtual party that I will be closing in...
  6. C

    Unopened Business Supplies

    I have unopened business supplies, PayPal only. Shipping included in prices below. Consultant tote (2) - one NIP, one new without package. $35 each Pack of 40 postcard invites (4) - NIP, $8 all four packs Party Planning Folders pack of 4 - NIP $5 Pack of 4 Thank you cards - $4, NIP Pack of...
  7. Shannon Russell

    Hello I'm New as of June 15, 2017 looking for anything to help me get started. Also anyone local.

    Hello I just joined PC my Director is not only in another state but time zone as well. I hadn't planned on becoming a consultant when I spoke with her. I was going to book an online party with her off my friends party. She talked me into joining. Lol I am a stay at home mom to my 17 month old...
  8. Tonni Callan

    Personal New Comsultant

    Hi! Working on my Launch Party. I am having trouble with writing the email to send out. Anyone that had a good launch have any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Kate Siciliano

    New - and need some advice!

    Good morning fellow PC sales people! I'm new here, and I've only been selling PC for a few months. I have the opportunity to register myself for a couple of holiday craft/vendor fairs, and I'm trying to find information about offering cash & carry style items (i.e. purchase stock myself and...
  10. s.cape

    Newbie and it shows

    I'm new to Pampered Chef and just completed my 4th cooking show. I'm learning so much along the way--mostly the hard way (like don't bother with the Save Guest button...use the Save to Contacts or you lose their information forever or running out of catalogs because I didn't order more than the...
  11. Cristin Allen

    Hello All

    Hello, I'm cristin and i just joined pampered chef in June. I just got back from attending the National conference and look forward to incorporating all the things I learned to my business. I am also looking forward to meeting a lit of grwat people.
  12. Tensie Steck

    I'm a newbie

    Hi everyone! I'm a new Independent Pampered Chef Consultant and I am looking for ideas to help build my business. I've been with PC since October 2015 and now I've gone through most of my friends and family for business and need to make some more contacts in order to grow my business. I'm...
  13. Bobbi Jo Bell

    Bobbi Jo Bell and I am with Jane McDonald

    Love Pampered Chef. There is sooo much to learn! I hope to be successful with this business. I was an elementary teacher before this, and I want to teach people how to cook and spend more time around the table with their family. I signed up for Conference in July!!! I can't wait!!!!
  14. Tammy's Adventure

    I'm NEW to PC

    Hi All. I'm Tammy and I'm a brand new PC Consultant. I'm super excited about starting with this awesome company. Ive been a dedicated customer for about 20 years and finally feel ready to start the adventure of selling. I'm sure I will be pursuing all over this site to glean intro from you...
  15. Rachael Mobley

    New Consultant / New Member

    Hello :) I'm Rachael i Just became a new consultant! I love it! I'm looking to expand my knowledge as well as my business as much as possible! I'm a full time mom with a full time job as an office assistant. I will gladly take an advice anyone can give me to help me grow! Thank you! Rachael
  16. melheather

    Just saying hi!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa and I just signed up to be a consultant last night. My leader is someone that I have known for 10 years and she has been telling me that I will be great at this for as long as I've known her. I have my first kitchen show booked for March 20th (for now, trying...
  17. Nicolejeanne

    PamperedChef Nic here!

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here. My name is Nicole, and I'm from Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in a town called Gibsonia. I'm about to be 34 come St. Pattys day and am a single mum of an amazing little 7 year old girl, (and Pampered Chef consultant junior!), Hannah. I am a new...
  18. S

    New Consultant !!

    Hi everyone! I joined Pampered Chef recently and am LOVING it so far. I'm so excited about my new business decision!
  19. D

    New member

    Hello all. Just got started in late October 2014. I still work full time and love the products, lots to learn here! Thanks for all your shareing!