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  1. M

    New Consultant

    Hello Everyone, My name is Marie Amato and I am from Pennsylvania, I joined Pampered Chef on May 12, 2019. Looking for any suggestions to get me to hit my $1250 in 90 days. Does anyone have images if you place $50, $100 dollars order you will receive a gift me as a thank you to increase sales?
  2. rennea

    How Long for Orders to Arrive!!

    When you place orders how long does it take to recieve them. I live in British Columbia so if any Canadian consultants could give me a rough idea that would be great!! Thanks
  3. C

    Stoneware Discount With Web Orders?????

    If guests order online it wil show the regular price for the stones, right? because there are separate ITEM numbers for the guest special, and I don;t think that those are posted on the websites, this may confuse our customers... Ayyone have suggestisons on how to get around this...
  4. J

    Received My First Online Orders This Week

    I signed up for a Pampered Chef consultant web site at conference last year, but really didn't do that much with it. This week, I received my first online orders. The home office has changed the way the web site works in some really helpful ways. While home parties will always be the core of my...
  5. G

    Shipping Orders to Comsultant and Not Host?

    I have heard many people mention that they have some or all of their orders shipped to themselves and not the hosts. I have a couple questions about that. 1. How do you get pampered partner to do that without changing the host's address information (is their a way)? If I change the information...
  6. M

    Individual Orders...

    Ok...another question from me? How do we submit individual orders? Is our commission the same and do we wait til we have a certain amount of $$ in orders before we can submit them? Thanks! Anne
  7. K

    New Consultant Supply Booster Orders

    Hi, Just wondering if this can be ordered online or on the phone. Does it HAVE to be mailed in? I'm not very savvy yet in Pampered Partner, but I couldn't find it in there. Also...can I order other supplies at the same time? If I order my booster and other supplies in the same month...
  8. P

    Single Orders

    How do I enter a customer order w/o putting it on a show?? and...... any quick games for a fundraiser?? It will be a large crowd approx. 50-60 people
  9. Ann F

    ? Website Orders

    How does one keep track of fundraiser website orders? That is, can we track which student generated that order so he can get credit toward his top seller prize that I'm giving?
  10. dianevill

    Minimum Orders for a Catalog Show

    Here's a new one, at least for me. I know that we only have to have a minimum of $150 in sales for a show to qualify, and that there's no minimum number of buying guests, but what if one customer wants to make her own catalog show so that she can get the stainless steel host special? She's...
  11. B

    Supply Orders

    This is my first supply order since starting PC. I really don't know what to order other than catalogs and PP reciepts. I am going to order door prizes, and recipe cards. I started to order from PP and my shipping was $8.32.Why is it only $3.50 on the order form? My director told me not to...
  12. P

    I Just Rec'd a Call From Ho. My Special Shipping Orders Did Not Go

    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go thru. They told me to download PP13.1. I rec'd my fall paperwork/disc. I downloaded it and then did the updates. I still have 13.0. How do I get the 13.1 download???? My disc just downloads 13.0, and after the updates it tells...
  13. P

    Does Anyone Just Do Catalog Orders?

    I was wondering if anyone just does catalog orders and not kitchen shows. It's been really hard for me to get kitchen shows because it seems so much easy for the host to have a catalog show.
  14. N

    Having Mixed Feelings About Website Orders

    It seems like everyone else is very excited about people being able to place orders on our websites this fall (without connecting it to a party), but I'm a little worried that it might make party averages go down? Until now, people usually had to attend a party, or know someone who was having...
  15. D_Patel

    Question for Web Site Orders!! Help

    Me again ! Ok i just got my web site 3 days ago. It has only taken me a year to break down and get one ! LOL ! I highly recomend getting one by the way! So i got my first order from a show yesterday $60.00 order ! Whoo Hoo !! I submitted the show with the order last night, but now i cant...
  16. B

    Orders From the Website.

    I am a bit confused about the website ordering. When a guest orders something from the website from a hostess, how are we informed. I just started mine last week and I am not sure how this all works.
  17. C

    Increasing Outside Orders

    I just started sellling PC in June. I used this idea at my last 2 shows, and ended up with $125 in outside orders at one show and $150 at the other show. When the host set the date, I sent her address labels with all her show info. Then she could just stick them to her invites. On the...
  18. P

    Help!! Problem With Host Getting Orders

    I have someone doing a catalog show. They have had the catalogs for about 2 weeks. I called to check on her and she said."People want to buy stuff,but they want to wait and pay for it when they get it". I told her that I couldn't do this. I need the money before placing order. I just don't know...
  19. P

    Fed Ex Orders In?

    Is it possible to Fed Ex orders in instead of using Pampered Partner?
  20. C

    No Orders From Show

    I had a show last Saturday night that was supposed to close yesterday. When I called the host she said that she had completely forgotten about it and would call me Sunday morning. I ended up calling her Sunday evening. She told me that no one, including herself would be ordering. Someone...
  21. J

    Submitting Orders

    I am getting ready to submit my first show and have a few questions. I did a mystery host show, so I want the products shipped to me. In the additional info screen of the host order I entered c/o my name and address. Is that the right way to do it? Also, I had an order from my website. I still...
  22. S

    Web Site Orders

    I am curious about website orders. I have entered all of my upcoming host shows into my website. Many of them are using them, and I am assuming giving their friends etc. the info they need to purchase products on the web site should they not be able to attend the show. I'm curious to know...
  23. K

    Question About Website Orders...

    My first show is on the 15th (woohoo!!), and I set it up so friends can order through my website. Is there anything special I need to do? I noticed that the website charges her $6.60 for shipping. Can the product be shipped directly to her? How do I set it up in Pampered Partner to do this?
  24. DebPC

    Outside Orders

    I have read that some consultants print up coupons and give out with the host packets as an incentive for hosts Examples $5 Free when 15 or more buying guests attend your show $5 Free when you collect $100 or more in orders before I get to your show. $5 Free If you have a booking when I...
  25. C

    Consultant Orders

    Hello, I'm a brand new consultant (first party next week). I've really been enjoying all the tips and hits you have on the board. I do have a question though. Can include an orders for items for yourself on a hostesses party? I realize I can't count that towards my commissions, but I...