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What is orders: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. K

    Rant Did I Overpay for My Pampered Chef Order? Understanding the Ordering Process

    I just closed a facebook party. I think I did very good and it was really easy. I did a little over 600 in sales. I earned a host special, free gift, 250.00 free product, 3 half priced items, and 25% off my order. I was very happy with this until I went to place my order. I tried doing my 3-...
  2. M

    Ready to Boost Your Sales with Pampered Chef?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Marie Amato and I am from Pennsylvania, I joined Pampered Chef on May 12, 2019. Looking for any suggestions to get me to hit my $1250 in 90 days. Does anyone have images if you place $50, $100 dollars order you will receive a gift me as a thank you to increase sales?
  3. Estelene Nichols

    Has Pampered Chef Stopped Sending Bags to Hosts for Their Orders?

    Has Pampered Chef stopped sending bags to hosts for their orders? My last host said she didn't get any and had 3 boxes of stuff!
  4. mspibb

    Order Mix-Up: How I Accidentally Scheduled Orders for the Wrong Show

    :mad::(o_OI was so tired yesterday so I’m not that surprised but I go to add an order today to my show from last night and discover, I put them on my show for next week! A couple I took the info from their cards so I can’t reproduce those numbers! Arrggghhhh! I emailed tech to see if they can...
  5. kcmckay

    How Do I Convert Show Orders to Individual Orders on My Website?

    I know I saw when poking around website how to convert show orders to individual orders and now I can't find it. I need to do that ASAP and have no idea how. Can anyone advise please??? Thanks
  6. mspibb

    Orders Piling Up: Home Office in January Rush

    Home Office must have gotten slammed with orders end of January. I submitted 2 show Tuesday - one early am- and both are still showing "received."
  7. byrd1956

    Is It Worth Ordering a $3 Replacement Part with High Shipping Costs?

    I have a customer that needs a $3 replacement part. The shipping is 4.75 and with the tax it will be $8.31. Is it still correct that a replacement part cannot be ordered on a show order? Can a replacement part be ordered on an individual order? The past 4 people (that talked to me at an...
  8. DebPC

    Who's Got Free Shipping Online Orders?

    I have one. Hoping for more tonight.
  9. RosieTrips

    How to Enter Email Addresses for Orders?

    I apologize if this question has been asked but I couldn't find when I was trying to search the site. When we enter orders now through the PC website, an email address is required. What are others entering if the customer did not provide an email address to enter? You cannot submit without an...
  10. DebPC

    Is Home Office Not Including Holiday Brochures With Orders?

    Just had a huge show shipped to me and didn't see them on the shipping slip.
  11. DebPC

    Set default state for web orders

    Is there a way to set my state as the default with web based orders? Thanks!
  12. chesse

    Can Multiple Orders Be Placed for Stoneware on Websites?

    Can we place more than one order? I know we can only order one of anything, but I'd like to put off getting the new stoneware until I make some money. TIA Char
  13. K

    Entering Orders for Show: Frustrating and Time Consuming!

    I am trying to enter orders for a show for the first time on the beta site. Took me an hour to figure out how to do this. Now I cannot add any guests, because I am notw REQUIRED to have thier email addresses!!! I don't have email addresses for all of my customers. So now, I have to go...
  14. B

    Orders From Booths/Vendor Shows

    How does everyone handle orders they get at a booth? Do you have it direct shipped to the customer or do you deliver the products? I have done two that were close to where I live and delivered the products to each person. I will be doing another about 20-25 miles from where I live and I am not...
  15. J

    Discount for Orders Submitted via Beta Sites in Nov & Dec

    I remember getting an email about a $10 off promo for orders that were submitted on Beta sites in Nov & Dec but can't for the life of me find info about it anywhere... Am I out of my mind? Can anyone point me in the direction for more info about this so I can promote it?
  16. S

    Pampered Chef Fundraiser Q&A: Separating Show Orders

    My niece's group at school is thinking of having a Pampered Chef fundraiser. I was wondering how the items all come packages to the Host? Do they come just like a show order all mixed up or are the separated out? If its just like a show I was thinking of offering to have it shipped to my house...
  17. W

    Need Advice: Struggling to Get Orders for My Facebook Party

    Hi, everyone! I have a facebook party going on right know and another one starting next week. So far, I have only had one order. I have tried games and posting about our products. My host has been posting too, but we are just not having any luck. Any advice? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!
  18. mspibb

    Trying to Enter Orders on Beta Site-Awful!

    I had a show tonight and was using my iPad to enter orders. It was an outdoor show and host warned me her wifi didn't work out on the patio. I was using my droid as a hotspot. I would search for something, click on it and it didn't seem to be doing anything, I would touch again and then would...
  19. M

    Surprising Increase in Online Orders: Insights and Experiences Shared

    Has anyone else been getting more online orders than usual lately? In the last week I have received three online orders from people I do not know. On two of them, all the information I got was their name and the third was from someone in New York state - I'm in Arkansas! I'm not complaining - a...
  20. M

    Show Didn't Reach $150 but Has Orders.

    Someone wanted to try a facebook show, and she only got one order. She said no one else is going to order, and she just wants one thing. How can I submit their order without it being a qualifying show?
  21. byrd1956

    Can Same CC# Be Used for Multiple Orders?

    Am I correct that a cc# can only be used on one order? For example a mother places an order a pays w/her cc and she also wants to pay for her daughter's order with the same cc#. When I put the cc# in both orders show they are credited, but I remember when I paid for two different orders with...
  22. C

    Tracking Supply Orders: An Easy Guide

    Is there a way to track the supply orders I have placed?
  23. S

    Personal Web Site Orders for a Fundraiser

    I know there is no way to switch a show in P3 from Fundraiser to Cooking. Can you change it on your personal website from a Fundraise to a Cooking show and re upload them into the new show on P3? I haven't been doing this all that long but I hope that makes sense. Any help would be great...
  24. T

    Ordering with a Consultant Discount: Tips for New Consultants

    Stupid question... I'm a new consultant and I don't even know if this is the right place to post so please be kind if it is not. Where do I place my own orders and use the consultant discount? I would like to do some Christmas shopping to help promote my new business.
  25. W

    Help Needed: Syncing Online Orders to PW3 by Friday

    I have a catalog show closing on Friday. The host has given me some orders over the phone - which I entered into PW3, other guests have just placed their orders through my website under the hosts name. When I called support to find out how to synchronize the orders online to PW3, they said I...
  26. T

    Am I Inactive? Can't Place Orders!

    First off, not sure if I am inactive, and not sure how to find out if I am. The last show I had was end of April 2012. I have a few people that want to place an order, and have orders of just over $200. The last time I placed an order, we were still using the Pamper Partner Plus, and I...
  27. Y

    Can You Combine Product and Supply Orders?

    I am trying to place and order and it appears you have to do 2 separate orders. Just checking to make sure I am not missing something before I order!
  28. babywings76

    New Web: Entering Show Orders Question

    I'm helping a new consultant enter in her first show on the new web. How do we change a guest's order to allow it to ship to the guest and not the host?
  29. byrd1956

    Searching Past HWC Product Orders in P3

    In p3 how do you search for who ordered past HWC products?
  30. V

    Feedback on a Neighborhood No Orders Expected Show

    Before I through the towel in on my PC business, I would like to approach my neighbors. Someone suggested that I invite them to a "No Orders Expected" show. Has anyone had success with a "No Orders Expected" Show? I realize PC products sell themselves. Or, should I say it's an neighborhood...