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What is sites: Definition and 21 Discussions

  1. J

    Discount for Orders Submitted via Beta Sites in Nov & Dec

    I remember getting an email about a $10 off promo for orders that were submitted on Beta sites in Nov & Dec but can't for the life of me find info about it anywhere... Am I out of my mind? Can anyone point me in the direction for more info about this so I can promote it?
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Where Can I Find Freebies to Help Me Save Money?

    A number of sites give you something for free. In recent months, here are some of the things I have received: * Free meal at IHOP * Free small pizza AND free cinnamon bread with purchase (and the topping on the pizza was the "purchase." * Free hair color, more than once * Full size...
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Spoiler? What's Happening to Our Web Sites?

    Got this in one of the e-mail loops ... can anybody explain this? My PWS is due in September and if it wasn't for my September show, I would probably cancel it b/c I really can't afford it as it is. Do we have to update it? Also, I don't like the idea of driving Joy and others out of...
  4. esavvymom

    Eventlister.com and Other Sites- Worth the $$?

    Are the Craft-show sites that list events worth the subscription cost? Do you find good events that you might not have found otherwise?? Just curious and trying to decide. eventlister.com and artscraftsshowbusiness.com are the ones I had bookmarked. *I do use Craigslist, but not...
  5. Chefstover2

    Brainstorming Needed for Alternate Show Sites

    I have a new consultant whose house is too small to hold her grand opening show. She attends two churches (one on Wednesday, one on Sunday) and one of the churches isn't opening their fellowship hall unless it's for a church function. I suggested the fire station community room (which has a...
  6. Jessamary

    Do You Think Other Ds Companies Have Web Sites Like This?

    Is there like a Party Lite "Chef Success" (maybe candle master or something) or something like that for any other DS business. I just think CS is such a great resource, I can't imagine doing my business without it!
  7. pjpamchef

    "There Is a Problem With This Sites Security"

    All of a sudden I'm getting this message when trying to get on CC. Anyone else?
  8. janetupnorth

    Here Are the Sites for Both Candidates on the

    Here are the sites for both candidates on the issues: http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/ http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ Read both sides for yourself. I know the Obama site has been posted and quoted many times but I am posting BOTH. Personally, I find the constant...
  9. smilesarepriceless

    Free FTP Sites for Personal Family Websites

    i used to use smart ftp... and it was free..but now they charge...anyone able to recommend a FREE ftp site i can use for my personal family website.....?
  10. Kitchen2u

    Fun Email Graphics: Find Free & Safe Sites

    Other than Smilies...what other graphics are out there that you can use in emails? Looking for sites that don't sell your emails and you end up with tons of junk mail.
  11. Kitchen Diva

    Top Travel Sites for Discounted Bookings: Insider Tips and Recommendations

    Hi! A while back- I want to say about 2 months ago, someone started a thread about Travelocity or something like that, and you guys also posted great travel sites that you use when booking travel. I think the thread was about the best travel site to get the best hotel and flight prices...
  12. janetupnorth

    Tracking Hits on Your Blog: What Counters and Sites to Use

    For those who blog, do you check hits on it and how do you do that? What counters or sites do you use? With all the past talk about blogs and many who have them, I just created one for our work at Fort Wilderness. I can sit and type online but there is just something cumbersome about...
  13. P

    Questions About Wedding Registry Sites: TIA!

    I'm ready to sign up for one, but I have a few questions first: 1. Do you have to have a site in order to accept wedding registries? 2. After I qualify, will I still get my site free for 90 days? Will they just extend my renewal date? 3. Have you ever done an Internet show...
  14. cmdtrgd

    Is Giving Away Items on Craigslist for Free Against Company Rules?

    Okay, weird question here. I have a consultant in my downline who was reported to be selling stuff on craigslist. I found the listing and she is giving it away free - is that against the rules?
  15. ivykeep

    Great Pampered Chef Recipe Sites

    Joyce's Fine Cooking http://www.joycesfinecooking.com/pamperedchefs.htm Raxxle Dazzle Recipe http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/pampered-chef-recipes/index.htm
  16. lisacb77

    Amazing, Still Illegal Sites Out There!

    http://www.picturetrail.com/pampereddeals I just emailed HO to let them know about this one. Probably not current as it has the discontinued stoneware lids, but still!
  17. C

    Exploring Alternatives: Seeking Other Free Consultant Sites

    Does anyone know of any other Consultant sites like this one? I would like to visit a few. This site was wonderful as a FREE site, but now it is a little stale. I like to visit to see what is going on or to help answer questions if I can, but I would like to learn things too. So if anyone...
  18. C

    Can We Advertise Our Business on Other Sites?

    It is my understanding that we are not aloud to advertise our business on any other web site but the one we can get through Pampered Chef. I'm asking this because I have blog page on this web site and I noticed the pampered chef logo on someone elses page, so I checked it out and she has all her...
  19. J

    How Do I Process Orders From My Pampered Chef Website?

    Hi! I had my first order on my website today! I did get an email about it but what do I do with it? It says it won't be sent until I transmit the show - do I just enter the info in PP like I would if I received it in person? Do I enter in the CC information? I just want to make sure it's not...
  20. P

    Boost Your PC Business with a Personal Website | Tips from Susan"

    I just started PC and I was wondering if having a Personal Web Site was of any help. Do you get that many orders ? And if so are they from people you have at shows? Thanks Susan :rolleyes:
  21. P

    Driving Business to Personal Web Sites

    Anyone have any good ideas that are succeeding with driving business to your personal web site? I have very spotty usage from hosts and guests and virtually no business from it otherwise. We cannot list our personal sites as sponsors on other web pages so I'm really not too sure how I'm...