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What is wedding: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    Unique and Creative Wedding Registry Ideas for a June Bridal Shower

    Good Afternoon All!I am doing a bridal registry scheduled for June and I am wondering if any of you have any awesome ideas for the registry as well as invitation inserts. The family setting up the shower wanted to use their own invites instead of the pampered chef ones so I'm looking to see if...
  2. Niki Kate

    Can You Create a Pampered Chef Wedding Registry?

    Is it possible to have a Wedding Registry on Pampered Chef? My cousin just booked one with me, and I'm willing to wing it. But, I'm stunned that Pampered Chef doesn't have a system set up. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with doing a wedding registry? HELP!Right now I have her...
  3. jpanzenhagen

    Find Your Perfect Wedding Shower Apron for Sale - Shop Now!

    Does anyone have any wedding shower aprons that they would like to sell?
  4. H

    My First Wedding Show: Overcoming Nerves and Preparing for Success

    I am brand new to PC and doing a confirmed 50 guest wedding show on Sunday. No food demo, so no pressure there. I am bringing a friend who had a PC shower herself to help with orders. I've put a TON of work into this, but it am still nervous. I've cut out all of the pictures of the items the...
  5. DebPC

    Wedding Registry Wording on Personal Website

    Put each specific registry in as a separate news item. Example "Grooms last name and Brides last name Wedding Registry. Then in the news body put something like this... ___________-______________ Wedding Registry Welcome Friends and Family to _____ and ______ Pampered Chef Registry! Thank...
  6. O

    How to Do a Pseudo Wedding Registry

    Hi Booked a wedding registry yesterday. Yes, I know we do not have them any more but I thought there was a way to use our website for this? Anyone have any ideas or have done this? She is so excited and may even sign after the wedding...
  7. M

    What Are You Doing for Wedding Registries?

    or are you doing anything? I know there is no offical PC registry. I have a contact on a potential wedding registry and want to have an idea of how to set one up before i actually make the contact. I have some ideas but just want to see what others are doing. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. M

    Planning a Gay Wedding Shower: Advice from a Pro!

    I had a booth and got a booking from that. this person booked a cooking show for march a wedding shower for may and is a recruit lead but She is getting married to another Girl what should i do? has any one done a Gay wedding shower?
  9. B

    Facebook Show Generated a Wedding Show!

    EEK! I've got 3 facebook shows going on and I had someone say yesterday that they wanted to do a bridal registration with ME for their May wedding! I've read some previous posts about how consultants are handling registries by using their websites and putting the wish list in the Calendar/News...
  10. T

    How to Direct Guests to a Wedding Registry?

    Can someone let me know what is going on with the wedding registry? My future sister-in-law set one up for their wedding in November. She wants to put info about the products they want in their invitations but I'm not sure how to direct people to buy what she needs. How should or how can I...
  11. O

    Customize Your Wedding Invitation with Our Registry Card Template

    Does anyone have a template for a registry card to put in a wedding or shower invitation?
  12. M

    Gift Ideas from Pampered Chef Under $125 for a Wedding

    I have a friend getting married next month and I'd like to get them something(s) from PC. Steer me, cuz every time I make a list, I go way overbudget. Budget is $125.
  13. esavvymom

    Wedding Fair Follow Up....now What?

    I am posting this for someone.....you were logged off before I saw your question about how... Wanted you to get some assistance. ;) This user posted the question in the chatbox and I suggested starting a thread for more responses and such.....can ya'll help stevensel out?
  14. N

    Trouble Showing Wedding Registry and Shop Online on My Pampered Chef Website

    I finally have my first show on 6/29 (what a way to cut the end of month close..lol) and when I tried to connect the link to her fb event it isn't shown in my website. Is it because of the upgrade or should I just contact HO? Thanks
  15. F

    TPampered Chef Wedding Shower Invitations

    Has anyone ever purchased/used TPC bridal shower invitations listed in the supply order? Just wondering what they look like. Picture on the supply fact sheet is not very good and I can't tell what is on the back. I know this is a stupid thought :rolleyes:, but I would hope there is somewhere...
  16. lockhartkitchen

    Where Can I Find New Wedding Product Cards for a Bridal Shower?

    I have some product cards that are the size of a business card. I got them from a retired PC rep. They have a picture of the product, description and price. I am looking for a template or more of these that have new products. I am using these Sunday for a wedding shower. I lay the cards...
  17. Y

    Deactivating the Wedding Registry

    Ok, it's 8:30pm on March 15th and we just received an email from Jean Jonas about the wedding registries. As of March 15th...which is TODAY, they won't be accepting any new registries until the functions can be redesigned for the new website and applications. The is much more information in...
  18. J

    Director Looking for Wedding Registry Cards?

    I need them for a friend whose daughter just registered for her wedding registry! Those little business card sized ones. I will take whatever you have -- let me know if you have some that you can sell!! Thanks in advance!
  19. L

    Couple Misses Out on Free Wedding Registry Products - Sister Upset!

    I have a Wedding registry where the couple didn't get their free products ordered within the 90 days. They realized it yesterday and the home office told them... sorry... nothing we can do... They said the Supervisor was rude to them...... SO.. the sister of the Bride who has subsequently...
  20. ilovpc

    Can a Consultant Register for a Wedding Registry

    Question: I'm getting married and I would like to know if I can set up my own wedding registry. I'm already married, but we are going to do it church (catholic) this time :) I been married for almost 15 years and I don't feel like I need to register for gifts, but my friends are asking me and...
  21. darlinclem

    Shipping to Guest for Wedding Registry

    It has been forever since I have had a wedding registry. Usually I turn them into Bridal Showers. In this case the bride and groom live in other states and the groom's grandmother got me the registry (Bless Her!). The bride was wondering if the guests could order items and have them shipped...
  22. C

    Wedding Registries in Canada: Questions for Consultants

    I'm a new consultant and haven't yet set up my website. I see a lot of people on here talking about wedding registries - are they available on our websites in Canada? Or are they only on American consultant websites? Thank you!
  23. C

    Director Wedding Registry Question...a Customer Needs to Know.

    Hey Everyone! I have never had much business from the Wedding Registry, but right now I have a Registry that is alive and active! Over $400 in orders so far! The great thing is that when the registry was created, the couple had declined to give their info, so I had no idea who they were...
  24. byrd1956

    Small Notes for Wedding Registry?

    A wedding registry customer has e-mailed me in need of more 'small notes' to add to invitations. The only thing I have on hand is the business card size cards saying the couple is registered. I have 2 questions 1. would that be what she is looking for or are there some other type of small...
  25. babywings76

    Post-Wedding Follow-Up: Tips for a Successful Bridal Registry Experience

    I had someone do a bridal registry whose wedding was in July. She only ended up with a little over $100 spent. I did a poor job as a consultant with her and am trying to decide if it's too late to send her a card saying congratulations. I also thought of e-mailing her to let her know that...
  26. M

    Wedding Registry Welcome Pack No Longer Has "Shower Cards"

    in the weekly news there was a blurb about the Wedding Registry welcome pack no longer having shower cards included in the packet. I wonder why they are discontinuing this and if anyone is planning on doing anything different for their brides to be that register?
  27. U

    Jenny's Wedding Planning & Honeymoon Ideas!

    Hi All, Off topic but I am newly engaged and planning our wedding for March 2012 in Pismo Beach, CA with a larger reception to follow in Reno, NV. My dad is offering his timeshare through RCI, we are thinking something beachy...Has anyone stayed with RCI, have any honeymoon suggestions...
  28. byrd1956

    Need Ideas for a Wedding Congratulations Card?

    I checked the files, but no luck. Does anyone have a congratulations/best wished card/note they send to new brides? I was thinking of sending a Season's Best gift along w/a mini catty. Thought, why reinvent the wheel....
  29. G

    Gift-Giving Dilemma: Wedding Present for Newly Engaged Cousin

    I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I'm still debating on what gift to give. We normally would do cash but I was thinking of PC stuff. I gave her the trifle bowl at her shower and she loved it. She didn't register with PC but who doesn't love PC lol Anyways, her every day dishes...
  30. C

    Director Maximizing Your Wedding Shower: Tips for Managing Orders and Deliveries

    I got a call from a new consultant doing her first bridal shower in a few weeks. The bride is from another state so all the free product and gifts will be shipped to her, but she wants to encourage all the guests to buy for themselves too. The way I have handled this in the past is to have...