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What is products: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. M

    Spring 2024 Pampered Chef products

    What are your thoughts on the new Spring products? What is your favorite? Let's talk...
  2. B

    Found this pampered chef item. What is it?

    Can someone tell me what this pampered chef item is used for
  3. jcsmilez

    Who's at Pampered Chef Conference 2023? :)

    I hope y'all are having an incredible time! I was not able to go this year and am anxiously awaiting the replay! :D I have a vendor booth coming up and absolutely love the way that Home Office displays all the products. If anyone is able to take pictures of the showroom, I would be forever grateful!
  4. kcmckay

    Lots of Products and some materials for sale - Variety of New & Used

    Hi I am a former consultant looking to clean out my closet of overflow of some products and some other PC items as well.I will list below under New in Package, Open but basically new (opened for display/ maybe used in a demo or possibly never used just opened) & Used (Will have the quality of...
  5. C

    Selling Cheap Pampered Chef Products - New & Used for Sale!

    I've got a bunch of brand new unopened, some opened P.C products I'm looking to sell cheap
  6. O

    Discover 2020 Spring Products and Earn Rewards - Share Your Thoughts with AF!

    What are your thoughts on the new products? Can’t wait to see what was earned for the different levels. Does anyone know yet? So happy for the AF
  7. Suzanne Johnson

    Retired Products, Aprons, Totes, Logo Tops, Etc.

    I have a lot of items still available (nothing that came after about 2006 and no tablecloths). I have photos of everything on the Facebook group ISO/Buy/Sell Pampered Chef Products-Not an official site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/404648589876813/) and because I have so much I created 10...
  8. Teresa Wright

    Retired Products: Pricing Antique Pampered Chefs and More

    I am looking for images of retired products. The older the product the better! I have found many PC items but I don't know how to price them.
  9. S

    What Products Are Discontinued After August 2019 and Their Price Changes?

    Anyone have the list of items that are being discontinued 8/31/2019 and the price increase information?
  10. raebates

    New Spring/Summer 2019 Products

    I have to admit I wasn't excited to see the launch this time. I've been doing this for 14 years (15 years in April). So I couldn't imagine them adding anything that would really excite me. Boy, was I wrong. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Batter Mixer & Dispenser and the Waffle Puff Pan...
  11. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Any Hints for Ss 2019 Product Spoilers?

    Anyone have any hints? I am dying here, cant wait till the 4th LOL
  12. kwright67

    Shop Retired ISO Products: Wired Thermometer, Mango Slicer & Stone Muffin Pan

    ISO of the following for customers: Wired thermometer NIB Mango slicer NIP Stone Muffin Pan NIB
  13. Sarah Wilhoit

    Returning to Pampered Chef Because I Love the Products!

    Hello all!Sarah Wilhoit here- I'm back as a PC consultant because I just love the products! I moved to the Clearwater/Tampa, Florida area about 3 years ago and have yet to meet a Pampered Chef consultant or be invited to attend a PC party. I had a friend ask me where I got some of my PC products...
  14. J

    Spoiler Alert! 2018 Fall Products!

    Quick cooker.They also announced it would 60% off for consultants until the end of the month.
  15. CookieChick

    Decluttering for Move, New and Slightly Used Products

    I'd really like to sell this stuff to anyone interested. Have items priced super low!! Will ship immediately once payment is made once we've established shipping costs etc. I do have some new in package items I'm looking to sell with big discount. Email or PM me. Thanks.Business Aide: Vinyl...
  16. RaggedyAunt

    New Products Coming Soon: Spoilers Wanted!

    I just saw on Facebook there are going to be new products announced in two days. Anyone want to provide spoilers for those of us inactive? Thanks!
  17. Intrepid_Chef

    Price of 2 Discontinued Products

    Does anybody have an original price on the following discontinued items:* Barbecue Pizza Pan (the metal one) * Mega LifterThanks in advance, they were both used just once and I'm giving them away
  18. O

    New Spring Kitchen Products: Trifle Bowl, Paring Knives & More

    So what new spring products would you like to see available? I'm hoping for a new trifle bowl, quick-kut paring knives, and more general kitchen tools. I'm almost positive there will be a new piece of cookware that all the level 1 people earned in December
  19. Julie Henne

    Personal What's Your Favorite Pampered Chef Product to Cook With, Julie?

    I can't wait to meet everyone & receive or share helpful ideas with everyone.
  20. raebates

    How can you get creative with off-label uses for kitchen products?

    Each week I share a Wednesday WOW with my team--an off-label product use. I'm working on my WOWs for October, and I'm drawing a blank.For instance, the one I was able to think of before I went completely blank is to use a flat stone for a proofing oven. Just heat the stone to 200F and wrap it in...
  21. Jules711

    *Updated With Picture* Retired Products

    I've finally added a picture of most listed as well as a few other items. I can get you better pics or info if you see something you want. I didn't picture all of the pink stuff, but can if interested.I have several current and retired products on hand. I am listing a few of the retired...
  22. Suzanne Johnson

    Business Supplies, Logo Items, Retired Products for Sale

  23. chefliz

    What Is the Shipping Schedule for the New Products?

    Does anyone know the shipping schedule for the earned new products? I'm sure I saw it somewhere but am unable to find it now. TIA
  24. scottcooks

    What Are the Prices and Availability of These Past Products?

    See the following list for what I have. I want the listed price if you get a single item, if you get more than one feel free to haggle just a little. Buyer pays shipping to their zip code. To reserve your item, PM me. First come, first served.Item NoLabelconditionPrice nowwill take -----...
  25. raebates

    What are Ideal Gift Ideas for People Living in Small Spaces?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is people living in small spaces--dorm rooms, efficiency apartments, senior living apartments, etc.
  26. raebates

    What are Some Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is healthy eaters.
  27. raebates

    Products for Moms of Preschoolers?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is moms of preschoolers.
  28. raebates

    Find the Perfect Gifts for Grillers | December Facebook Posts

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is men at the grill.
  29. raebates

    Must-Have Gifts for New Moms | Perfect Presents for the Holidays

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is new moms.
  30. byrd1956

    Are there alternative flyers for the new Winter/Holiday 2016 products?

    Is there another flyer besides the mail-able Holiday Flyer with info on these new products for October 1? I would like to have something that is not so small to put inside the large catalog. #1481 Ash Wood Serving Board #1482 Slate Serving Board #1483 Ash Wood Serving Set #1484 Ash Wood &...