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What is healthy: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. S

    Personal What Are Your Thoughts on the New Owner of Pampered Chef, Warren Buffet?

    PC allowed me to enjoy cooking more. I love that ! I'm healthier & sound mind as I actually I actively, research for better way to cook for me & my husband. He's happy that we don't eat out ( unless we are traveling ) I feel good & confident on PC. I feel like a savy & confident cook when I'm...
  2. raebates

    What are Some Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is healthy eaters.
  3. DebPC

    Delicious and Healthy Pumpkin Brownies | 20-Minute Recipe for Weight Watchers

    Here's for all of you weight watchers peeps! Mix can of solid pumpkin and brownie mix together, put in our Brownie Pan , bake at 400 for 20 mins. 4 points a brownie without candy toppings!
  4. jcsmilez

    Where Can I Find Affordable and Healthy Recipes for Cooking Classes?

    Through my (other) job, I have the wonderful opportunity to teach a Healthy Cooking on a Budget Series at my local community center. It will be four classes and the structure includes a premade dinner for everyone to enjoy there, instruction then a cooking demo that they will be able to take...
  5. J

    What are some healthy recipes using a salad spinner and MFP?

    In the Jan Consultant News the consultant talks about how she does well-balanced healthy recipes at her shows using the salad spinner and MFP. What recipes have you done or can you think of that would be healthy using these products?
  6. DebPC

    Losing Weight and Healthy Eating Group

    I want to lose 10lbs and firm up before shorts weather here in Wi. Any others want to join me? We can encourage, support and motivate each other. I did great last week, then bad meals on Sat. night and Easter dinner. Today I plan to stay on track. Who's with me???
  7. DebPC

    What are some healthy snacks for weight loss?

    Eat these if you're trying to lose weight.
  8. K

    Healthy Party Recipes for January: Beat the Winter Blues with Nourishing Dishes

    Anyone have any good ideas or suggestions for making at January parties? Everyone has requested a "healthy" recipe... I eat comfort foods in January because its so cold! HA! Any suggesstions would be appreciated! THANKS!
  9. M

    Join Our Healthy Snack Cook-Off & Win Prizes with Pampered Chef Recipes!

    Just received an email at work: "Bring a snack to share that qualifies as healthy and nutritious* Prizes awarded for first and second place winners! *Foods submitted for judging must be 200 calories or less per serving and contain less than 15grams of sugar per serving. Recipes must...
  10. wadesgirl

    Nutrition Seminar: Healthy Eating Products for a Biggest Loser Challenge

    My sister is coordinating a "Biggest Looser" Challenge in my home town. I'm helping her out behind the scenes with planning, weigh-ins, etc. We were doing a little planning last night and she mentioned that she wants to do a nutrition seminar. I asked if I could set up some PC products to...
  11. 1PamperedMommy

    Healthy Dinner Ideas for a Low-Carb, No-Sugar Party

    I booked a March show and the host says she doesn't eat carbs or processed sugar (for health reasons). Any ideas for recipes I can do, that other guests will still enjoy? All of my recipes are DEFINITELY not in that category, lol!
  12. B

    Looking for Quick and Healthy Recipes for Teachers on a Weight Loss Journey?

    I am doing a presentation for a group of teachers participating in a Biggest Losers program (losing weight). I need to do something quick and healthy. Any ideas?
  13. S

    Healthy Lunch Box Show: Tips and Tools for Back-to-School Season

    our director sent a suggestion about a healthy lunch box show. with back to school just two weeks away, this might be the way i go for the theme for the mystery host show i am thinking about doing next week. so - i want to get your input here - any suggestions for lunchbox tips / tools? have...
  14. S

    Healthy and Delicious: Need Suggestions for the Perfect Recipe!

    My host is doing awesome on her diet and I thought it'd be great to make something that is healthy and taste great. I went through my Make it Fresh Make it Healthy cookbook and nothing stuck out to me! Any suggestions?
  15. kcjodih

    Make It Fresh, Make It Healthy or Dcb Recipe Collection

    I have a catalogue show that's about to close and was thinking of ordering one or the other of these. Which one has the most 'use everyday' type of recipes? Is there somewhere I can find the names of all the recipes included in each? I'm so undecided on which one to purchase so I thought...
  16. O

    Quick & Healthy Microwave Cake Recipe | Easy & Nutritious Dessert

    My host wants me to do a healthy cake in the microwave:(. Any ideas would be appreciated...
  17. Barry Carlton

    Can a Cookbook Really Make Healthy Food Taste Amazing?

    I do not get excited about much (which hampers my PC business) but this cook book has me really excited!!!! I am one that can read a recipe and taste it. These are some great dishes gals (and guys)!!!! Some can be tweeked from the get go, but I am so stoked to try more than half of these...
  18. Shawnna

    What are some tasty recipe options for a heart-healthy diet?

    I have a friend who recently had a heart attack and has been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the last 2 weeks. They have put her on a strict diet...low sodium/low sugar. She loves to cook. She was complaining today about not knowing what to cook/eat..."I can't eat anything that tastes...
  19. babywings76

    Healthy but Good Super Bowl Party Food

    I'm getting together with my family for Super Bowl Sunday. (We actually are terrible and don't really follow sports, but we'll take any excuse to get together, visit & eat. And we'll probably watch the fun commercials. ;) ) We are all trying to eat healthier, but want to fix yummy food for...
  20. S

    What are some healthy recipe ideas for hosting a party?

    Can anyone suggest anyone healthy recipes that you do at shows? I have a hostess that wants to do a healthy recipe and my mind is drawing a black. Thanks Sarah
  21. M

    Healthy Recipes for Curves All-Day Booth

    I'm in need of some healthy recipes for an all-day booth I am doing at Curves. I have the It's Good For You cookbook and I found a few recipes that are lowfat/lowcal on CS. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that'd be great! Thanks!
  22. wadesgirl

    Homemade Granola Recipe - Healthy & Cheap!

    I'm looking to make some homemade granola. Does anyone have a good healthy recipe that make at home? I love Mojo bars that have raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips and more in them but DH thought it might be cheaper to make it ourselves (well for me to make it for us!).
  23. babywings76

    Informative Booth, No Food Demo, Healthy Tips

    Help me please! Tonight I'll be setting up a table and speaking with, I don't know how many, people for 15-20 minutes. I'll be inside a Chiropractor's office. I'm supposed to talk about how our products can promote healthy eating. Especially with fresh fruits and veggies now in this season...
  24. gailz2

    Need a Healthy Dessert--Weight Watchers Crowd

    I have a show coming up and many of the ladies are on Weight Watchers so the host wants a "healthy" dessert. Any suggestions?? :confused:
  25. C

    Healthy Meals In Minutes: FREE Booth at YMCA 4/17

    Hi everyone. I am doing a FREE booth at the YMCA on 4/17. They have a national Healthy Kids Day from 1-3 and are letting vendors set up table for free to provide information. I am doing handouts for the Healthy meals in minutes and Dinner in No time. I just wanted to let you all know so if...
  26. A

    Membership Appreciation Night - Healthy & Fun Ideas!

    Hey there y'all! I am setting up a booth at my gym for memvership appreciation night...I am trying to figure out the best things to bring/display!...I was thinking of healthy, fun ideas!!.. Any help?
  27. emiscookin

    Discover Delicious & Healthy Recipes for the DCB - Perfect for Weight Watchers!

    What kind of healthy (and yummy ;)) recipes can I cook in the DCB at my shows? I know lots of people that are on Weight Watchers or trying to eat healthy. I LOVE the DCB!!! :D Quickest cooking EVER!!
  28. M

    Easy Healthy Recipe for New Consultant

    Hi friends, I am a new consultant and my host requested we do a healthy meal because the guests are dieting. Any great ideas that will be easy for me to demonstrate with the kit products? I also have some of my own things (stones, DCB, garlic tools, etc) Thank you!
  29. A

    Healthy Cooking Ideas for Best Friend's Party

    Hi everyone - I am doing a party for my best friend in a couple of weeks. She is a weight watchers gal and I really want to make something that is good AND good for you. I recently ordered the PC healthy cooking cook book (I am blanking on the exact name of it right now :)) and was...
  30. babywings76

    Invited to Set up a Booth and Do Healthy Food Demo

    There is a woman from my church who is a Chiropractor and has her own clinic. She just called and left a message on my phone asking if I'd be interested in doing a table/booth at her clinic in March. She wants me to talk about any of our products that might lead to helping people eat more...