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What is super: Definition and 171 Discussions

  1. S

    What Catchy Superhero-Related Signs Can I Use for My Booth at a Super Hero Day?

    I am doing a booth at a Super Hero day and would like some input on what I can make signs say that would be Super Hero related and catchy. I am taking cash and carry with me so people can buy some items right there and would like to get some orders too so I am trying to think of a special or...
  2. J

    Looking for a Super Swat - Willing to Pay!

    Does anyone have a Super Swat they would be willing to part with? I have a friend who owns an espresso stand that saw mine and really wants one, and I would just give it to her but mine is bent and kind of messed up, and I would like to get her a nice one. Let me know what you would charge...
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Feriale Yan's Unconventional Praise of Our Products

    Back in 2008, when I attended National Conference, Feriale Yan praised our line of products and said they were nothing like what she had to sell, like onion goggles and fly swatters. "They actually had a fly swatter," she said. "I was so glad when they got rid of that thing. I mean, who wants...
  4. DebPC

    Who's Having a Super Bowl Party?

    And who are you rooting for??? And are you making Pampered Chef Recipes?
  5. DebPC

    Anyone Doing Super Bowl Shows?

    I will be out of town so none for me.
  6. T

    How Did I Achieve Success in My First 30 Days as a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    I know I am probably having the honeymoon feelings of being new but if this feeling lasts like it has in my 17 year marriage...sales will be booming! My hopefully short intro. Mom to 4 great kids that we homeschool. 3 of the children have Type 1 diabetes and I do as well. Our lives revolve...
  7. quiverfull7

    Director Escondido, Ca Need Hospitality for a Super New Consultant!

    I have a great new consultant... nearing her 90 days and going for $5000! She is very motivated, registered for Fall Launch in Anaheim and I am looking for a super director for her to attend meetings and network with. Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated!
  8. T

    Super Easy Microwave Chicken Enchilada Casserole

    I couldn't find a super quick chicken enchilada recipe so I created one based on the Campbell's recipe. I thought I would share it with everyone. It only takes about 25 to 30 minutes.
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Should the Super Rich Be Paying More in Taxes?

    Whatever your political persuasion, you gotta love Warren Buffet ... yes the SAME Warren Buffet that owns Pampered Chef. He presents a very thoughtful, rational, well thought-out argument for raising his taxes, saying higher taxes do not kill jobs and he thinks it's ridiculous that he pays only...
  10. quiverfull7

    Director Unlock Party Success with Julie Anne Jones' Free Training Videos

    I love Julie Anne Jones and today I watched the first two of 4 free videos that she is doing. I'm pasting the info here that because I just always find such great stuff to take from Julie's trainings. I was so impressed with the first two that I shared all about them with my team just now. I...
  11. C

    Need Super Cheap Recipe (Under $8.00 Total)

    Hello-I have a host with very low income so I am trying to have her spent no more than $8.00 total (less is better).I also want the recipe to be able to feed 10-15 people. It does not have to be easy, in other words if I need to prepare it from scratch to make it cheaper that is OK.Thanks!
  12. L

    Mom's Day Gift: Super Cute Tote Unboxing!

    I just got my Mother's Day Tote in the mail, and oh my, It is super cute!!!!! I really like it and it is really nice quality!!!!
  13. Shelly Flanagan

    Rolling Tote Dimensions: Considering Super Starter Kit

    Anyone have the dimensions of the rolling tote? I am considering buying this, but not if it isn't significantly bigger than the consultant tote that came with my super starter kit.
  14. pampered1224

    Celebrate the Packers: Super Bowl Champions!

    SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS - GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. babywings76

    Healthy but Good Super Bowl Party Food

    I'm getting together with my family for Super Bowl Sunday. (We actually are terrible and don't really follow sports, but we'll take any excuse to get together, visit & eat. And we'll probably watch the fun commercials. ;) ) We are all trying to eat healthier, but want to fix yummy food for...
  16. O

    Super Cyber Sale: Pampered Chef - Nov. 29th!

    I am going to try a Cyber Monday sale as I will not be around for Black Friday. My director forwarded this blurb and I will be sending it out to select contacts tomorrow to give them a heads up for next Monday. I was careful to avoid anyone who I may see or sell to before Dec. 12th. I cannot be...
  17. PampChefJoy

    Oct/Nov/Dec Super Savings Flyer

    Here you go.
  18. C

    Super Cute Pink & Brown Pampered Chef Diaper Bag

    For Sale: Super Cute Pink & Brown PC Diaper Bag, Brand New, many useful pockets, with changing pad, purchased through Merrill. $20 + USPS shipping. Email for a picture or if interested to: [email protected]
  19. DebbieJ

    Super Savings for Sept/Oct/Nov?

    Hey Joy, I have a few catalogs to mail out and was wondering if you have an updated Super Savings ready to go. If you'll have it up Fri or Saturday, I'll wait. Thanks!
  20. PampChefJoy

    What Are the Super Savings for Aug/Sept/Oct?

    Here is the 3 month host/guest for Aug/Sept/Oct.
  21. J

    Iso Small Pampered Chef Logo Wear and Super Swat

    ISO Small PC Logo Wear, Super Swat, Lap BoardsHey Ladies, I am looking for good condition small sized ladies shirts or even the yoga pants. I am also looking for the discontinued fly swatter the Super Swat. Also looking for the knife case, another consultant tote..well just totes in...
  22. Intrepid_Chef

    Should I Make Business Calls During the Super Bowl?

    OK, so I have absolutely NO INTEREST in the Super Bowl and am not doing anything special. But I don't know if my customers will feel the same. Do you think it's inappropriate to make calls during this event, even if I ask if it's a bad time?
  23. PampChefJoy

    Save Big with Mar/Apr Bookings: Don't Miss Out on Super Savings!

    For those of you who are booking ahead.... I will change up the wording for the recruiting opportunity when/if a new promotion is announced for March.
  24. F

    Super Bowl Party.. Please Help!

    I am really stumped and need your help:confused:! In a week, I have a party scheduled. There are approximately 15 people coming and I would really like to play off of the "Super Bowl". So, I was thinking of putting the guests in two teams to make two different dishes. However, what should I...
  25. melindag

    Super Bowl Sale Roundup: See Who's Offering Deals!

    who all is running a super bowl sale? Please share what you are doing!
  26. K

    Effective Super Glue Removal: Home Remedies for Sticky Fingers

    I tried supergluing a Christmas decoration that broke. But the super glue container had a leak and so I got it all over my fingers.:o Does anyone have a home remedy to get this off?
  27. S

    Game Day Recipes: Easy and Delicious Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

    Looking ahead to January, my host is doing a party a few days after Christmas and wants some game/super bowl recipes. What are your favorites for that type of party? I am brain dead and can't think of anything besides the Taco Dip. It should be something guys would like. TIA, Sandi
  28. A

    Super Moist Low Fat Breaded Chicken and Potatoes in the Dcb

    I came up with this recipe today for lunch when I need to cook some chicken I had thawed earlier in the week.1/2 cup Fat Free Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip 2 tbsp. of Picapepper Sauce, can substitue Ketchup or BBQ Sauce 1/2 cup of Seasoned Bread Crumbs (the kind you get in the container at the...
  29. Mel92504

    Super Excited About My Home Office - Products Arrive Tomorrow!

    I just wanted to say that I am LOVING :love: Home office right now. I submitted a show LATE Tuesday night & just received the email that said that the products have shipped & will be here tomorrow! The usual turn-around time here in NY for me is about 1-2 weeks plus shipping so I'm so excited...