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What is considering: Definition and 29 Discussions

  1. K

    Is Now the Right Time to Sign Up as a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    Hello everyone! I am a longtime Pampered Chef customer and I even was a consultant briefly about 20 years ago. I am considering signing up again as a consultant. However, I am hesitant due to the very long wait times that people are reporting for their products. I also had my own recent...
  2. chefjeanine

    Considering a "Kids Area" With Play Dough. . .

    At my fair booth, I'm thinking about setting up a flexible cutting mat, bakers roller, and the new cookie cutters. I don't have any play dough (no kids) so will have to purchase. Has anyone used it with these products? Does it work okay? Is this a bad idea? :rolleyes: Please let me know if you...
  3. pjpamchef

    Considering Getting Rid of Home Phone: Upsides & Downsides

    I am considering getting rid of my home phone, I'm pretty sure I know all the upside reasons to do it, wondering if I'm missing any of the downside reasons. Has anyone regretted getting rid of their home phone??
  4. T

    Is It Time to Rejoin as a Past Consultant?

    Past consultant considering rejoining.
  5. Shelly Flanagan

    Rolling Tote Dimensions: Considering Super Starter Kit

    Anyone have the dimensions of the rolling tote? I am considering buying this, but not if it isn't significantly bigger than the consultant tote that came with my super starter kit.
  6. L

    Considering Being a Pampered Chef Consultant Need Help

    Hi ladies, I am considering being a PC consultant but worried because I am not good at selling. I love cooking and I love PC products. I have a full time job so I am concerned about time committment. My goal would be to make a little pocket change and meet new people. Do you all really make...
  7. NooraK

    Considering a Laser Printer? Read Reviews & Shop Here!

    I've been tossing around the idea of buying a laser printer for the last few months. I haven't been keeping good track, but I feel like I'm constantly buying black ink for my current printer, even though I print almost everything in "draft" mode. And if I'm going to increase my show schedule, my...
  8. J

    Considering Selling AVON? Questions Answered Here!

    Hello! I did a booth on Saturday at a local Harvest Festival. I walked around to see who else was there and of course found an AVON rep, which was great since I needed some eyeliner and mascara. I was looking at the book at my mom's house and she wanted some Skin So Soft, then my cousin...
  9. K

    Considering a Return to Pampered Chef: Advice from Existing Reps?

    Greeting Pampered Chef friends, I'm considering and praying about becoming a Pampered Chef representative within the next few days. I was a PC rep about 5 years ago, but because of a lack available free time on my part, I had to quit the business. However, I lost my job in Nov 08 and with...
  10. Jenni

    Considering Getting Rid of My Website: What to Consider?

    I am thinking about getting rid of my website... if I do and want it back I just hope that my name is still free and sign up again right? I started working full time and just want to stay active the next few months while my family and I adjust. So spending the month to renew next month seems silly.
  11. C

    Considering a New Laptop, I Suggest Hp

    My laptop was not working this morning and I went into panic mode. I tried everything to get it going. One great call to HP support and I am typing this message on my laptop. I love GREAT customer service and I got it today!
  12. Kitchen Diva

    We're Considering a Life Change---

    Hey y'all (I'm practicing for when I move to the Suoth) :) Being that DH and I are unemployed- I got to thinking about jobs and careers and what do I really want to do with my life. My #1 passion is FOOD- so culinary school is a must for me in my very near future. I was accepted to a top...
  13. jcsmilez

    Currently Have Att ... Considering Sprint What Are Your Thoughts?

    I currently have a family plan with ATT which is okay, just pricy. I'm considering Sprint because my husband thinks it has better coverage in N. Ca, though I'm not sure. Once I have a consistent and substantial income from PC, I'd like to upgrade to some sort of a smart phone with internet...
  14. Becky0216

    Considering Becoming an Consultant!

    Hi everyone, My name is Becky and I am considering becoming a consultant. I am hosting a show this Saturday and thats when i think I am going to sign up. I am not sure how this all works. My consultant is fairly new herself but will be answering questions for me Sat. I am hoping to do...
  15. J

    Considering a Catalog Bag? Hear What Others Have to Say!

    I am thinking of getting a catalog bag. Do they work? ANyone have any stories by using one? The one I want is a little pricey, but SO CUTE!! Thanks! Jessica
  16. kcjodih

    Considering Bamboo Floors? Hear From Those Who Have!

    Anyone here in CS land have bamboo floors or know of someone who does? We're seriously considering them for the house we're building and have to make up our minds this weekend :eek: We have hardwood floors in this house and although I love the medium - dark brown I chose. However, I only...
  17. janetupnorth

    Considering Being a Consultant - Looking for Honest Advice

    Good afternoon - I have owned Pampered Chef items since 1996 and throughout the years have thought off and on about being a consultant. I am once again thinking about it...I have a friend at church that I'd be signing under who has been a consultant since 1998. She still hasn't made director...
  18. K

    Maximizing Success: Hosting a January Bridal Show with Team and Upline Support

    I have the potential for a Bridal Show in January - I have not even talked to my small team about it yet or my upline. This has been the best price so far $300 for a 5 hour show. Possibley some product trade to reduce price. Her regular consultant can't do this event. To pay for it I may...
  19. krzymomof4

    Is attending a conference worth the cost? Let's break down the numbers.

    Well, I am considering going to conference in 07. I have never been before and my recruit is considering it as well. My hubby wants to know about how much we would be out...Let's say rough figures for those of you who went this year and let's estimate it without reaching Level 1 status for our...
  20. L

    Is a Pampered Chef Website Worth It for a First-Time Show Host?

    I am new and with my 1st show approaching am considering getting a PC website. How many of you have them and would you recommend it?
  21. J

    Should You Get a Personal PC Website?

    I'm considering getting my personal PC website and I would love to hear everyones input on getting one! The pros and cons, ideas, suggestions...anything would be great. I'm kinda in limbo about this decision.
  22. C

    Considering Joining...have a Question!

    Hi! I am considering becoming a Pampered Chef consultant and have a question. I went to a party last weekend and booked a show for January and also let the consultant know that I'm possibly interested in starting a business. What I'm wondering is, if I do decide to start a business, should I...
  23. heat123

    Considering Pampered Chef Business but Have ???

    Hi to all of you friendly PC consultants out there- :) I discovered this sight as I was doing some research on the company, as I am debating on whether or not to try this business venture. I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a part-time flexible job. I tried the Avon thing but got...
  24. T

    Considering Joining a Recruiting Program - Need Advice

    Hello.. I met with a recruiter today who happened to be a director who did a show I hosted a few weeks ago. Im considering joining and have done a lot of research, but Im nervous about getting started. Im trying to get 6 people to commit to shows but Im not having a lot of luck. I do have 2...
  25. R

    How Do I Rejoin Pampered Chef as a Former Consultant?

    This forum is just full of info. Now I have a quick question. I was a Kitchen Consultant about 3 or 4 years ago. I had a few shows and then went inactive due to a job situation. I am interested in joining again. How does it work since I was a consultant before? :confused: Thanks, Marie
  26. M

    Seriously Considering Pampered Chef

    Hello!! I've done other direct marketing companies and flopped. (with the exception of one where i made unit leader). I recently moved 3k miles from home and wondering if this opportunity is something easily pursued in an environment where I know approx. 10 ppl!! I've been reading several of...
  27. S

    Considering Pampered Chef and Have ??

    Hello, Ladies! I have been never even been to a PC show, but I've been lurking here for some time. I am giving consideration to becoming a Kitchen Consultant because I have done a lot of research on the internet and found PC to be a very highly respected business with excellent products...
  28. D

    Considering Becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant...

    Hello everyone, My name is Carey and I am seriously considering a PC consultant. I just have a few questions. I love what I have seen so far of the company and the products, I feel I would be a great fit for this business. However, I am a little unsure about the realities of getting kitchen...
  29. P

    Considering a Website? Ask About Benefits, Visits & Maintenance

    I feel like I've spent a lot of initial investment money this month (SS#1) and I'm a little hesitant to pay for anything else. Is the website really a benefit? Do you have a lot of people visit? Is it a lot of work to maintain?