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What is starter: Definition and 126 Discussions

  1. Cassandra Blair

    Which Starter Kit should I choose for my Pampered Chef business?

    I posted a few weeks ago saying I am going to be a consultant soon. And well I'm still not officially one yet. I can't seem to bite the bullet on which kit to get. Part of me says go with the starter kit because it's cheapest, but I also feel like the ultimate gives you the most for your money...
  2. C

    Newbie Seeking Creative Appetizer Recipes Using Starter Kit Items

    I Just started less than a month ago, and i have a show next Friday, Was wondering if anyone had any recipes that can use the Starter Kit items, i have a few other products, but the lady i'm doing the show for already went to one show, i don't want to use the recipes from the starter kit...
  3. C

    Maximize Your Booth with a Starter Kit: Tips for a Stunning Display

    Hi, all. I am doing a booth with only the items from my large starter kit. It's a 10' table. Any suggestions on how to make my booth look not so bare? Thanks!
  4. Shelly Flanagan

    Rolling Tote Dimensions: Considering Super Starter Kit

    Anyone have the dimensions of the rolling tote? I am considering buying this, but not if it isn't significantly bigger than the consultant tote that came with my super starter kit.
  5. Karen

    New Consultant Starter Kit Recipes - What to Expect

    Can anybody tell me what recipes come in the starter kit for new consultants? I have a new consultant who is hosting her first show on Tuesday and I just want to get a feel for what she "might" be doing for a recipe, until I can get a hold of her on the phone. Thank you!
  6. J

    Booster Starter Kit for Sale Never Been Used

    I have a brand new Booster Starter Kit for sale. I believe I paid $80. I'm asking $55 + shipping or best offer. All offers will be considered. email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Judy :)
  7. K

    Starter Office Supplies for New Consultant

    I have my first recruit signing this week - so excited! (I also have 2 others that are very close to signing also & they are friends, so one would probably sign under the other). When I first started, I remember going out and buying a bunch of office supplies to get started and spending a...
  8. C

    Bridal Fairs Can Be a Great Business Jump Starter!

    I wanted to share with all my cheffer friends about a Bridal Fair I literally fell into a couple of weeks ago. About 4 days before this bridal fair, I reached out to a fellow consultant who had already booked a booth at a local fair. It turned out he couldn't use the booth so he let me go in...
  9. N

    New to Pampered Chef Thursday? Get Your Starter Kit & Find a Booth!

    I just signed on with PC Thrusday and am hot to trot on the idea of a booth...but where could I go to find the opportunity to do so? (I haven't even gotten my starter kit, maybe the info will be in there?:blushing:) Any advice for a total and utter PC newbie? lol
  10. D

    Missing Receipt for Starter Kit? Learn How to Obtain One Now!

    I don't remember getting a recipet for the starter kit. Is there a way to get one?
  11. Mel92504

    Is the Starter Kit Taxable? - Remembering the $155 Expense

    does anyone remember if the $155 for the starter kit was taxable? I can't seem to find my order for it & I wanted to enter it as an expense...thanks
  12. C

    Director What Are the Dates for the New Consultant Starter Box with Seasonal Items?

    Does anyone know the dates for when the paperwork box for new consultants has both fall/winter and Spring Summer stuff in it.
  13. Jennie4PC

    Urgent Starter Kit Paperwork: What to Expect in 1 hr

    I need to know where I can find what paper work is included in the starter kit. I am meeting with someone in 1 hr to go over everything and I wanted her to know what all was included. TIA.
  14. P

    Pampered Chef Starter Kit: Get the Tote Bag You Need!

    Hi all, I just started with PC. I got my kit today and thought there would be some type of tote bag in the kit. In several things I've read online about helping to book more parties you bring this bag everywhere and purposely display it. Do I buy this bag seperate somewhere? Thanks
  15. M

    Basic Valentine Theme Recipe Using Starter Kit

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post to ChefSuccess! I'm a new PC consultant with my very first shows on the 24th and 25th of this month. I need a bit of advice.... Since February's right around the corner, I'd like to give the January recipes a bit of a Valentine or St. Patricks Day...
  16. C

    Brainstorming Ideas for Coming up With $155 for Starter Kit

    I have three leads who really want to start right away but need to come up with the $155. I offered to help them brainstorm about coming up with the money. I'll post my thoughts but I'd love to her what other ideas you have. Ask friends and relatives to pitch in to help you buy the starter...
  17. C

    Can You Start a Business After 90 Days Without Incentives?

    What happens if a new recruit decides to start her business after the first 90 days. I know that there wouldn't be any incentives, but could it still happen? Is there a cut-off date where she would have to buy the kit again?
  18. K

    Recipes Using the Starter Kit With No Stove/Oven

    I've got a show coming up with no stove/oven, only a microwave. Anything I can do with my starter kit? I thought about making the recipe up ahead of time and just bringing some food to show the products, like potatoes that can be sliced with the mandoline, chopped in the food chopper, etc...
  19. chefsteph07

    Starter Kit Recipes for New Girls: What to Try?

    Does anyone have any starter kit recipes I can give to my two new girls? I looked in the files section and there wasn't anything there... Thanks!
  20. chefmeg

    Urgent List of Super Starter Products???

    I have done a search here and on CC and cannot find a list of the actual products in the starter kit............does anyone have one before I start typing one up???????????
  21. krzymomof4

    Calculating Shows Needed Per Month: A Business Starter Guide

    Can someone post the formula on what you want to make a month into how many shows you need to have per month. I have looked through my files and can't seem to find it. It used to be in the old business starter paperwork, but I can't locate it. TIA
  22. janetupnorth

    Amish Cinnamon Friendship Bread Starter

    There are many variants to this, but here is mine:Per request:Starter: 1 c. plain flour 1 c. sugar 1 c milkDay 1: Receive starter (or make own). Day 2: Mush in bag, twice a day. Day 3: Mush in bag, twice a day. Day 4: Mush in bag, twice a day. Day 5: Add 1 c. flour, 1 c. sugar, 1 c. milk...
  23. D

    Discover the Benefits of the Super Starter Kit for Your Pampered Chef Journey

    Hi, everyone. Okay, this may sound silly, but what is the Super Starter Kit? I've heard it mentioned on some CDs, but don't see anything on the website about it currently. Can anyone who's been doing PC for awhile explain - or tell me where do i get it, do i need it, do we still use it...
  24. pampchefrhondab

    Discover the Contents of Our Starter Kit: Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan & More!

    Hey, doesn't the Starter Kit come with the Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan? If not, why does it come with the mini tart shaper? I'm trying to make up a flyer showing all the products separately instead of in the picture. I think it has more impact.
  25. C

    Where Can I Find a Exact List of Contants of Starter Kit?

    Beside the wensite. since its down now. thanks
  26. kam

    Discovering Starter Recipes in My New Consultant Kit

    Does anyone know what the starter recipes are for the "new" kits. I just signed and have received my kit, but I don't recall seeing any starter recipes - unless I totally overlooked them. I see there are New Consultant recipes on CC, but I don't really care for the Strawberry Amaretto...
  27. T

    Save 47% on Cricut Starter Set at Michaels!

    Today's Michaels ad has the cricut starter set for $199.99 reg $299.99 value if purchased separately is $379.99 47% savings The ad says it includes the cutter, cartridge, paper and cardstock paper pads, trimmer, tool kit, mats, blades, (manual, power adapter & more 'cuz I'd want to...
  28. D

    Items in Addition to Starter Kit?

    What products do you recommend I invest in, in addition to my stater kit for my initial shows? There are items I am sure Consultants swear by to maximize the showcasing of products during a show? Can you all share with me tips on products you would absolutely recommend I purchase to embellish...
  29. pchefinski

    Are There Any Starter Month Bonus Packs?

    Before they changed to the new kit, they had the super starter month bonus packages, where if you had $X in sales, you earned bonus product packages. I can't find anything of the sort on CC.. did they do away with those and go to just PC dollars?
  30. lisa717

    Super Starter Program: Unlocking Bonuses and Reaching 1250 in 3 Weeks

    OK I am in my second month...I hit my first 1250 in 3 weeks....earned the mid season stuff too....I am now 82 from hitting my second 1250...but I was reading that in the super starter program you get products too...a bonus type thing? Does anyone know what I am talking about???? Not the PC...