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  1. C

    ?? about Super starter pkgs and Super bonuspkgs?

    I am so glad to say I earned my 1st SS pkg. I looked at picture of it and was wondering what size bar ban is it? Medium or large? Since I am located in Louisiana I will now have a chance to bank sales for the super bonus packages becuase of Hurricane Katrnia. Bonus pkg 2 also has a bar...
  2. L

    Super Starter Month 1...

    Is it true that in your 1st SS month, you either need to submit 4 shows OR $1250. in commissionable sales? My recruiter told me that today, but I cannot find it anywhere in the rules?? Also, is that for all 3 SS months?? Thanks for any helpful replies! :) (This sight has been SO helpful...
  3. T

    Question regarding Super Starter

    If I have Catalog and Kitchen shows in September (this is my Super Starter month 2) but do not submit them until October will they count towards my Super Starter month two? Hope this makes sense!!!! :o
  4. K

    Super Starter Bonus

    Just wondering if anyone has the SS2 package and would want to trade for month 3? I'll be reaching my month 3, but have every item in it, but I didn't reach the goal in month 2, and I have none of those products!
  5. C

    Super Starter Month one Bonus

    Can someone please tell me which size bar ban comes in the SS1 Bonus? I want to get myself all sizes of the bar pan but have recently met my Bonus and don't want to get the same size twice. THANKS!
  6. R

    Super Starter Monthly Bonus???

    I just earned my Super Starter Monthly Bonus for month number 1. Any ideas as to what is exactly in the kit? I have seen two different kits and I'm not sure what is the correct one? I called customer service and they said that they didn't know??? Any help would be great!!! :)
  7. S

    Buying starter kit to become active again

    Hi, I wondering if someone could answer a question for me. I have been inactive for about 11-12 months now. Instead of just submitting $200 in sales to become active, I would like to just pay $90 for the starter kit(so I can have a second newer set to take to shows). Do I have to wait...
  8. rennea

    How long for starter kit

    Hello everyone, I signed up 8 days ago and am waiting for my starter kit. How long does it usually take? I am going to have a party this Sunday but am thinking that I might not have enough time to read over everything and get ready. :rolleyes: The good news is that just from my own catalogue I...
  9. F

    Super Starter Month?

    Hi everyone, I signed up 2 weeks ago, and I have a question: what exactly is a super starter month? Why does it matter that your month must be the following one you signed up? I had to change my ss1 to Oct (from Sept) for family reasons, is it going to hurt me in any way? Will I still be...
  10. K

    Super Starter Kit

    What comes in the Super Starter Kit? I have a catalog from last fall and I'm not sure if the products have changed since then. Does EVERY item that says "Super Starter product" come in the kit, or do you mix and match? Can you substitute? I think I already own most of the stuff in the Super...
  11. H

    Apps w/ Starter kit..

    One of my first bookings is a apps and drinks party. Looking for easy, but tasty apps to do with the starter kit. Any help would be great.
  12. P

    All I have is the latest Season's Best and my starter kit...Do any of

    All I have is the latest Season's Best and my starter kit...Do any of you have any more choices for recipes that only use the starter kit supplies? Maybe in an older Season's Best? Thanks
  13. Marg

    Ultimate Super Starter Kit

    This was introduced at the Canadian conference. I was just wondering if it was available in the US as well. It's basically a "super-size" starter kit. :)
  14. Laura1293

    Super Starter Month

    Before I ask the question I want to say that this board is wonderful. I have read so many great ideas since I found it yesterday. I just started on June 30. I have four shows scheduled for July. My superstarter month starts in August. Will these shows in July count towards any super...
  15. B

    Super Starter month

    I was wondering one of my shows is ni another state on July 30th. I will not get back to my state until August 4th, will that show count on my july show or will it count as my secound month. It is with a family member and she will close the show that night.
  16. C

    Has anyone tryed to make a cake in the mini oval baker that comes in the starter kit?

    I keep reading about the 10-12 minute cake made in the fluted pan and want to try it, but don't have the pan yet! I have been thinking about trying it out on my mini oval pan as I have not used it yet. Has anyone tryed this? Does anyone have any good recipe suggestions for this pan as well...
  17. K

    Where is my starter kit?

    Does anyone know how I can find out where my starter kit is? They never sent me a tracking number or a delivery date, and when I looked on my consultant page it says I have no recent orders. I called PC and they said the same thing in their automated system. I can't figure out how to get a...
  18. K

    Starter Kit

    I have a host who wants to sign up to be a consultant this week when turning her show in (Saturday). She wants to use $40 of her free product value to her Statrer kit. Is there an option for that in PP when I submit her show? Aftyer that, when can she go online to sign up? :confused: I...
  19. Q

    Super Starter Recipe Ideas

    I will be going into my second month of PC in June, and need a couple different recipes to use with my starter kit. I do have the SB for spring/summer 2005, I have already made one,but would like to get a couple more. I was thinking of doing a dessert or salad because the summer months are...
  20. K

    Super Starter Recipe

    I have 2 shows coming up and need to learn a recipe. Both my hosts want an appetizer nothing in the dessert line. i want something that uses several of my items that came in the super starter kitand is also delicious. I was thinking about making the Lemon Herb Chicken Ring. Is this a good one to...
  21. K

    Super Starter Recipes

    I am brand new to PC and would like to know if anyone has any great recipes that they really enjoyed making for there first months in business. I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Thanks, Kim
  22. P

    Super Starter Month

    I am in the process of signing up for Pampered Chef online. I am doing it under one of my friends. It is a wild hair and I don't want to wait for her to get me the quick start kit. If I sign up without this will she still get credit as long as I put her Consultant No. Or do you advise I wait...
  23. L

    1st starter month

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me, February is my first starter month. I didn't do the $1250 in sales to earn the 1st starter package. Was this my only opportunity or can I purchase it at a discount. I searched the web site but could not find an answer. Thanks...