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    Supply Booster ?

    Hello everyone I had found 1 post that said you could order the supply booster from the consultants corner - but I can't find it. Can you order it thru PP? Sonia
  2. K

    New Consultant Supply Booster Orders

    Hi, Just wondering if this can be ordered online or on the phone. Does it HAVE to be mailed in? I'm not very savvy yet in Pampered Partner, but I couldn't find it in there. Also...can I order other supplies at the same time? If I order my booster and other supplies in the same month...
  3. C

    New Consultants mail your Supply Booster Order now and get Fall/Winter supplies.

    All Supply Booster order forms mailed after 7/29 will receive the fall/winter supplies. Even if your order form has Summer/Spring items listed. Great value for $30. Mine is in mail today.
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    4th month booster kit

    As part of my first month my boyfriend hosted a catalog show. He actually got me alot of free products, which he so generously gave to me ;) The thing I would like to avoid is ordering duplicate items. So I need to know what will be available to me in the 4th month booster package. This way I...