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What is booster: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. P

    Looking for Stickers to Spice Up Your Party Invites?

    I bought these thinking I was going to start sending invites for my hosts but it just hasn't worked out. "Pick a Date Pick a Prize" 1 sheet (70) $1.99 "Enjoy a Girls Night Out" 10 sheets (70 each) $1.99 each "You're invited to a Party!" 8 sheets (70 each) $1.99 each "Are You Ready to...
  2. K

    Boost Your Business with Our Supply Booster in the New Consultant Kit

    Does anyone know when new recruits can order the supply booster (the form that comes in the new consultant kit) and have it contain spring/summer paperwork?
  3. J

    Booster Starter Kit for Sale Never Been Used

    I have a brand new Booster Starter Kit for sale. I believe I paid $80. I'm asking $55 + shipping or best offer. All offers will be considered. email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Judy :)
  4. N

    New Consultant Supply Booster Pk New Item

    Now they include the Booking Slide in the Booster pack-
  5. finley1991

    Director New Consultant Missing Booster Package?

    I thought that new consultants received a flyer in their kit that let them purchase a Booster package that had additional catalogs, door prizes, etc. My newest consultant said that she didn't get that. Are they not doing that anymore? Just hoping I could get an answer here before I call HO...
  6. DMB75

    What Is Booster? I Hear People Talking About It and on Cc There Is a

    What is booster? I hear people talking about it and on CC there is a tracking for it in the shipping section. What is it? :confused: Donna
  7. C

    Booster Program: Does it Work? Real User Experiences

    Does anyone really use the Booster program? I have ordered some of thier stickers, but I was wondering if anyone really follows their suggested program. If so, how is it working for you? Thanks! Erika
  8. genburk

    Sent in Booster Order Late. Will They Accept It?

    My recruit sent in the booster form about 10 days after the 60 day deadline. I have heard someone say that sometimes they will honor the booster order form a few days late. What is the latest that you know of that they will accept it? Thanks.
  9. hoosierchef

    Jenny B Catalog: Stickers from The Booster - Pros & Cons

    Just curious. Does anyone use stickers from The Booster?? (Jenny B Catalog) www.thebooster.com I came across an old sheet of her stickers from where I used to sell. I'm divided about them.
  10. hoosierchef

    Booster - Business Building Package

    Does anyone know if this can be ordered online or do we HAVE to mail the form in?? I hate doing anything by snail mail. :(
  11. P

    New Consultant Booster: Catalog & Paperwork Shipping Info for Boosters

    When will the new catalogs/paperwork ship for new consultants ordering their boosters? Trying to tell a new consultant when she should send her booster kit order form in. TIA!:D
  12. dannyzmom

    forSale - Nancy's Artworks & Booster Postcards

    11 Dates to Remember 15 Just keeping you posted... 15 We're so excited / new catalog 8 Thank you for inviting me into your home (reminds host of her upcoming show date) 25 Use the website to increase show sales 16 Be a Hostess 13 You can earn some FREE 20 My Wish List 5c each or...
  13. DanielleQ

    Will I Receive the S/S Catalogs in My Supply Booster Order as a New Consultant?

    I am a new consultant and my kit hasn't even arrived yet. If my SS#1 month will be January (though I'll be changing it to Feb), will I still get the F/W catalogs in my supply booster order? I want to get the S/S catalogs since it will almost be March. Thanks for any help,
  14. M

    When can I do my next supply booster?

    hello all! My first SS month was July. If I understand it right I have through the end of August to do my supply booster order, correct. also, i have seen something in my paperwork that i can do another supply booster in October.... is this correct or am I just confused? Monica
  15. M

    What Supplies Will I Receive if I Order a Supply Booster in August?

    August is my SS1 Month, so I received my kit in the beginning of July. On the supply booster order form, it lists Spring/Summer supplies, which I do not need any more of. If I send the form in towards the end of August (before the 60 day limit), will I receive Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter...
  16. EmmaLeeM

    Would You Do the Supply Booster?

    I am thinking of getting this and wondered if it is worth it??? Also, if I do do it.. is there a way to order in on the pampered partner? Thanks, Emma
  17. B

    Booster Supply Kit: Benefits and Cost

    Hi everyone, I don't have my kit yet, but I'm trying to plan ahead for my shows, etc. I was wondering how much the booster supply kit is and what is in it? I have a list that says that although not required it's highly recommened and a great bargain! So, how much and what's in it? I'm just...
  18. C

    Can I Order the $30 Supply Booster Through Pampered Partner?

    I'm in my SS1 month and would like to take advantage of the $30.00 booster offer. Can it be ordered through pampered partner? I looked under non-commissioned orders but couldn't find the item. Thank you.
  19. L

    Going Out of Buisness: Sale Supplies - Booster Kit & More!

    Going out of the buisness sale :eek: . I have not been successful at PC :confused: . So I am looking for any buyers who would need the supply booster kit (the one that you can purchase within 30 or 60 days after your start date) and a few extra supplies. I have no clue as to how much the...
  20. S

    Ordering Supply Booster from Consultants Corner - Sonia's Question

    Hello everyone I had found 1 post that said you could order the supply booster from the consultants corner - but I can't find it. Can you order it thru PP? Sonia
  21. I

    Fundraiser Packet: Starter Kit & Booster Supply

    I need to know what to include in a "fundraiser" packet.... Is there anything in my starter kit or booster supply that've overlooked? Thank you!
  22. K

    New Consultant Supply Booster Orders

    Hi, Just wondering if this can be ordered online or on the phone. Does it HAVE to be mailed in? I'm not very savvy yet in Pampered Partner, but I couldn't find it in there. Also...can I order other supplies at the same time? If I order my booster and other supplies in the same month...
  23. C

    Will Orders After 7/29 Receive Fall/Winter Supplies?

    All Supply Booster order forms mailed after 7/29 will receive the fall/winter supplies. Even if your order form has Summer/Spring items listed. Great value for $30. Mine is in mail today.
  24. S

    Organizing My 4th Month Booster Package

    As part of my first month my boyfriend hosted a catalog show. He actually got me alot of free products, which he so generously gave to me ;) The thing I would like to avoid is ordering duplicate items. So I need to know what will be available to me in the 4th month booster package. This way I...