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What is postcards: Definition and 110 Discussions

  1. P

    Looking for Affordable Nancy's Artwork Postcards?

    I have many Nancy's artwork postcards which are a great helper for your business I am hanging up my apron so I am looking to get rid of some stuff. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks
  2. P

    Interested in Exploring Nancy's Artwork Postcards?

    I have a bunch of postcards Anyone looking for some
  3. P

    What can I do with Nancy's 550 assorted postcards?

    I have 550 assorted postcards many varieties. I will sell either as a bundle or separate in groups of 50. Accepting offers. Great variety and wonderful business helpers. Thanks for your interest and have a great day!!!
  4. C

    Looking for Iso Nancy's Artwork Postcards for Hosts from Last Year?

    I am almost out of these and would love to have some more! Please let me know if you have some you would like to sell!
  5. P

    Need More Postcards? Check Out Nancy's Artwork Packs!

    Hi Everyone- I am trying to clean out some of my PC extra's it is amazing how much you can collect over the years. I have made packs of 50 postcards to help with your business. These are great to send as reminders to hosts. Make me a reasonable offer and they are yours. I have 13 packs...
  6. StacieB

    Help Needed: Postcards Needed from 18 US States

    Ok CS Friends, the boys class is doing a project with one of the Honor Society Students. They will send you a letter and then ask for a post card back from your state. The class is still in need of postcards from the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana...
  7. kristina16marie

    Kids Project - Postcards From Different States

    Need help please! My niece & nephew are working on a States Unit Study and I'm hoping to find some friends willing to send a postcard from the state you are in for the kids to receive in the mail. If you can help please comment below with the state you are in and I will send you their address in...
  8. Aurora

    Bags, Aprons, Postcards & Recipe Cards, Catalogs, Business Supplies!

    All prices include cheapest shipping in the USA - I do live in Alaska, so parcel post can be slow. If you want it faster, I can give you a shipping quote for priority. I can only make it to the PO Friday-Sunday. :) Totally open to offers!Photos here...
  9. elizabethfox

    Free Pampered Chef Postcards - Just Pay Shipping!

    Was doing some more cleaning and came across some more PC stuff I no longer need since I am not selling anymore. -18 PC postcards with the simple additions dots dinner ware on the front (blank backs) from Merrill. -5 Reminder postcards to host for distributing invites -3 reminder postcards...
  10. pcsharon1

    I Have Some Old Postcards That Need to Go............

    I’ve been clearing out my office shelves and found lots of old Nancy’s Artwork postcards that I just don’t need but can still be used by someone. So here is what I have available. I would prefer to sell it all as a bundle and could probably get it in a medium flat rate box. I will entertain...
  11. Cormanskitchen

    Create Custom Postcards: Easy-to-Use Template and Step-by-Step Guide

    I was wanting to make some postcards to send out to the contacts that I don't have email addys for. I was hoping that someone out there had a template that they use to print their own postcards with. I was a bit too ambisious and already bought the postcard sheets without really thinking this...
  12. B

    I Want to Make Postcards Advertising the Outlet:

    My director has these and she hands them out whenever she can. I don't have one on me so I'm not sure what hers look like. Any idea of what information I can put on them?
  13. S

    Where Can I Buy Postcards Online?

    I would like to start sending postcards to my to my team -- but I can't find any! Merrill doesn't seen to have any, Sticking to Business seems to have 1 that is sold out. Are there any other places I can order from, or do you print your own? TIA, Sandi
  14. Melissa78

    Team Recognition with Postcards: What Messages Do You Send?

    I'm working on developing a collection of postcards to send to my team for recognition, motivation, incentives etc. Do any of you currently use postcards with your team or do you have an upline that sends them to you? If so, what are some of the 'topics' listed on them or their 'purpose'...
  15. Melissa78

    Postcards with Envelopes: The Perfect Choice for Your Anniversary Sale

    Does anyone know if its more postage if you put a postcard in an envelope made for postcards? I'm thinking of doing an anniversary sale this month and considering doing a mailing but thought it looks nicer in an envelope than just a plain SALE postcard.
  16. A

    Discover Eco-Friendly Postcards for NC: Going Green Tips on the Back

    Do we really have to bring them to NC like it says on the back?
  17. C

    Looking for Recipe to Fit on Postcards

    I have been searching the files section and just the search engine - I am looking for a recipe that I can print on a label and attach to the some old postcards that I have. I have a vendor event coming up and would love to put a recipe on these postcards and hand them out. I don't want to have...
  18. chefkathy

    Director Outlet Postcards on Vista Print

    I know Carolyn shared an outlet "card" that she hands out, because this is where I originally got this idea and wording! I made it into a postcard on Vista Print and got a whole bunch for free--much better than printing and copying and cutting them myself! I hand these out to everyone with...
  19. esavvymom

    Frustrated by PWS Evites? Try Postcards!

    I really hate using our PWS for evites! I've sent more than 4 dozen for a catalog show (offering a stoneware special to try to get one more show for HWC products). Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of them have been opened, and it's been more than a week. :mad: most of them end up in Spam, I know.Do you...
  20. wadesgirl

    Troubleshooting Postcard Printing: Tips and Tricks for Perfect Results

    I used to print all the information my postcards until I switched to mini catalogs. Now that I'm going back this season I cannot get my printer to print correct on them any more! It's like it's starting to print before it even pulls the postcard through. I actually set a postcard setting on...
  21. PampChefJoy

    Host Coaching - Postcards or Go Green?

    Do you still use host coaching postcard reminders or is everything done via email now? I am trying to free up some time to dive into my long-postponed postcard project, but I want to make sure there is some use for it first...
  22. L

    Personal Help Needed: Postcards from Mississippi for 4th Grader

    Hi all, My former consultant and friend's daughter is in 4th grade and each child has been assigned a state and they are to try and get post cards from that state sent to them at home and bring into the school. My friend doesn't know anyone who lives there or near there........please help me...
  23. dannyzmom

    Where can I find Nancy's Iso Key Dates Postcards?

    Anyone have the ones from Nancy's from years ago?
  24. Chefstover2

    Interested in Free Nancy's Artwork Postcards?

    I'm cleaning out my desk and have a whole bunch of different postcards from Nancy's Artworks that I'm just not using and taking up a whole bunch of space. Pay for shipping and you can have 'em. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  25. chefkathy

    Ready to Declutter Your Life? Take All 57 Postcards for $10 Shipped!

    FS: Nancy's Artwork PostcardsJUST A REMINDER, 100 ct, blue $5.00 plus shipping "Just a reminder...It's time to distribute your show invitations for The Pampered Chef. I'm looking forward to our Cooking show on ______ (day) _______ (date) at _________ (time)."DATES TO REMEMBER, 57 ct, bright...
  26. P

    Rainy Day Cleaning~ Postcards and Bags

    I have many unopened postcards and extras that are opened. Nine packs of unopened and about 30 odds and ends that are opened. Also one new pack of door prize forms. An ask me about Pampered Chef button, a plain Pampered Chef button, 4 magnets that say Pampered Chef, and a key chain that...
  27. O

    Selling-Nancy Artwork Postcards

    I bought these last year from here or ebay, I can not remember. But I have 721 Postcards. Yes I just hand counted them. I have listed them below and I tried my best to describe them. I would like to sell them all for $20. I am in the process of finding the best way to ship them so I will...
  28. kdangel518

    Do Vista Print Postcards Come in Glossy Finish?

    Are they all glossy? I don't see an option where you can order them glossy or matte, so I'm thinking that they are all glossy. I have designed a few that have blank spots where I will fill in info- i.e. "Thank you for booking a show" where I'll fill in the show date/time and "Your Past Host...
  29. kdangel518

    Show Booking Postcards I Made Thru Vistaprint

    Let's see if I can figure out how to attach the pic, lol. I just made these super cute show booking postcards through Vistaprint (minus the blacked out phone number, obviously!), I will pop these in the mail as soon as my host books their show. I thought the dots were cute, they remind me of...
  30. Melissa78

    Postcards or Mini-Catalogs: Which is More Effective for Invitations?

    I've been doing the basic PC Postcard for my invites (for those that give me info or I send them the postcards). Trying to figure out for the fall if I should convert to mini-catalogs or keep with postcards. I'm a tightwad and hate parting with money (yes I know, gotta spend it to make it) but...