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What is coaching: Definition and 138 Discussions

  1. T

    Getting Back on Track: Host Coaching & Guests Specials

    Ok so I have been a bit inactive so I am tryijg to figure a few thimgs out. 1. Can you only buy the new host coaching folders instead of the traditional flyers that were cheaper?also, what are people doimg now that the host/guest specials are not sent im the cn. They looked much better then...
  2. DebPC

    Calls or Emails When Host Coaching???

    I've always done the 3 call system when they book 3 or more weeks out. So often now my host and I end up playing telephone tag. So I've done some emailing. What's everyone else doing? All email, all telephone, a mix??? Do you feel what you're doing is successful?
  3. E

    Actual Host Coaching Files Somewhere?

    Im confused...is there tried and true host coaching how-to somewhere? Seems Im stuck at $300 shows the day of with never any preorders that the host has gathered. I try to gather sales before each show thru facebook and friends who won't come to a show, but Im growing weary in just my second...
  4. M

    Does Host Coaching with Post Cards Work?

    Does anyone do their host coaching with post cards? I'm getting really busy lately, and am having a hard time meeting up with my hosts, and thought i'd try this. I've heard of others that have success using postcards. Can you share what your postcards look like?
  5. NooraK

    BeachBody Coaching: Pros, Cons & Experiences

    I would like to get your opinions on BeachBody as a direct sales or network marketing company (whatever you want to call it). A while ago, I discovered that in addition to being sold on infomercials, programs like P90X are a product sold by BeachBody Coaches, who are independent business...
  6. C

    Boost Your Catalog Show Success with Expert Coaching | Shari's Tips"

    I'm looking for the right words to help a host of a catalog show who just contacted me. She is in another state from me and says that everyone she is showing the catalog to or referring to my website replies with "I don't need anything" or "it's too expensive," regarding the direct shipping...
  7. C

    Director Effective Host Coaching by Email: Tips and Tricks for Success

    Does anyone on here do some/most of their host coaching by email? I would love any and all tips to help make this a successful option. I have less shows this month than I would like so my plan was to up my host coaching and make sure they were awesome shows. (I had so many shows in June...
  8. babywings76

    Where Can I Find a Copy of High Impact Host Coaching Training?

    Does anyone have a copy of this training? It's no longer available on a supply order.
  9. K

    Connecting with Hosts: Tips for Coaching Success

    My personal goal with my business is to be better at host coaching. I want to make the "connection" with my host where it doesnt feel like I am trying to pad my pocket but to help her with her overall success of her show. How often do you call and when you call what are some scripts you use to...
  10. P

    Director Team Coaching Calls: Response & Results

    anyone doing coaching calls with your team? What has your response been and what what results have you seen?
  11. minjoe_bri

    Need a Fun Host Coaching Game for Your Pampered Chef Parties?

    Hello you wonderful people!:chef: I have spent 2 days on this site reading, learning, and borrowing a ton of information.:D During my research here, I saw a Host Coaching Tic-Tac-Toe game that I really liked. But for the life of me today, I cannot find it again. I have done the searches in...
  12. P

    Can anyone help me find the Host Coaching Tracker sheet with a cute picture?

    I'm looking for a sheet that I found on here before that lists all the calls and postcards you need to send out and a list of your hosts for that month....it had a cute picture in the top corner. for the life of me I cannot find it in the files....anyone? eta: found it! Chefsuccess.com...
  13. dannyzmom

    Director Are Summer Host Coaching Letters Missing the Personal Touch?

    I have some gripes with these...they print up with the line under the host's name & date so they scream of "form letter" and they have no place for our name/contact info. Argh...:grumpy:
  14. heather223

    Efficient Host Coaching Emails: Tips and Tricks for Engaging with Hosts

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone uses emails to host coach? If so, could you please share what you use. I don't prefer this method of host coaching, but there are times when I can't reach a host and want them to still have the information. Thanks!
  15. D

    Boost Your Direct Sales Success with Consistent Host Coaching!

    I never really invested too much time into host coaching. Don't get me wrong, I was in touch and made a few phone calls along the way, but I wasn't doing it consistently. I recently stopped working my day job and have had some extra time so I've really been on top of my shows. WOW!! What a...
  16. esavvymom

    Tammy Stanley-Host Coaching Teleseminar (Free)- 3/28

    Passing along the information on a Free teleseminar Tammy Stanley is doing next week. Go to this webpage to register, and please mention my name as how you heard about it (Bobbi H). :) http://www.tammystanley.com/tele-workshops/stop_postponements_course_description.html
  17. C

    Tele-Class Host Coaching: What Have You Experienced?

    Do any of you use this service. I did a tele-class today about host coaching and the lady suggested it. I also understand why PC is discontinuing the the tele-classes. At first it was just me and the PC lady then 2 more people joined later.
  18. K

    Does Host Coaching Really Boost Party Sales?

    I have always been "too busy" for host coaching because I also work at a full-time job. However, I coached a host and stayed in touch with her via email for 2-3 weeks before her party. She had a $1200 party!!!! I have been doing this since May and my highest was $811---I am soooooo...
  19. T

    How Can I Encourage a Host to Continue Her Show After Moving?

    A next month host is moving this week. She is still going to do the show, but I want to find the right words to encourage her to still have the show and motivate her that having a show at her new home is a good thing. Can you give me ideas, please? We are only 2 weeks away and I would like...
  20. cookie325

    Navigating Difficult Hosts: Tips for Handling Uncooperative Party Hosts

    I am hoping someone can give me a tip or two on how to handle this host. "Susie" won a free kitchen show and we scheduled the date a few days after she won. I explained that I would be going out of town for NC, but I would be sending her the guest list label template and an email from my PWS...
  21. finley1991

    Is Effective Coaching Possible Without Full Attention?

    Good morning! I am looking for a few suggestions if any of you can help me out! Here's my situation: I have 2 consultants who I do coaching calls with weekly. They have requested this and I am happy to help. I send them a weekly coaching form (I'll attaching it here if anyone wants to...
  22. C

    Coaching Hosts Re:guest Lists (Without Mailing Invitations)

    If you don't mail invitations for your hosts (and thus don't have an actual reason to ask them to send you their guest lists), how do you go about coaching them specifically about the size of their lists? I verbally suggest, and include this in my host pkg, to invite 40 people (and I've...
  23. T

    Coaching a Host: $600 Wish List Ideas!

    Need as many ideas I can get to coach a host for a show at the end of the month... She has a $600 wish list!!!
  24. K

    Need Help with Host Coaching? Join the Teleclass for Tips and Ideas!

    Ok, I have been on here several times and read alot of good advice. Now is my time to ask the silly question. I have been with Pampered Chef now for a little over 2 years. My sales are ok, but no where near what they could be. Alot of the problem in my opinion is my host coaching skills. I...
  25. PampChefJoy

    Host Coaching - Postcards or Go Green?

    Do you still use host coaching postcard reminders or is everything done via email now? I am trying to free up some time to dive into my long-postponed postcard project, but I want to make sure there is some use for it first...
  26. babywings76

    Maximize Your Host Coaching Success: Tips for E-mail Communication

    It appears that I have a motivated host, but one that won't allow me to call her. She contacted me by e-mail and requested to book a party. We e-mailed back and forth about finding a date. I sent her a host e-mail through my website and then I sent her off a host packet. I tried calling her...
  27. B

    Maximizing January Hosts with Procrastination-Proof Coaching Tips

    Yesterday I was going to get my host coaching together for Jan. hosts (letters, recipes, schedule). Of course I procrastinated. Does PC offer an Excellence Award for procrastination? I could earn that one in a heartbeat. Just peeked at the PC Newswire and HO has done letters and recipes for...
  28. babywings76

    What are some tips for hosting a successful show through email?

    I have a party next Friday with a host who just had her tonsils removed last week. She's been having a tough recovery. I wasn't able to reach her by phone the other night, so I left her a message about seeing how she's feeling and if she's still on for the show and to see if she needed help...
  29. A

    Host Coaching Presentation: Notes & Ideas

    I am going to do a presentation for my team on Host Coaching for my team, and was wondering if any of you had notes from previous leadership/nat'l conference you would share with me. Also if anyone is using a different system than the three call system outlined by the company if you would share...
  30. L

    Wanted to Share My Host Coaching Email/Letter

    I have been trying to simplifiy my business and also it seems that I am getting way more answering machines sooo to help make sure my hosts get the info that I want them too I have made up 3 host coaching emails/ letters. (the letters are for the gals who don't have email) I was hoping that...