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What is game: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Chosengirl

    Ready to be the Queen of Shopping? Try this fun game!

    Here is a Spring/Summer 2017 version of the Queen of the Shoppers Game. I do not know the origin of the original. I tweaked it a bit, and made it pretty colors that match some of the new products!
  2. Sara Dawn

    Game Ideas and Thoughts for an Open House

    Like every change of season, I throw a mystery host open house party. One game that my guest love is an auction game. I make up a points system and whatever points they get is their bidding money. I have product wrapped up and they have to bid on it and the one with the highest bid gets the...
  3. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Is the Queen of the Shoppers game still being updated?

    Has anyone updated this game since 2014? I would really like to use it but cant seem to find a new one.
  4. Connie

    Host a Reindeer Game: Tips & Wording for a Fun Holiday Game!

    I heard about people doing a reindeer game, but don't know anything about it. Can someone tell me how to go about doing one and possible wording and what to give each host?
  5. K

    Motivating My Team with a September Bingo Game

    I am having to take off a little time in September, mostly from being in the field, but that means no team training. My director is going to invite my team to her meeting, and I'm pretty confident my team will go, but I want to do something for them as well. I was thinking of having a Bingo...
  6. P

    Couples Grilling Show: Game Ideas & Pizza Recipes

    I am doing a couples grilling show next week. Any game ideas? Any good pizza recipes?
  7. C

    Need a Bridal Shower Activity That Is Not a Game.

    Hi all - I'm looking for a Bridal Shower activity - maybe a fun way to do introductions or something, but one that is not a game. I've seen the 50's Bride vs Modern Bride thing, but I don't care for that. Personally don't find the modern bride part to be very funny, and quite a bit...
  8. wadesgirl

    Boost Bookings at My Booth with a Fun Dice Game & Exciting Prizes!"

    I am in desperate need of bookings :( I have a booth this weekend and was thinking of doing a version of the dice game there. I thought about bringing the Spice Turn About with spices labeled 2-12 with prizes on the bottom. I thought about little things like old season's best, twix-it clips...
  9. N

    Stealing Hearts Game: Bringing Fun to Carmen's Sept Party!

    At my last show I did a different spin on the Stealing Hearts Game. I saw a video on YouTube from a Lia Sophia team meeting and I thought it would be fun. Since I'm fairly new I did not know if I could answer the questions or even know how to get my crowd motivated. So with this game I handed...
  10. S

    What are some fun games for a Pampered Chef picnic with new Fall products?

    Hi, My Director is having a picnic for us on Saturday night instead of our monthly team meeting. We're all bringing food, and spouses/significant others are invited, so it will be a lot of fun! We'll also be doing recognition and talking about the new products. Does anyone have any...
  11. pampchef.angel

    Back in the Game: When Can We Start Selling Fall Catalog?

    I've been out of the game for a bit but have managed to stay active. Trying to pick back up but have missed all of my recent meetings :( Can someone tell me when we can start selling from the new Fall Catalog?
  12. prissylovescooking

    How Did You Get Back in the Game?

    I started off very very slow when I started with PC. I really loved the products; however, I felt very scared because I didn't know how to "sell". So June was my one year with PC and I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. I did have like two months where I sold over a $1000 in PC but now I...
  13. C

    Fun Shower Game to Show off Pampered Chef Rubs and Mixes

    Attached is a game to do at a Pampered Chef bridal shower. You take whatever rubs and mixes you have at home and dump some of each into small little containers (about 10-12) You number each one (so you know the answers) and then you hand each guest a copy of the attached sheet. They pass...
  14. K

    What's cooking with Pampered Chef?

    Hello all! I'm trying to make a fun family feud type game for my team centered around Pampered Chef. I would love some question ideas. I am aiming for 20 questions. Here's what I have so far: What do you use the Food chopper for? What is America's most popular dessert. Name a...
  15. P

    Director Have You Played the Number Game on Fb?

    Have you seen the number game going around to use as a booking tool? Did it today and got 19 responses.. fingers crossed for some bookings!
  16. A

    Explore the Story & History of The Pampered Chef: Left Right Game!

    Is there a Left Right game or anything like that that tells the story & history of The Pampered Chef?
  17. C

    Discover the Success of Stealing Hearts Game & Other Fun Show Activities

    Does anyone do the stealing hearts game? Is it successful for you? If not, what games are you doing at your shows other than the WHY bag and the ticket game?
  18. chefheidi2003

    Wild Game Rubs: Finding the Best for Your Catch

    My cousin was wondering if anyone knows of any of our rubs that are good on wild game..specifically deer meat. But I know that her husband hunts pretty much anything that you are allowed to hunt.
  19. F

    Hand Held Game System Suggestions Needed

    My soon to be 7 yr. old is wanting his own hand held game system. Currently he & his brother share a Dsi Xl. His obvious request is the new 3ds. I know there are other handheld games out there through ipods and so on. So, for the gal not current up in the tech. world. Give me some pros/cons...
  20. M

    Game Ideas for a Couples Party

    Hello Everyone! I have a couples party coming up and was wondering if anybody had any fun ideas for games I could play? Thanks for your help! Mel
  21. P

    Play "The A, B, C's of The Pampered Chef

    Hi All, I woke up with a new game in my mind to try to liven up my shows. Been feeling like they start off great but fizzle at the end. So I came up with "The A, B, C's of The Pampered Chef". In my mind it's kind of a mix between Jepardy (or 20 questions) and Scrabble. I figure on getting a...
  22. H

    Where Can I Find the F/W 2011 Queen of the Shoppers Game?

    I'm looking for the F/W 2011 Queen of the shoppers game for the new catalog. Is there anywhere I can find this? Thanks. diana
  23. A

    Director 2011 F/W New Product Jeopardy Game

    Does anyone have this already made up? I'd like to do it for my team meeting on Monday, but was hoping I wouldn't have to start from scratch.
  24. T

    I Am Going to Try the Sealed Envelope Game

    I am going to try this game at my next show. I am just getting started and have done just two shows but not a single booking. I need to do whatever I can! I even offered 10% back on what they ordered that day if they booked with me and had no takers.
  25. minjoe_bri

    Need a Fun Host Coaching Game for Your Pampered Chef Parties?

    Hello you wonderful people!:chef: I have spent 2 days on this site reading, learning, and borrowing a ton of information.:D During my research here, I saw a Host Coaching Tic-Tac-Toe game that I really liked. But for the life of me today, I cannot find it again. I have done the searches in...
  26. C

    Looking for Instructions for Marna Ross Card Game!

    Marna Ross was a speaker at our Spring Launch, and she had a game she played with playing cards instead of the ticket game. I took notes on how she did it - and just now remembered to buy the cards, and now can't find my notes. Anyone else who was there, or who might be in her downline, who...
  27. MissChef

    Need the "Left/Right Game for a Bridal Show!! Today!

    I leave in 2 hours for my bridal shower and I would like an extra game to play! I use to have a game I played but I can't find it anywhere!! And it's been a few years since I did one of these bridal shows! :)....so I was wondering if any of you have the "Left/Right Game" specifically for a...
  28. kam

    New Pampered Chef® Exclusives for Mother's Day - Get the Details on March 22!

    Coming soon...More Pampered Chef® exclusives to make this year extra special for Mom! Your Consultant will have all the details on March 22.(From the Mother's Day Flyer) Since there are only a few more days to go... What do we think it is????
  29. Barry Carlton

    Game Day Themed Parties for the Football Widowed!

    My Jan fell completely apart. :cry:I have called most on my contact list in the last week already but I am thinking of trying to call the more receptive ones (meaning "nice") again to see if I can do a Game Day themed "Football Widow" party. Maybe one Sat with cake for Sun and maybe one just...
  30. C

    New Consultant Seeking Game Ideas for Shows

    Hi! I am a brand new consultant and I was wondering what kind of games people are using for their shows? I have been looking but have not found anything that really jumped out at me. I did Queen of the Shopper last night for my launch show. It didn't seem to go over well. Any suggestions?