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What is picnic: Definition and 29 Discussions

  1. Heather8345

    Who Has a Paisley Picnic Basket for Sale?

    I am looking for the Paisley picnic basket does anyone have one they want to sell?
  2. C

    Iso. Picnic Blanket and Last Years Hwc Apron

    Looking for the picnic blanket from this year and the apron from last year that is the same patterns as the lunch bags. Thanks!
  3. J

    Need a New Picnic Blanket? Only $30 with Free Shipping!

    I earned the picnic blanket but won't use it so I am selling it for $30 (includes shipping).
  4. P

    Fs-4 Bags Including Picnic Basket

    I have a box already sealed and ready to go. It has a PC Laptop bag, the TTA Bag, the STA bag, and the beloved Picnic Basket. The picnic basket makes the box pretty heavy and shipping is pretty high. I'm selling the whole box for $60, including shipping.
  5. P

    Are PC Laptop Bags, Picnic Baskets, and Shirts Still Available for Sale?

    Items for sale. Prices do not include shipping. PC Laptop bag-$10 PC long sleeve bling shirt XL-$10 PC Dots Ribbon Bag-$5 PC Catalog Bag-$5 Items without pictures: PC Picnic Basket-$25 PC Tool Turnabout bag-$5 PC Spice turnabout bag-$5
  6. K

    Wanted: Picnic Basket with Blue Dots - Krista

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their picnic basket with the blue dots, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands :) PM me and let me know how much you'd like for it. Thanks! Krista
  7. S

    What are some fun games for a Pampered Chef picnic with new Fall products?

    Hi, My Director is having a picnic for us on Saturday night instead of our monthly team meeting. We're all bringing food, and spouses/significant others are invited, so it will be a lot of fun! We'll also be doing recognition and talking about the new products. Does anyone have any...
  8. C

    Going Places Skinny Mini & Collapsible Picnic Basket: Reviews & Feedback

    Does anyone have the Going Places Skinny Mini or the Collapsible Picnic Basket that can be earned next month? What is the quality and how useful are they? Thanks for any feedback.
  9. C

    Fs Dots Collapsible Picnic Basket W/O Extra Insides

    I am selling this item. I have used it twice and really like it but have nowhere to store it. It is just the basket, not any of the extras that came with it, I gave those as a door prize. Please let me know if you are interested by email. [email protected]
  10. L

    Welcome the New Boss: Wine Tasting & Pavillion Picnic

    I am hosting a wine tasting event at a local winery with a nice pavillion for the wife of my new boss. The intent is to welcome her to the company. The event includes free wine tasting and we can bring food in a pavillion after the wine tasting and buy bottles of wine to enjoy with the food. My...
  11. P

    Iso: Pampered Chef Picnic Basket

    I'm looking for 1-2 PC Picnic Baskets to purchase a nice door prizes for an upcoming bridal fair. I'd like to pack the baskets full of discontinued PC items to create more buzz and get more brides to create a bridal registry. If you have one, please IM. I am willing to pay shipping...
  12. nikked

    Iso: Picnic Basket & Deep Dish Baker

    I am hoping (although I know it's a HUGE longshot) to purchase one of the picnic baskets that was earned earlier this summer. Also looking for a Deep Dish Baker (the discontinued one)...my daughter made the Tres Leches cake for a friend who lost a child after a long illness, then the poor...
  13. P

    Want a Stylish and Practical Way to Keep Your Picnic Food Fresh on the Go?

    I am selling the picnic incentive that I earned a few months ago. I love it but have no use for it. I am asking $60+ $15 for shipping. Everything has been opened but never used. email me at [email protected]
  14. vanscootin

    Liven up your Local Second Harvest Food Bank: Outdoor Picnic Event!

    I'm doing an outdoor event (what was I thinking) for the local Second Harvest Food Bank today. I've been thinking that my display has been a little ho hum the past few events I've done so I'm changing it up today.... Here be the plan.... I have my table which I will set up almost as...
  15. raebates

    Join Me for a Picnic at NC Darla's - Friday at 6:30pm in Grant Park!

    At NC Darla's having a picnic on Friday evening at 6:30, at Grant Park. I'm planning to go. I'm staying at the Sheraton. Anyone want to share a cab?
  16. Ginger428

    Director Anyone selling an Iso Dots Picnic Basket? Willing to buy!

    Just thought I'd try here. If anyone is looking to sell theres I'd be more than happy to buy, name a price :D...I feel SO bad, because 1 of my girls REALLY wanted it & I checked & saw she had 2 shows in May so I told her she made it! Well she called HO on Thurs. to ask where it was & they said...
  17. vanscootin

    Any One Gotten the Picnic Basket Yet?

    Morning! I feel better today after my rant yesterday... :) Has anyone gotten the picnic basket yet? I earned mine back on the second and nothing so far.
  18. thehaleykitchen

    Teacher Potluck ~ Picnic Theme...

    Hey Cheffers! Looking for a great recipe to bring to the end of the year luncheon for my son's school and the theme is "Let's go on a picnic".... Thought about a berry trifle or torte or something like that. Any other thoughts? I get first pick of what to bring. Can be anything...
  19. chefheidi2003

    Easy Picnic Side Dish Ideas for Hot & Humid Weather

    I need to think of a side dish to take to my class reunion next Saturday. It is an afternoon picnic. And it is HOT AND HUMID here..so I need to think of something that will not spoil too easily. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  20. T

    Pampered Chef Picnic at the Park: Easy Food Ideas for a Spring Open House

    Hey! I am going to host a Pampered Chef Picnic at the Park show in a couple of weeks for my spring open house. I am pregnant, so I don't have the energy to get the house AND food ready. Plus, some of the people I'd invite have kids so it's a win/win. The kids can all go play while the moms...
  21. J

    Urgent Pantry Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix

    One of my hosts just called me. She's making the Chilled Seafood Salad recipe from the Super Salads Recipe Collection. It calls for 1/2 a packet of Pantry Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix. What is this?? Neither of us have ever heard of it. Anyone know what could be substituted in its place...
  22. babywings76

    Side Dish for a Potluck Memorial Day Picnic

    I know there's not a lot of people on here right now, but thought I'd ask anyway....:) I'm looking through my recipes, but everything either has meat in it or should be served warm. I need something that will be good sitting out for a couple hours on a hot day. Or something that I could...
  23. croberts30

    Help!! Sausage & Potato Picnic Kabobs

    Does anyone have the recipe for these? It is a very simple recipe, but I can't seem to find it. It is a favorite for the grill. I usually do a few chicken skewers with different rubs....a great way to show off some of the seasonings/rubs. Anyway, the Sausage and Potato Picnic Kabob recipe...
  24. S

    Delicious Picnic Recipes with a Twist: Utilizing the Mandoline

    I have a host who would like to do a recipe that has a picnic theme, but also uses the Mandoline. Any ideas?
  25. P

    Picnic Show Ideas: Demo & Recipes

    I have a hostess that doesn't want to do a show in her home but wants to do a show. SO I suggested a show at the park, like a picnic. I know I don't really want to bring a ton of items but as far as a recipe and the demo what kind of ideas do you all have for me? I was thinking I HAVE to bring...
  26. B

    Delicious Potato Recipes for a Home School Picnic!

    I need a good recpe for a upcoming home school picnic! I originally said that I would bring mashed potatoes...for some crazy reason, so if there are any GREAT potato recipes please share! Thanks a bunch:)
  27. A

    What's in the Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix?

    I had a customer call me today and ask about the Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix. It's a seasoning mix used in the Chunky Blue Cheese dressing from the Super Salads Recipe Card Collection. It's obviously discontinued, at least under that name, so I can't find it in any current company literature...
  28. Cindycooks

    New to the Neighborhood? What Should You Bring to the Picnic?

    Our neighorhood is having one on Sept 18. Keep in mind - I am 43 and one of the younger people here - we live in a retirement community that is fast starting to attract younger families. Anyway - the picnic is for newcomers who have been her 18 mos or less (that's us) and we are ask to bring a...
  29. C

    Have You Tried Our Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix?

    I have a customer wanting to buy the Picnic Salad Seasoning Mix. She said the last time she ordered it was in 2003. As I wasn't a consultant then, I'm not sure what was in this seasoning. Does anyone know what was in this and if we have anything comparable now? Was this a seasonal mix...