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What is dish: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Allison

    Original Price of the Original Deep Dish Baker?

    Im trying to find out the original price of the original deep dish baker . Anyone?
  2. scottcooks

    Need a Replacement Iso Vanilla Deep Dish Baker for Your Favorite Recipe?

    My customer loves this for making a particular recipe, but hers has a hairline crack in the corners. Anyone have one available? Give me a total price including shipping to 98056 please.
  3. julsradford

    Mexican Main Dish in Rockcrock Dutch Oven?

    I have my first party this friday. I should say, my first party without help from my director (she helped with my grand opening). The Host wants to do a Mexican theme so I am doing the chipotle chicken dip and she is making some dips and salsa to go with it. We decided on a marble cheesecake...
  4. D

    Is item #1316, the small oval stoneware dish, still available for purchase?

    Hi - I'm looking for the small oval stoneware dish that is perfect for one person (or two). I can't find it online and suspect it has been discontinued. Thanks for any help! Denise
  5. AJPratt

    Need a Suggestion for Dish to Take to Book Club

    I have book club on Friday and they are doing a pot luck this month. Of course, I want to show off one of our recipes. I was thinking of taking everything to make the lava cake in the microwave as something fast. Is there something else I should take? I work that day and will be leaving for...
  6. DebPC

    Brownie Pan- Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

    Deep Dish Pizza 1 pkg Pillsbury Pizza Crust 1 pkg turkey breakfast sausage patties 1/2 can black olives, drained 1/2 jar spaghetti sauce 12 ounces part skim mozzarella, shredded Using Bakers Roller, roll out Pizza Crust on Large Cutting board and cut into 12 squares...
  7. DebPC

    Discover the Must-Have Easter Dish: My Sister's Healthier Scalloped Potatoes

    What is the dish that you have at every Easter dinner? For me it's my sister scalloped potatoes. They taste sinful but she's taken steps over the years to healthy them up- so they're not too unhealthy.
  8. ChefPeg

    Offered: White (Off-White? Beige?) Deep Dish Baker, $20

    I have a very slightly used Deep Dish Baker I bought off eBay over the summer that I've never used. IIRC, the seller said it was only used 2-3 times but seriously, you can't really tell. I think it's the white glazed. (Was the white glaze not exactly white, but more of an off-white? Maybe it's...
  9. raebates

    Humor Cocotte: A Fireproof Dish With Surprising Definitions

    Last night at a show I mentioned that I have trouble remembering now to pronounce Cocotte. A guest decided to look it up. I didn't know this until she started laughing. Of course, we stopped the show to find out what was so funny. She shared the pronunciation (kô-kôt) and then the definitions...
  10. slhalepc

    Urgent Trouble Playing Videos on The Dish: Help Needed!

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the videos in The Dish to play. It says tune in but when I click on them the box comes up with an empty screen and nothing comes on.
  11. Deb Bixler

    Looking for a Deep Dish Baker? Contact 717-751-2793!

    Any color new dd baker needed! 717-751-2793 [email protected]
  12. P

    March Recipes: Deep Dish Baker & QSP Ideas

    What recipes are you doing for March? Cookware is a hard one to sell...and I have one host who wants to use the Deep Dish Baker and the QSP in her show. I have several other hosts who have voiced no opinion, but I would like to do the same recipe all month. Any of you oh-so-creative peeps have...
  13. E

    Is the Deep Dish Baker the Same Size as the Deep Dish Pie Plate?

    Not the deep covered baker, but the deep dish baker that PC used to carry. How does the size compare to the Deep Dish Pie Plate? I am trying to figure out some recipes for the Deep Dish Pie Plate and want to know if the sizes are compatible. Does anyone know? Thanks
  14. vanscootin

    Dish Network Using the Food Chopper!

    So my hubby was watching tv and I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen and he yells for me to come in... he asks me if I've seen the Dish Network commercial with the Pampered Chef stuff in it.... uh no. So he rewinds it and sure as $h*t there is our food chopper being advertised as a slap chop! I...
  15. nikked

    Iso: Picnic Basket & Deep Dish Baker

    I am hoping (although I know it's a HUGE longshot) to purchase one of the picnic baskets that was earned earlier this summer. Also looking for a Deep Dish Baker (the discontinued one)...my daughter made the Tres Leches cake for a friend who lost a child after a long illness, then the poor...
  16. P

    Pumpkin Dish: Where Will You Find It This Year?

    Are they doing the pumpkin dish again this year? I just came across mine from last year and got me currious!
  17. M

    Chicken in the Deep Dish in the Oven...

    Going to try the deep dish baker to mess around... I've done shows with chick breasts in the micro, but I'm cooking hindquarters in the oven. After they bake I want to drain off the grease, and add Mushroom soup, green pepp, onion, potatoes, and maybe a tad of my garden grown habanero... How...
  18. C

    Looking for Iso Microfiber Dish Cloths?

    If you have any of these please email me thanks. [email protected]
  19. wadesgirl

    Replacement Pieces Available: Spoon Rest Dish Included!

    I was looking at the link provided in the weekly email from HO for the replacement pieces and noticed the dish for the spoon rest is on there! I know this has come up before so I wanted to point it out.
  20. deanna_g

    Product Bags, Pumpkin Dish, Fall/Winter Catalogs, Current Products

    Lots of stuff for sale. Catalog tote, 30th ann cookbook, current productsI have the following for sale: Catalog Tote (I think it's the one they gave us at conference last year. I can't remember if I got rid of that one or the one I had off supply order...I can post a pic if I need to). - $10...
  21. quiverfull7

    Director Iso Cranberry or Vanilla Deep Dish Baker

    Does anyone have either of these to sell? I messed up an adjustment... totally forgot and now it's past the 3 year date. sigh
  22. C

    Iso Microfiber Dish Cloths (October Guest Special)

    I have a customer/friend who just ordered the orange and eggplant microfiber towels thinking they were the dish cloths she got back in October. As far as I know PC doesn't regularly carry the dish cloths. Does anyone have some they'd like to part with? Thanks!
  23. N

    Uh Oh... Stone Put in Dish Water.

    My neighbor was helping me this morning and stuck my large bar pan and muffin pan in the dish water (had soap in it.) I don't think it was there long and only partially submerged. What should I do to it??? I was pretty upset about it considering the night before she asked me for my...
  24. esavvymom

    Side Dish for the Southwest Meatloaf?

    What do you pair with your Southwest meatloaf as a side dish? I'm actually making it for my family tonight, but if I was doing a show, I'd like to know what to suggest to go WITH it.
  25. C

    Does Anyone Have a NIB Deep Dish Baker for Sale?

    I have a customer who wants a NIB Deep Dish Baker, anyone have one they want to sell? Thanks!
  26. vanscootin

    Who's Heart Dish Order is it Anyway?

    My mom wanted to order a few of the little heart dishes from the outlet... she lives upstairs from us and doesn't have a computer. So she used my computer... went to my PWS and with my help purchased 4 dishes.... she put in HER name...HER phone number...HER email... HER address (which, yes is...
  27. esavvymom

    Substitute for Heavy Whipping Cream in Ravioli Skillet Dish

    I realized I did not have Heavy Whipping cream and it's kind of late now for me to change the dinner menu and I'd rather NOT go to the store. I am making the Zesty Ravioli Skillet dish. Calls for 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream. Normally I have whole milk that works just fine in the recipe...
  28. pamperedalf

    Tips for Perfectly Baked Pie in Stoneware

    Okay I have a customer who has tried to make an apple pie twice and the center is coming out gooey. Do any of you have any tips for cooking pie in the stoneware. I don't make pie often & when I do I don't time it so I don't know if I cook it longer or not. I did a search and couldn't find...
  29. J

    Looking for a new deep dish baker - glazed or unglazed?

    Needed for a customer -- glazed or unglazed...as long as it's new! Thx!
  30. etteluap70PC

    Side Dish for Dh to Take to Office Holiday Party

    HELP... I can not think. I need something great because apparently I have a awesome reputation at DH's new office. He takes leftovers most days for lunch and they are pretty impressed that I actually cook... LOL The bosses are supplying roast beef for the main dish....DH has an hour drive in...