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What is vanilla: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. scottcooks

    Need a Replacement Iso Vanilla Deep Dish Baker for Your Favorite Recipe?

    My customer loves this for making a particular recipe, but hers has a hairline crack in the corners. Anyone have one available? Give me a total price including shipping to 98056 please.
  2. kcnancy

    3 Lemon and 2 Sweet Vanilla Honey Sprinkles - Sold

    3 Lemon and 2 Sweet Vanilla Honey Sprinkles There are a total of 5 jars of sprinkles included in this bundle. List Date: 6/2/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: 3 Lemon and 2 Sweet Vanilla Honey Sprinkles -------------------------------------- Item Has Been...
  3. kcnancy

    Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkles - No Longer Available

    Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkles 2 jars of the Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkles. I will be glad to combine shipping if multiple listings are purchased. List Date: 5/25/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkles...
  4. byrd1956

    Has Anyone Seen Lip Vitamins Lip Balm Vanilla Bean

    My sister found this a while back and got both of us some. We love it! Can't find it in any stores around here. Did a search and found 4 on Ebay, but really didn't want to buy them from there except as a last resort. It is called Lip Vitamins Lip Balm Vanilla Bean - 0.15 oz, from AE...
  5. thehaleykitchen

    Don't Have the Double Strength Vanilla...

    I don't have any double strength vanilla but really want to try making the Raspberry Champagne Cream cake.... What do I do? It calls for 1 tsp of it! Karen
  6. S

    Any creative uses for Vanilla Sprinkle?

    Hi Everyone - I have a customer that would like some suggestions on what to "sprinkle" this on....any ideas? I've never tried it before so all I can think of is cookies, ice cream, etc. Thanks!
  7. quiverfull7

    Director Iso Cranberry or Vanilla Deep Dish Baker

    Does anyone have either of these to sell? I messed up an adjustment... totally forgot and now it's past the 3 year date. sigh
  8. KayPT

    Looking for Lemon Sprinkle and Sweet Honey Vanilla Dip Recipe

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a dip with the lemon sprinkle and the sweet honey vanilla sprinkle? I was thinking of just adding cool whip and cream cheese but wanted to see if there were any other suggestions or what proportions are best. Thank you! I have a Mother's Day gift boutique at...
  9. B

    forSale: Vanilla Glazed Stoneware Pie Plate

    I have a Vanilla Glazed Stoneware Pie Plate that I just found in my basement in one of my old show crates! It was only used once and then I obviously forgot that I even had it. Needless to say, I would like $25 + $10 shipping. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  10. dollfangs

    Looking for an Iso Vanilla Glazed Oval Baker?

    I just did an adjustment on this and it says they are not still available but the customer will get a credit of 27.00. Does anyone have one they would like to part with?
  11. cooking.with.ann

    Iso: French Vanilla Small Oval

    new or gently used...my customer broke one of hers, and want another in French Vanilla to match the other 3.
  12. M

    Have You Tried Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkles on Blackberry Cobbler?

    Anybody have any ideas for the Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkle?
  13. esavvymom

    Vanilla Chips for Strawberry Cheesecake Microwave Cake: What to Do?

    I noticed several of the microwave cakes (specifically, ones I want to make this week), use "Vanilla Chips". I'm not sure I know what those are or if my rinky-dink stores here would have them. I have several bags of White Chocolate Chips...do you think can I use those in the Strawberry...
  14. cooking.with.ann

    Iso: French Vanilla Rectangle Baker

    I have a customer looking for this--does anyone have a new one that they want to sell? Please PM me with a price including shipping to 70821. Thank you. Ann
  15. byrd1956

    How the Vanilla Shortage in Madagascar Could Impact Your Pantry

    My husband found a small article in our newspaper...just wondering how this will affect us? It reads: FUNGUS MAY CAUSE VANILLA SHORTAGE Farming officials in Madagascar say a deadly and incurable crop fungus has spread widely in the island's main vanilla-producing area. Agronomic research...
  16. C

    Can Baking Soda Paste Remove Stains from Vanilla Stoneware?

    I have a hostess with very well used vanilla stoneware who used a brillo pad to scrub the brownish stain off the outside Has anyone else had this trouble I am a cranberry girl so I told her I would try to find a better way to clean it HO suggested the baking soda paste Thanks Cheryl
  17. ChefJWarren

    Where to Find Vanilla Beans In-Store Near Me

    Does anyone know where I can get vanilla beans - not online? I don't have time to order them. I would like to go and buy them somewhere.
  18. chefheidi2003

    Experimenting with Vanilla Cake: Add Cinnamon for Extra Flavor

    so I have an idea for a trifle but I want to use a vanilla cake but I would like to put some Cinnamon Plus in it before I make it to give it a little extra flavor since I am going to be using pumpkin in the trifle as well...Has anyone ever added Cinnamon or anything to a plain vanilla cake mix...
  19. Sandibeach

    Vanilla Mini-Baker Batch Faulty

    Hello, My sister order the vanilla mini-baker, the first one had a hairline crack at the handle. So PC replaced it, the second one had the same hairline crack at the handle. We took pictures, contact PC thinking there must be a bad batch of vanilla mini-bakers... and they said they didn't...
  20. cooking.with.ann

    Will the covered baker be offered in French Vanilla in the future?

    Anyone think that the covered baker will be offered in French Vanilla in the future? (I know the cranberry is on stop-sell right now). I have some customers who liked the product, but the cranberry just isn't their favorite color, they have all the glazed French Vanilla pieces. Input...
  21. J

    Easy Frosting Recipes for Kids: Chocolate & Vanilla

    does anyone have an easy frosting recipe to make with kids for both chocolate and vanilla? thanks!!
  22. TinasKitchen

    Cleaning Stones for Pampered Chef Consultant Show: Tips and Tricks!

    I am becoming a PC Consultant so I have been getting my stuff prepared for shows. My 2 stones have the vanilla coating on the sides. They are so brown b/c I could never get the outside clean. I wouldnt want to show them in that condition :( I think my Consultant at the time said I could use...
  23. T

    Double Strength Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

    Have any of you used the new Vanilla extract? I am debating whether or not I should get it, and I am just wondering if the $10 I spend on that would be better spent elswhere. I am worried that I may only need it for 1 or 2 recipes and if I don't do those often it will go to waste. Do any...
  24. D

    Is Madagascar Vanilla the New Trend in Baking?

    I received an email from a newsletter I subscribe to and it had a madagascar vanilla in it for sale. Makes me wonder about our price since theirs was much cheaper with shipping since their bottle is 11 ounces. Has anyone ever heard of this brand? I did notice in our min catalog that the vanilla...