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What is glazed: Definition and 41 Discussions

  1. ChefPeg

    Cleaning Glazed Part of Glazed Stoneware

    How do you clean the glazed part? The Use & Care guide just has the generic guide for all stoneware, doesn't mention if the glazed part is cleanable with something other than water. I bought a DCB and the glazed portion of the lid got grease on it. Hot water wasn't getting it off so when...
  2. P

    Help Needed: Oval Bakers & Cranberry Glazed Pieces!

    I have a great host that just had a great show for me. She is asking about the Oval Baker. She had a Cranberry glazed one that she said broke last Thanksgiving. Her white glazed one is now cracking. She says it's her favorite piece and was bummed when it wasn't one of the host specials this...
  3. wadesgirl

    Trying the New Lemon Glazed CuPampered Chefakes - Why Extract Instead of Juice?

    The new lemon glazed cupcakes call for lemon extract. When I taste tested the glaze on top it made me wonder why you couldn't just use lemon juice instead. I was curious to see if anyone knew why they would call for extract? I'm excited to try these but have to wait until our meeting tonight!
  4. K

    Glazed Lemon CuPampered Chefakes in Fluted Pan?

    Do you think I could make the new Season's Best recipe for Glazed Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberries in the Stoneware Fluted Pan? I'm doing an open house this weekend & would like to do some recipes out of the new SBRC. I'm planning to do the Truffle Brownie Cups, so I'd like to do something...
  5. Meigs

    Do You Remember the Green Glazed Stoneware Crock from New Traditions Collection?

    Hi, Does anyone remember a Stoneware Green Glazed Crock? I guess it was in the New Traditions Collection. I guess it is a long cylinder stone. I am still in my first year and this is before my time! I have a HO Lead that got one as a gift recently (still new in the box) And has no Idea...
  6. B

    forSale: Vanilla Glazed Stoneware Pie Plate

    I have a Vanilla Glazed Stoneware Pie Plate that I just found in my basement in one of my old show crates! It was only used once and then I obviously forgot that I even had it. Needless to say, I would like $25 + $10 shipping. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  7. dollfangs

    Looking for an Iso Vanilla Glazed Oval Baker?

    I just did an adjustment on this and it says they are not still available but the customer will get a credit of 27.00. Does anyone have one they would like to part with?
  8. dannyzmom

    Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs & Paste Recipe

    Anyone have this typed up?
  9. Mel92504

    What is the Difference Between Teriyaki Sauce and Teriyaki Glaze?

    I have a question on the ingredients for the Teriyaki Glazed Meatballs from the Weeday Dinners Done recipe cards... It calls for a terriyaki baste & glaze, & I'm assuming that's something different than terriyaki sauce, right? The only thing I could find in our local grocery store (pretty...
  10. H

    Recipe Needed: Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs

    I need the Glazed Teriyaki Meatball recipe from the front cover of the current catalog. Anyone have it or can point me to it? Thank you.
  11. P

    inSearch of Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs and Noodles Recipe

    I have a host who wants the new catalog cover dish this weekend and I can't find the recipe cards that I have! Does anyone have it and have the time to either scan and email or type out for me? I would GREATLY appreciate it!! [email protected] if you can... Must see if I can make it this...
  12. C

    Iso: Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs & Noodles

    I have a Show in September where the Host wants to demo this recipe (cover of Fall 2009 catty) at her Show. She would also like to try it ahead of time on her own. I have been inactive for the last 3 months and can't order samples or supplies.:blushing: If you have this recipe would you...
  13. P

    Glazed Teriyaki Meatballs & Noodles

    One word.....FABULOUS! My mind is already working on cutting back on the time for a quick dinner....purchase frozen meatballs and thaw them out. One tip: the teriyaki baste & glaze (Kikkomon brand) I found in the specialty section of the grocery store and the jar states 12 oz. but when I...
  14. ChefPaulaB

    The Glazed Apple Wreath: An Old Recipe Revisited

    I found a recipe for the Glazed Apple Wreath, but it is quite old. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it, has done it or maybe has an updated recipe with the newer tools? TIA!
  15. I

    Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes Question?

    Has anyone tried to do these in a fluted stone rather than the prep bowls? I have a large party and I don't want to make 30 small cakes.
  16. CyndiWilliams

    Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes Question

    Hi All, I have a question about the Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes. I made them last night for the first time, and they turned out very gummy on the outside "crust". (even before I added the glaze) The inside was beautiful, though. Is this how they are supposed to be? And if not, does anyone...
  17. N

    Try Our Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes | Baking Tips and Tricks

    Has anyone tried doing the Mini Lemon Glazed Cakes in the Mini Tart Pan? If so what was it like and how long did you bake them for?
  18. kam

    Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes With Yogurt?

    I want to make the Mini-Glazed Lemon Cakes with dinner tomorrow night - but my mom is lactose-intolerant. I am thinking that I could substitute yogurt for the sour cream. Has anyone done this - and how did they turn out? Also, if anyone has subbed yogurt for sour cream in cakes before...
  19. C

    Has Anyone Made the Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes?

    My host next week wants to have the mini glazed lemon cakes, but she doesn't have a microwave, I understand they can be baked in the oven. And I guess we will melt the butter as well as prepare the glaze on the stove top. Just like before we all had microwaves. My question is, she may have 20...
  20. chefshawna

    Hwc Mini Glazed Strawberry Cake

    My director fiddled around with the Mini Cake recipe and adjusted it to fit in with HWC. I helped her demo it at our last meeting and it tasted so good! I thought I would share it with you all. Cakes 2tbsp butter 2tbsp sugar 3-4 medium to large strawberries 1 pkg 9oz yellow cake mix 1 egg...
  21. T

    Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes - Question

    Good morning. I attempted the Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes last night for the first time and they were ok. They tasted good, but a little dry. I suspected that maybe I hadn't added enough sour cream ... any suggestions on how the consistency of the batter should be? Also, the recipe called for...
  22. R

    Delicious Glazed Lemon Mini Cakes with Orange and Splenda

    are about 200% better when made with orange!!!! I also used granulated splenda instead of sugar and it is still faboo!!!!OMG...I am in heaven.
  23. heat123

    Which Cake Mix Works Best for Lemon Glazed Cake: Yellow, Lemon, or Poppy Seed?

    I plan to make this for one of my recipes for my Spring Preview party in the full size fluted version- thanks to Kelly's recommendation-tips!:chef: I was wondering though, for those who have made them, if you do them again will you use the yellow cake mix, or would you use lemon cake or...
  24. tlmcunning

    Help With Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes

    I made the Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes the other night for a MOMs group cooking club and when I was slicing the lemon on the Ultimate Mandoline with the thin blade it just tore the lemon it did not slice it. I ended up doing it by hand with a knife. Can someone tell me how to use the lemon on...
  25. K

    Delicious Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes - Perfect for Any Occasion!

    Have any fellow Canadians been able to find the 250 g pkg of yellow or white cake mix to make the mini glazed lemon cakes? My local grocery store does not carry this size but I thought that maybe I could find it at Wal-mart or Superstore.
  26. F

    Easy and Delicious Mini Glazed Lemon Cakes Recipe

    This is my new show recipe. I tried this out tonight and it is very easy to do, and very yummy. I have my next 3 hosts all set to do it. YIPPEE!! I haven't loved a recipe this much since Hot Broccoli Dip.
  27. sklay723

    Pepper Glazed Pecan Recipe...anyone Know It?

    Someone from my upline demo'd this Pepper Glazed Pecan recipe recently, and it was great...easy, and perfect for a holiday bazaar I'm setting up for tonight. I know it involved butter, pecans, pepper, all put into the "try me" saute pan, and after it's all cooked up in the pan you dump it out...
  28. W

    Glazed or Unglazed Stoneware: What's the Difference in Cooking Performance?

    I have a customer who works with pottery and ceramics and she asked if the glazed stoneware cooks as well as the unglazed. She seems convinced that it doesn't. She loves our stoneware and is upset that there is only one unglazed baker (rectangle baker) left. I told her that I was unaware of...
  29. L

    Glazed Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry ??

    Has any one made this?? Tips?? Good for a show??? I'm not sure in my little stores around here I'll find all the ingredients. Thanks for any help/suggestions. Lisa
  30. chef_leeanne

    Glazed Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry in S/S '07 Sb

    I am having trouble finding red curry paste in the store. What stores are you finding it in and what aisle?