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What is crock: Definition and 36 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Ribbon Pasta Without the Rock Crock

    So I was looking at this recipe. My host really wants it for her show. However, I do not have a Rock Crock So ... does this look doable in the small skillet and Deep Covered Baker? She likes to do her shows in the living room so I can just send my host in the kitchen, or do the bacon in...
  2. winklermom

    Cooking Time in DCB Microwave for Crock Pot Recipes

    How do you figure the cooking time in the DCB in the microwave for something that you normally would cook in a crock pot? For example, if something said to cook 6-8 hours on low in the crock pot, how long should you cook it in the microwave? TIA
  3. babywings76

    Can I Create a Crocabalone in My Crock Pot?

    Our schedule has changed this month and there are going to be a couple nights a week where I will have enough time to walk in the door, dish up something already made and eat in just 10/15 min. and have to go out the door again...with all 4 kids in tow. So...those nights I want to have...
  4. D

    Is This a Stoneware Crock? Taller/Thinner

    I have a customer that inherited a bunch of PC products from her mother, I think one is a crock but it looks different from the picture I found on CS. It's green, just wondering if they are used for the same types of recipes
  5. Meigs

    Do You Remember the Green Glazed Stoneware Crock from New Traditions Collection?

    Hi, Does anyone remember a Stoneware Green Glazed Crock? I guess it was in the New Traditions Collection. I guess it is a long cylinder stone. I am still in my first year and this is before my time! I have a HO Lead that got one as a gift recently (still new in the box) And has no Idea...
  6. C

    Iso Recipe for Beer Bread in the Retired Crock

    Does anyone happen to still have a recipe? I have one for the Small Bar Pan but don't know if it will work in the crock? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you all :chef:
  7. G

    Bread Crock and Chillzane Platter

    I have a customer that wants these two items. She dont care what color the crock is. Does anyone have them that they are willing to part with?
  8. byrd1956

    Looking for Crock Pot Recipe: Anyone Have a Good Taco Soup Recipe?

    Does anyone have any crock pot recipes they can share. We are doing a work day at DH's parents this weekend. Took chili last weekend and want something else that will work well. Thanks to all for sharing.
  9. C

    Converting Crock Pot Recipes to Dcb?

    Does anyone have a file that shows how to convert crock pot recipes to deep covered baker recipes?
  10. T

    What Recipes Can You Make in a Stoneware Bread Crock?

    Does anyone have recipes to use in the old Stoneware Bread Crock? I have a lady who has one that would like to know what she can do with it. Trish in Texas Independent Consultant
  11. PampChefJoy

    Ready to try the Cranberry Pork roast in your crockpot?

    I've got a new blog to stalk... A Year of CrockPotting
  12. rennea

    Looking for a Dark Blue Stoneware Crock?

    I am looking for a Dark Blue Stoneware Crock, if anybody has one and wants to sell it please let me know. Thanks:)
  13. S

    Where Can I Find Recipes for Discontinued Stoneware Bread Crock?

    I am looking for recipes for the discontinued bread crocks. I have a consultant in my downline that a lady who would like these. Any help would be appreciated as this customer is very persistent. I have already passed along that it's a great item to use for reheating left overs, beans...
  14. V

    Have You Created Your Own Crock Pot Recipe? Share Here....

    here's my crock pot recipe, I am having it tonight.... Southwest Crock Pot Chicken From: Vanessa Williams Layer the following ingredients in your crock pot. 4-6 boneless chicken breasts Top chicken breasts with your choice of salsa (I use one small jar of mild) 1 can of corn, drain...
  15. V

    Easy Crock Pot Chicken Parm Recipe for One: Budget-Friendly & Delicious

    Well decided instead of eating out every night (since I am cooking for one these days) I decided to make some crockpot chicken parm for dinner tonight. I bought some chicken breasts last week (family pack was cheaper) I cut the breasts up into chicken strips (each breast in 1/2 or thirds...
  16. C

    Beer Bread in a Crock: A Delicious Gift Idea!

    I have two stoneware crocks that I received in my surprise boxes. I would like to put them together with a box of our Beer Bread mix as a gift. Does anyone know if the beer bread can be made in the crocks? If so, how to bake? Any help is greatly appreciated!! :chef:
  17. babywings76

    DCB vs Crock Pot: Converting Recipes and Experimenting

    Do you think most crock pot recipes can be made in the DCB? Microwave? Oven? How do you think the times can convert? Has anyone experimented with their favorite crock pot recipe and see if it turns out in the DCB?
  18. chefsteph07

    Crock Pot Recipes - Share Your Fave!

    Anyone care to share their fave crock pot recipes? With the colder weather coming, I use it almost 3-4x a week and my recipes are stale..I just got the "Fix it and Forget it" cookbook, and they have some good things in it, but I'm curious what you all make in yours....
  19. PChefPEI

    Iso: Discontinued Stoneware Bread Crock

    I got one from someone here for a customer of mine, but she doesn't want it, because it's glazed! :rolleyes: Anyway, just wondering if anyone has a classic one they would be willing to part with. TIA! :)
  20. P

    Cooking Bread in a Crock Pot: Tips & Advice

    I have a customer that is looking to use her crock but she is unable to find her use and care information. Can anyone tell me if she would cook her bread for the same amount of time a recipe calls for? TIA
  21. A

    Cranberry Crock Original Price?

    Can anyone tell me the original price of the stoneware cranberry crock that was on the outlet recently? Thanks.
  22. LBurke

    Tips for Using a Stoneware Bread Crock - Stone Bread Crock Help

    We used to sell a stoneware bowl. Does anyone know how to use it or have any tips? I got a phone call from the sign on the back of my truck last night from someone asking about how to use hers (and needing to get a new rectangle stone... woohoo!) Thanks!
  23. reba515

    Looking for Use & Care Card - Stoneware Crock

    does anyone have one they can scan for me??? please? I can't get it to come up on CC.
  24. Geekgirl69

    What Are the Dimensions and Capacity of a Stoneware Crock?

    I just qualified and now have outlet access for customers. One of my customers is curious about the stoneware crock, I see it holds 4-3/4 cups but does anyone know how tall it is? TIA,
  25. PCSarahjm

    Crock Pot Pork Loin: What to Make for Dinner? Ideas Needed!

    I put a pork loin in the crock pot before I came to work this morning. What am I going to do with it when I get home? Give me some ideas please. I just can't think of anything so help me make dinner tonight!!! Thanks
  26. sslangley

    Looking for a Cranberry Crock: Anyone Willing to Part with One?

    I was looking for a cranberry crock. I hate to pay the price on ebay. Does anyone have one they would part with???
  27. S

    Where to Find Replacement Crock Inserts?

    Are these for sale on the replacement parts order that anyone can find? I looked but didn't see it. I had a friend give me her plain crock and would love to have an insert so I can use it to hold flowers and utensils. The one from my red one fits but I don't want to buy a new crock just for...
  28. P

    Iso Cranberry Crock for Christmas: Order Now from PchefDonna!

    Of course, now that they are off the website I have someone who would like one in time for Christmas:) If you have an extra, please email me directly at [email protected] TIA donna
  29. C

    Wanted: Stoneware Crock - Buy/Sell Here!

    im looking for a stoneware crock if anyone has one they want to sell plz let me know.
  30. M

    Uses for a Stoneware Crock & Beer Bread Gift Set

    I was thinking about getting the stoneware crock and beer bread gift set before they are discontinued, but am wondering what uses the crock has other than making breads in. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience?