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What is insert: Definition and 69 Discussions

  1. P

    Discover the Versatility of Brownie Pan Inserts | Find Your Perfect Fit!

    Hi everyone ~ Looking for a new brownie pan insert to use. The one where you cut out and stick in each well to show the variety of uses for it. Thanks,
  2. T

    Find the Perfect Cool & Serve Tray Insert

    I have a customer who broke the plastic tray that separates the veggies in the cool and serve tray. I am looking in the system for the replacement for her and there are 4 options. Is that called the: Cool & Serve Square Tray Insert Cool & Serve Square Tray Cool & Serve Square Tray Lid Cool...
  3. C

    Is the Salad Spinner and Bowl Insert Worth the Hype?

    I don't have the salad spinner so looking for opinions on it. I LOVE my cool and serve tray so I love the idea of getting the cooling insert for the bowl to take to picnic etc, what has your experience been with this? Thanks!
  4. cookinforyou

    Looking for an August Mini Catalog Insert: Any Creative Masters Have One?

    Does anyone have an August mini catalog insert? I know usually everyone is waiting to see Septembers deals but I have invites that need to go out and would love to include at least the August specials, unfortunately I do not have the software to edit the adobe files :( Any creative masters have...
  5. M

    Will the Cooling Insert Fit into a Medium Collapsible Bowl?

    Does anyone know if the cooling insert would fit into the medium collapsible bowl? I had a guest tonight who wants one, but doesn't want the salad spinner (has a different brand one with no lid). She has the med. collapsible bowl however. Would this fit in that bowl with the included lid?
  6. cookingwithlove

    Bridal Invitation Insert: The Pampered Chef Shower Details

    The host of the bridal show wants to do her own invitation, but have an insert about The Pampered Chef Shower. We want to word it so everyone knows they do not need to bring a gift and how to place an order. Anybody have anything like this already made or have good words.
  7. C

    Looking for a Checkerboard Insert? PM me to sell!

    Does anyone have the checkerboard insert that they want to sell. I have a customer looking for one. Is so, please pm me! Thanks:o
  8. Bren706

    What was the mini catalog insert announcement about?

    I missed what the announcement was about the insert for the mini-catalog. Could someone tell me what that was about?
  9. mspibb

    Mini Holiday Catalog Booking Insert

    Here's a little 4 to a page Booking insert for the Holiday mini catties. I printed on Red Paper. You can trim to fit inside.
  10. P

    Catalog Insert Now Online - View & Make Fillable!

    I saw the catalog insert was posted online. I attached it below so you can see it if you haven't yet, but its not a fillable. If someone wants to make the bottom part a fillable area, be my guest!
  11. kam

    Canadian Mini Catty Insert June/July

    Here is a CANADIAN version of my Mini-Catty insert with June & July 2011. I have left the "sales blurb" (the empty box) blank...type what you want. There is also a spot next to the logo for 5 lines of your info. As always Canadian Cheffers, PLEASE check over the Canadian details.
  12. kam

    What is the Mini Catty Insert for June/July?

    Here is the mini-catty insert for June/July 2011. There is a spot at the top, next to the logo for Cons Info. If your websire is too long, enter it as line5 and it will slide under the logo. I am also leaving the "Sales Blurb" area blank - type in whatever you want. 7 lines worth. Thanks!
  13. NooraK

    Recruiting Insert for Invitations

    I'm sending out invitations for a fundraiser, and I was thinking about putting something in them to promote the business opportunity. I was envisioning something business card sized, just enough to pique someone's interest. I was thinking of wording along the lines of "What Does a Pampered Chef®...
  14. S

    How to Create Engaging Mini Catalog Invitations for Monthly Specials?

    Does anyone have a document that I can use for Mini Catalog invites? Maybe something with March Specials and then invite information ? And one for April too?
  15. kam

    Jan/Feb Mini Catty Insert | Specials & Customizable Options Available

    Didn't realize a few people had requested this one, but here it is. I have updated it with Jan and Feb specials. Using Acro Reader, you can fill in your info at the top. If your website it too long, enter it as the last line and it will fall slightly below the logo. You can also edit...
  16. J

    What are some creative ideas for holiday card inserts?

    I found a great selection of Holiday Cards at the dollar store and I was planning on doing a mailing to my customer base. I was thinking of some kind of incentive card to put inside and not sure what to do. Would I do a "call me for a show" card and receive XX% discount on your show (once...
  17. S

    Need a Mini Cat Insert for Nov/Dec?

    I'd love the Mini Cat Insert for Nov/Dec please! Thanks I love including them in my mini cats/invitations.
  18. M

    Mini Catalog Insert for October/November?

    Has anyone made one up yet?
  19. kam

    Sept Oct 2010 Mini Catty Insert

    This was requested on another thread...I had started it but hadn't finished it yet (my minis aren't here yet). But, it is now done. Cut in half and it should fit in the mini catty. I actually trim it a little closer to the lines and it fits in perfectly. Room at the top for your Consultant...
  20. kam

    Where Can I Find the New Product Insert for Download?

    OK, I admit it has been a long day...but, I CANNOT find a copy of the New Product Insert to download!! They have a small picture of it on pg 8 of the May CN... I only see the promotion flyer - one that if we haold 2 shows May 1-15, etc etc. But that is NOT what we would want to insert into...
  21. dannyzmom

    Minicat Insert With the New Cool & Serve Square Tray?

    Has anyone designed one yet?
  22. S

    Get Your HWC Mini-Catalog Insert for Efficient Mini Cat Invitations!

    Does anyone have a HWC Mini-Catalog insert? I'm sending out my mini cat invitations and would like to add some thing small without wasting an entire piece of paper... Thanks!
  23. kreaser

    Mini Catty Insert for April/May

    Does anyone have the small mini catty insert put together for April/May thanks
  24. O

    Have you seen a 2 per page mini-cat insert for the Spring/Summer mini?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has created a 2 per page insert that we can send with the Spring/Summer mini? Someone had done it last year...maybe even Joy. I am sitting here with my broken ankle elevated and I have an awesome Mystery Host Cat. Show in progress thanks to you all here and Joy's...
  25. Melissa78

    Insert to Go With Recruiting Booklet

    I am interested in sending out the Come Join Us Booklets to a few people but I don't want to just send that. Before I reinvent the wheel, I was wondering if anyone had any type of recruiting flyer or insert in their files that I could either use or adapt to go with the booklet. Obviously I...
  26. C

    Replacement Parts Mystery: Can't Find Carafe Insert? Am I Crazy?

    I would be willing to swear that I ordered the glass insert off of the replacement parts for the carafe for a customer a year or two ago. Now ours broke and I can't find it on the replacement parts form. Am I crazy? It will stink if we have to buy a new one, it is $64!
  27. babywings76

    Insert for Minis Invite for a Nov. Show

    Instead of printing off a full page invite to go with the mini in an envelope for the invitations, I'm thinking of putting a label with the show info on the front of the mini and then having an insert for the mini telling them the theme show and what the guest special is. Anyone have something...
  28. C

    Can mini cat inserts be created in Word and converted to PDF with columns?

    Hi there, Not sure who created the first mini cat insert, but thanks! I have a questions..was that created in word then converted to a pdf? If so..how did you get the columns set up like that? I'd like to create a half page invite but I know if I use the 2 column set up it'll be a mess! Thanks!
  29. Intrepid_Chef

    Old Cake Pans With Checkerboard Insert

    A friend of mine bought the old cake pans from me, lost the Use and Care, then gave it away. The new owner doesn't know anything about how to use them. For example, can the checkerboard insert be baked? Also, can you download the old use and care from Consultant's Corner?
  30. chefannie

    Small Mini Insert for F/W Catalog

    Hi, does anyone have a small flyer (4 to a page) that they use as inserts for the mini catalogs? I want to send out a bunch to customers and was wondering if anyone had a small flyer to insert. Thanks. Anni9e:blushing: