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What is carafe: Definition and 30 Discussions

  1. C

    Find Discounted Carafes for Your Home | Limited Stock Available

    I know the carafe was discon't some time ago (a couple of years) but I still get requests if any can be found. If you have one or some, let me know so I can let a guest know and will put you in touch. Thank you.
  2. P

    What is the Price of the Retired Carafe?

    I've got a brand new carafe (the silver one) that I'm wanting to sell. I can't remember what it sold for in the catalog. Can anyone remember? Thanks!
  3. C

    forSale Discontinued Silver Carafe

    I am asking $25 for this.us shipping.
  4. C

    Fs Carafe, All Woven Selections, Gold Rimmed Plates

    I am interested in selling all of these items, just no room for them anymore!! Let me know if you are interested and we can figure out a price!
  5. T

    Looking for Discontinued Stainless Coffee Carafe from Sept 1st? Message Me!

    I have a customer who is looking for the coffee carafe that was discontinued on Sept 1st if someone has one please message me, will be willing to pay shipping charges to zip code 06382. Thank you.:chef:
  6. AJPratt

    Is Your Carafe Leaking From the Bottom? Any Tips on How to Fix It?

    Has anyone else had this problem? I had replaced one carafe because the chrome flaked and the new one leaks from the bottom. I tried to tighten the bottom, but I am afraid to break it. Any advice?
  7. C

    Replacement Parts Mystery: Can't Find Carafe Insert? Am I Crazy?

    I would be willing to swear that I ordered the glass insert off of the replacement parts for the carafe for a customer a year or two ago. Now ours broke and I can't find it on the replacement parts form. Am I crazy? It will stink if we have to buy a new one, it is $64!
  8. C

    Replacement Liner Unavailable for Silver Carafe: Now What?

    Does anyone know why we cannot get a replacement liner for the new silver carafe??? When I put in the number it says item no longer available.. So a $65 carafe does not have a replacement anymore???
  9. AJPratt

    Carafe Tarnishing: My Experience and Solutions

    I actually just got my new carafe because the original one tarnished. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. L

    Does Chrome Carafe Keep Beverages Hotter Longer?

    I have the old white carafe and it never seems to keep my coffee warm for long. I have filled the carafe with hot water first, but that still does not help. Does the Chrome Carafe keep beverages hotter longer?
  11. A

    ? How Much Was the Old Carafe...

    ...on the outlet?
  12. ChefMary412

    Replacing a Cracked White Carafe: What Are Your Options?

    I have a customer who has one of the white carafes. The inside cracked when it was dropped. Is that replaceable? Do we even have it anymore?
  13. kcjodih

    Looking for a New or Slightly Used Iso Retired White Carafe?

    New in package or slightly used for my mother in law who wants mine (and that's NOT going to happen! ;) ) Thanks!
  14. DebbieJ

    Is the New Style Carafe Leaking?

    I have a customer who bought the Carafe last year. She resurfaced at a show this weekend and said it's leaking. I have one but don't use it much, so I didn't know what to tell her. She is hesitant to try and take it apart so I told her I would ask. She is still under guarantee, so I...
  15. kcjodih

    Is the retired white carafe dishwasher safe?

    I have the retired white carafe and just started using it on a regular basis to take hot tea to soccer and baseball games. I don't know why I waited 3 years to use it regularly. My question is, is it dishwasher safe? I don't have the use and care card anymore and the PIG on CC is for the new...
  16. PamperedDor

    Anyone Know How to Replace the Glass Insert on the Carafe?

    I broke the insert on my carafe - I ordered the replacement - it came today - with no instructions! I have looked at the product card - no help - ANYONE have any idea how to replace it??:yuck:
  17. shuttermonster

    Help Needed: Replacing Broken Carafe Insert

    I had a host order the carafe and it came with the inside broken. I called HO and got her a new one sent out. HO told me to just throw away the carafe. Well I hate to throw away anything... much less something as pretty as the carafe. So looking at the parts listing... I see I can order...
  18. L

    Hi Everyone,Does Anyone Know Anything About the Carafe, I Am

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know anything about the Carafe, I am closing a party for a Hostess who is a Party Planner/Caterer. I have never seen the product and I am curious what the quality is like. She will be using this for multiple events in the next few months. Any input would be...
  19. kat29

    White Carafe Wanted - Moving, Please PM Soon

    I'm looking for a White Carafe for a customer. She like the white better then the stainless. So if anyone has one for sale please PM me. I'll try to get back with you asap, I'm moving :eek: so it might be a day before I get back on the computer. Thanks.

    How Long Does a Carafe Keep Hot? - Kristi's Query

    Does anyone know how longthe carafe keeps hot? I checked the product info guide and it just says "for hours". Thanks, Kristi
  21. B

    Looking for an Iso Retired White Carafe?

    does anyone happen to have one of the retired style carafes nib? please let me know price and shipping to zip 44410. thought this was still available on the outlet. ooops-it's not. so i need to find one asap. please email info to me. thanks in advance for your help.
  22. prnces515

    Need Consultant in/near Toronto to Ship Carafe

    I am in need of a consultant in or real near Toronto.....I have a missionary that needs a caraffe. I am willing to purchase it myself and pay you for it. but have it shipped to them. Is someone willing to do this?
  23. raebates

    How to Keep Your Drinks Hot with the Carafe: Expert Answers

    I have a host who's wondering whether the Carafe keeps drinks hot or just warm. I don't have that product, so I told her I would ask my wonderful friends. So, anyone have an answer for her? Anyone? Anyone?
  24. KellyRedHead

    Seeking White Carafe - Willing to Buy!

    I have a customer that has the older style white carafe and would like another one. Does anyone have one that they would like to sell?? Either PM me or email me. Thanks- Kelly [email protected]
  25. R

    Looking for an Old Style Carafe

    If you have one, please let me know the price, with shipping, to 02888. Thanks!
  26. chesse

    Any Information About the New Carafe?

    I have a customer who is pretty particular. She is wondering if she would be happy with our carafe. How long does it keep coffee hot? How easy is it to clean? Is there any possiblity of liquid seeping around the seal? Any information would be helpful. What does WAVE 1 etc mean?
  27. K

    Can I Find the Discontinued Carafe #2290 with Friendship Tea Recipe Included?

    I have a customer who is in search of the recently discontinued carafe. She would like to have a new one in box if that's possible. It contains a recipe for Friendship Tea that she's especially fond of and hopes that it is still included w/ this item. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  28. pamperedharriet

    What Material is the New Carafe? Seeking Answers!

    Does anyone know if the new carafe is chrome or stainless steel. I don't know from all of the postings which it really is. The CN doesn't specify it either and am curious. Thanks in advance.
  29. DebPC

    A Miracle Cleaning Tip for Carafes!

    I wanted to pass on a GREAT cleaning tip for our carafe! Fill it up half way with HOT water. Add a half scoop of Oxy-Clean (LOVE THAT STUFF), swirl it around to mix and then fill it up all the with hot water. Fill it up to the pouring area so that you can set the lid on top and it will...
  30. DebPC

    Cleaning Tip: Revive Your Carafe with Oxy-Clean!

    I wanted to pass on a GREAT cleaning tip for our carafe! Fill it up half way with HOT water. Add a half scoop of Oxy-Clean (LOVE THAT STUFF), swirl it around to mix and then fill it up all the with hot water. Fill it up to the pouring area so that you can set the lid on top and it will...