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What is material: Definition and 15 Discussions

  1. jnhr1986

    Sell Your Pampered Chef Supplies: $45 + Shipping!

    I'm moving and no longer actively selling so I am looking to sell my stash of consultant materials. $45 +shipping for ALL! (that's less than the price of the apron and bag alone) Email me for a quicker response [email protected] includes: Pampered Chef consultant bag (excellent used...
  2. O

    Need Belinda Ellsworth Material? Looking for a Deal!

    Hi I will be house bound after joint replacement , yet again for the month of Feb. and 1/2 of March. I would love to get my hands on some Belinda Ellsworth material to occupy my time. My budget does not allow me to buy it new for $116.00....Does anyone have anything they would like to sell...
  3. T

    Get Ready for Your Conference at McCormick Center | Registration Info

    OK I haven't been to conference in 8 years and we got packets before telling us where to go. I just realized I don't know where to go. I am coming to McCormic Center Thurs AM to get the registration. Where?
  4. I

    Logo Items and Training Material for Sale

    I thought I'd post this on DCS as well as CS since I know some of you aren't on both sites. I have decided to clean out some things I haven't used in a while. I'll attach the list of what I have for sale. The price listed does not include shipping. I will ship priority and the cheapest...
  5. iteachurkid

    Lots of Pampered Chef Logo Items and Training Material

    I have updated the list taking out what has sold and reduced some of the prices. Please let me know if you are interested in anything I have decided to clean out some things I haven't used in a while. I'll attach the list of what I have for sale. The price listed does not include shipping...
  6. A

    What Reading Material Do You Give to a Potential Recriut?

    Hi, I have several people on the fence about becoming consultants. I am looking for additional reading information to give them. Does anyone have anything written up or any suggestions? Thanks! Andrea
  7. Kitchen2u

    Micro Cooker Product Material Safety Email From Ho

    A while back HO sent out an email regarding the SAFE materials in our micro cookers...anyone save that? I would love to get a copy ~ I thought I saved it, but apparently not. TIA!!
  8. lisa717

    Question about HO's Fruit Salad Staining on Green Material

    I have a question...I have a customer who ordered it....put a fruit salad in it...just the fruit..watermelon, cantelope, grapes...etc and it stained the green part...did HO say that would happen? I can't find the info on the email they had sent....
  9. L

    The Pampered ChefWhat materials do I need for a successful catalogue show?

    I know that there is loads of stuff on this site to help me do up a package for a potential host of a catalogue show but can't seem to find any. My search in files brought up 0. And so could someone please direct me to some material, that could help. Ideas may include: How to have a...
  10. redsoxgirl

    Swap Books & Get Free Reading Material: PaperBackSwap!

    I don't know if you guys are familiar with paperbackswap.com, but it's a website where you post books you want to get rid of and people request them. You send them and get points and then you can request books and people send them to you. You pay for shipping when you send a book but there is...
  11. OhmyDLM

    What is the coating on the Citrus Press made of?

    Just checking my messages and I have a customer who has a question about the Citrus press. They want to know what the coating is that covers the aluminum on the press. I did some research on the web-site but they just call it coated and don't elaborate. Anyone know what this coating is made of?
  12. P

    What type of plastic is the Rice Cooker Plus made of?

    Does anyone know what type of plastic the Rice Cooker Plus is made of? Robin
  13. pamperedharriet

    What Material is the New Carafe? Seeking Answers!

    Does anyone know if the new carafe is chrome or stainless steel. I don't know from all of the postings which it really is. The CN doesn't specify it either and am curious. Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    Hwc Educational Support Material

    I don't know if this is the most appropriate spot for this question - but, Has anyone received their HWC support material? I ordered mine at 9:00am on the 13th - the first available time we could and was told to expect it in 7-10 business days. Well, today is 12 business days, and I'm just...
  15. P

    Preparing for the Conference: What to Expect and How to Access Material"

    Ok, I'm getting worried! I've gotten a confirmation letter for conference, but I haven't gotten any other matierial...am I supposed to?