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What is micro: Definition and 111 Discussions

  1. C

    Where Can I Find Retired Micro Scrapers in Cranberry Color?

    I am looking for one or two new Micro Scrapers. They are the long skinny ones in the Cranberry color.
  2. S

    What are some popular recipe books for ceramic micro cookers?

    I am looking for a recipe book for simple ceramic micro cooker recipes.
  3. mspibb

    Don't Try This With Your Coarse Micro Plane

    So I was grating cheddar cheese for our tacos and the block of cheese broke. Now I have 2 holes the size of the grater bumps! Man does it hurt! No I wasn't using the food holder. I put the rest of the pieces in my old style favorite cheese grater and finished it. Ouch! :thumbdown::cry:
  4. VeronicaW

    Graduation Gift Ideas: Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles

    Any new thoughts on Graduation gifts? I've done the Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles.
  5. nikked

    Did Dr. Oz Feature a Micro Chip Maker on His Show Today?

    Did all y'all watch Dr. Oz today? At the end of the show, he showed a chip maker...They didn't reference Pampered Chef, but the chip maker they showed was the same one we sell, by the same manufacturer. See Topchips by Mastrad for healthful potato chips - Los Angeles Times for...
  6. DebinIA

    Can You Help Provide Micro Cookers to a Pennsylvania Consultant in Need?

    This is from one of my downline Directors. Please reply back to her if you can help. I'm looking for a Pennsylvania team located in the Northern Pittsburgh area. My consultant is located in Butler, PA is looking to see if anyone has a spare Microcooker or two that she may be able to borrow...
  7. pckelly

    Director Looking for Micro Cookers in Pa

    This is from one of my downline Directors. Please reply back to her if you can help. I'm looking for a Pennsylvania team located in the Northern Pittsburgh area. My consultant is located in Butler, PA is looking to see if anyone has a spare Microcooker or two that she may be able to borrow...
  8. N

    Micro Chip Maker & Ultimate Mandoline

    Has anyone tried- or does any one know if the ULTIMATE mandolin will work with the Microwave chip maker?? I think it may be too thick- I tell people that and they sy no -I am goo w/ my mandolin- What do you tell your customers?
  9. kam

    Does This Look Like Our Micro Chip Maker?

    I am asking since I have not seen ours yet and I am trying to determine if this looks close to ours? I know that they are on backorder, but maybe someone who saw it at conference can tell how close this might be...
  10. F

    Rant Delayed Shipping: Microwave Chip Maker, Potatoes Not Included

    :cry: Microwave Chip Maker will not ship till late July/mid-Aug. :cry: I bought 10 lbs of potatoes today anticipating using it this week!! :grumpy: Anyone know if it was included in the sell-a-thon and just left out of directors pkg? Director pkg arrived today w/out it :(
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Non Absorbent Micro Fiber Towels

    OK, I've heard everyone go on and on about how absorbent the microfiber towels are but have yet to see this one. Yesterday I washed a plate and grabbed a fresh microfiber towel out of the drawer. It did NO GOOD. I ended up putting the plate away wet! When we let dishes air dry and set them...
  12. D

    Can You Bake a Microwave Cake in the Lg Micro Cooker? Tips and Recipe Inside!

    Have a customer asking...Can you "bake" a microwave cake in the Lg Micro Cooker? I have seen that you can in the Rice cooker plus but wasn't sure about the Micro Cooker? If so, any tips, as for recipe and cook time? Thanks in Advance.
  13. M

    Easy Micro Cooker Lava Cakes: Perfect for Dessert or Snacking!

    I know Friale uses the rice cooker for her "lava bombs". I thought I remembered we can make lava cakes in the micro cooker. Am I misremembering? Can it be made in the small one? I have a friend who is asking what she can use hers for. Thanks in advance! Margaret
  14. G

    Micro Cooker or Rice Cooker: Which One Should You Use for Browning Ground Beef?

    I have a customer who likes to brown ground beef in her micro cooker. She needs a new one. She asked what the difference is between the micro cooker and the rice cooker, and if she could brown the beef in the rice cooker. Can anyone tell me the answer? What should I recommend and why...
  15. cookinforyou

    Urgent What Recipe Comes With the Sm Micro Cooker

    I have a host that is asking me for the small micro cooker recipe that comes on the use and care card. Problem is I don't own it and the PC site gives a list of a bunch of recipes, please help! TIA Jan
  16. B

    Damaged Micro Cookers: Is This Normal?

    Today a host informed me she received a damaged large micro cooker. This is the second damaged micro cooker I've dealt with since I started, and I've only done 5 shows. Is this common?
  17. DessertDivaFL

    Customer Concerned About Plastic in Micro

    I have had customers comment about plastic in the microwave. Since our micro cookers are plastic, do we have something official from TPC that states the plastic used meets current standards? Appreciate the help!
  18. kristina16marie

    Micro Cakes - Frosting Question

    Okay, I love doing 10 minute cakes in my fluted pan (who doesn't) and I've always melted the frosting in the small micro cooker & drizzled it over the cake after I've flipped & cooled it. I've heard some put the frosting in the bottom of the pan before adding the batter so the cake comes out...
  19. RMDave

    How to Microwave a Cake in a Fluted Baker?

    I've never done a cake in the Fluted Baker. Have done Keith's Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake aka the Lava Cake many times in the DCB. Are there any tips microwaving the cake in the Fluted Baker? Any stumbling blocks? Anything I should know of in advance? Thanks!
  20. loreo

    Can You Toast Pine Nuts in a Micro Cooker?

    So I know we can toast almonds and coconut in the micro cooker. How about pine nuts? We making the Berry Pine-nut Chicken Salad tonight. I'm already using the grill pan so I didn't want to use more cookware. TIA! Lori
  21. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Need Help - No Micro, Cinco De Mayo Theme

    I have a host who wants a cinco de mayo theme. She wants mexican theme, and there is no microwave. She wants the cost to be small, but also wants to be able to feed 15-20 people! She would prefer it be a recipe with chicken. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  22. F

    Has anyone experienced their micro cooker melting while cooking?

    I was making the dressing for the bacon/spinach salad in our salads cookbook. It even says to use the microcooker -- there is a hole in the bottom and it is all charred and bubbly in the bottom. I have been using it for at least two years with no problem. I was at a friends house and her...
  23. ChefMary412

    Micro Steamers-- What Not to Do

    Do not cook spaghetti in the microsteamer and then try to drain it in the sink. The holes for steaming are too large for spaghetti... it goes right through. Take it from me! :o
  24. taterbug

    Urgent Cooking Frozen Veggies in a Micro Cooker: Tips & Advice

    I just got a call from a customer who has a question about the Micro Cooker. As I don't use the cookers very much, I told her that I would seek some feedback from you guys. She said that she likes to use steamer bags to cook frozen vegetables in the microwave; however, she is having a hard...
  25. lisa717

    DCB Measurements for Microwave: Quick and Handy

    Does anyone have the measurments for the DCB in the microwave handy? I need to tell a host.
  26. straitfan

    Touchdown Taco Dip in the Micro?

    I think I've read posts where some of you have made this in the microwave. If I microwaved it in the DCB about how long? TIA!
  27. babywings76

    Small Micro Cooker--How to Open?

    I just got the small micro cooker. I must be having a "Duh" moment, but how are you supposed to open it? I'm looking at the directions and it says to slide the pan handle to the left or right of the lid handle. Mine feels locked in place and won't slide. I know the large microcooker...
  28. N

    Looking for a quick and easy Micro Mug Cake recipe in SA mugs?

    In SA mugs you can make a mug cake...DOes anyone have the recipe? thanks
  29. K

    Help! Baked Potato Chowder Without Micro?

    I am having my first show tonight and did not think to ask the host how big her microwave was until today. The DCB will not fit and I can't find anyone with a counter micro that I can borrow. She has already bought all of the ingredients and I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone tried it in the...
  30. T

    What to Use in Place of Small Micro Cooker?

    I am going to do the following recipe at an upcoming brunch, but I don't have the small micro cooker. I will probably need to at least triple the recipe to have enough also. I'm trying to keep my costs down and really don't want to have to buy it. Has anyone done this recipe in the microwave...