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  1. D

    Spice on baked tacos

    I had a customer at a party last night who, at another PC party, was served taco chips baked on the large round stone and had some kind of spice on them--she thought it might have been cinnamon or nutmeg? She said it was delicious and asked if I could find out the correct spice. I have no idea...
  2. K

    Baked Potstickers Substitution?

    I have a host who LOVES the idea and look of the Baked Potsticker recipe, however she isn't a big asian food fan...she sent me an email asking if we could substitute the asian ingredients and maybe just use chicken and cheese, etc. She is hosting a show for me in October. I haven't even tried...
  3. P

    Baked Beans

    This may sound silly, but I've never made baked beans before, and I was asked to bring that to a picnic this Sunday afternoon... I think all my mother did was put in some mustard and ketchup and get them nice and hot... any suggestions to this beginning chef?
  4. M

    Baked Alaska keeps falling :(

    Any advice? I wanted to make a pink version for my first show and I made a test version in chocolate and it fell over :(
  5. DebPC

    Baked Potato Bar

    Advanced Director, Missy Kistemaker BAKED POTATO BAR 12 LARGE BAKING POTATOES: At first, I was standing them up in the stone muffin pan & baking them at 400 when I got there. It wasn't long enough. Now, I ask them ahead of time if they have a piece (any) of PC stoneware, and ask them...