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What is potatoes: Definition and 45 Discussions

  1. P

    Delicious Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe for Microwave: Easy and Cheesy!

    I did them last night in the microwave....WOW were they good! I used my Mandoline for the potatoes (did not peel then) and onion. Put in DCB, added salt & peper. In sauce pan I melted 3T butter, added 3T flour until thick, added 2 cups milk and kept stirring until thick. Then used coarse...
  2. ShelbyMichalek

    Any Thoughts on Baked Potatoes in the Dcb?

    I would love to take out my DCB since it's still packed and I've made a point to not unpack things until I need them so that they're still packed when we move again in July. I'm thinking of making Extra Stuffed Loaded Baked Potatoes. In increments of 2 (4, 6) in my DCB. Does anyone have any...
  3. Nep2nfly

    What Is the Best Knife for Cutting/Peeling Apples and Potatoes

    Hi, I'm new and have a customer who recently purchased the color coated paring knife. She says it's fine but she is looking for something that will better peel and cut apples and potatoes. She is very clear that she wants it to be a knife. Which knife would be the best for her? I was...
  4. C

    Can Scalloped Potatoes be Made in the DCB?

    I've never made them before but all of a sudden I have a craving for them for dinner tonight. Does anyone have a good simple recipe to share or know if they can be made in the DCB?
  5. Meigs

    Should I Peel Potatoes for Loaded Baked Potato Chowder?

    Just a stupid question..... Do I peel the potatoes before I start, for the Loaded Baked potato Chowder?? =-)
  6. U

    Perfect French Fries: Cut Your Potatoes Thin with a Mandoline

    Can you cut a potato the thickness of a french fry with the mandoline?
  7. kcjodih

    How to Roast Potatoes Perfectly for Your Roast Beef

    I know this seems like a silly question but I'll ask anyway :) How do YOU roast your potatoes? I'm making a huge roast beef - 8-10 LBS, can't remember since we had a family emergency and I had to freeze it at the last minute last month. I like to cook it in my plug in counter top roaster...
  8. ChefPaulaB

    How Long Should I Cook a Double Batch of Scalloped Potatoes in the DCB?

    Just wondering, if I make a double batch of Scalloped Potatoes in the DCB, so I double the whole cooking time or just add like an extra half hour or what? I have done it before (but not in the DCB, in the 9x13) but I can't remember the times... I seem to be having a little brain fog this...
  9. R

    Have You Tried Baked Cheesy Potatoes on a Bar Pan?

    I have a customer looking for a recipe for potatoes baked on the bar pan? The ones that are tossed with oil and some kind of cheese? Does anyone know what recipe this might be?
  10. ChefJoyJ

    Chicken Breasts W/ Potatoes, Onion, and Carrots in Dcb?

    Hi everyone. DH just called to tell me he's going to be home late from work, which scraps my grilling idea (thanks to my twisted knee...). Since it's a cloudy, MUCH cooler day than it's been lately, I feel like making a roast. However, didn't thaw meat in time for the crockpot. crockpot...
  11. M

    Transforming Mashed Potatoes: A Quick and Easy Recipe Using the DCB

    So after making the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder last week I got to thinking...why couldn't I make mashed potatoes in the DCB? So I did. I just cut them in half, added some milk, baked them 11 minutes, moved them around and baked them another 10 minutes then mashed with the Mix N Chop, added...
  12. A

    Super Moist Low Fat Breaded Chicken and Potatoes in the Dcb

    I came up with this recipe today for lunch when I need to cook some chicken I had thawed earlier in the week.1/2 cup Fat Free Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip 2 tbsp. of Picapepper Sauce, can substitue Ketchup or BBQ Sauce 1/2 cup of Seasoned Bread Crumbs (the kind you get in the container at the...
  13. wadesgirl

    Ricing Potatoes with a Cookie Press - A Surprising Success!

    I know I've raved about the cookie press but tonight I tried it for ricing potatoes. Wasn't really sure what to expect. It worked fabulous. I don't suggest it for large quantities as just the few servings I had didn't fit in the whole tube. But it was really easy to use and made really nice...
  14. I

    Baking Potatoes in the DCB Microwave: Whole Potato Experiment

    has anyone used whole potatoes (white or sweet) in the DCB in the microwave? was wondering if i could do a "baked" potato and not heat up the whole house.
  15. L

    Mashed Potatoes in a Batter Bowl: Microwave Instructions

    I think I read somewhere that you can make mashed potatoes in the classic batter bowl in the microwave. If so, can someone give me the details....time, amount of water, lid on or off. Thanks Danielle
  16. babywings76

    Potatoes With the New Parmesan-Garlic Seasoning

    I want to make some potatoes with these new seasonings on them. How would you recommend baking them? Stoneware or sheet pan? What temp. and how long?
  17. PamperedDor

    Delicious Roasted Potatoes with Parmesan Garlic Seasoning

    OK - so I was par boiling my potatoes for the roasted potatoes with my dinner tonight - looked and realized that I was on the phone while prepping and made way too many - any how - I decided to do them the "regular" way (so there are no complaints!) and take a few more and throw them in a ziploc...
  18. babywings76

    Easy Microwave Mashed Potatoes: Garlic, Sour Cream, and Cream Cheese Recipe

    How do I make mashed potatoes in the microwave? I was thinking of doing garlic mashed potatoes with sour cream or cream cheese, but have no idea really how to make it in the baker. Do I add water or use milk or both? Should I add the other things later or while it cooking? KWIM?
  19. babywings76

    Au Gratin or Scalloped Potatoes

    :chef: Which do you like best, what's the difference, will you share your recipe? :D
  20. S

    Looking for the Turkey Basics Mashed Potatoes Recipe?

    Does anyone have the mashed potatoes recipe from the Turkey Basics recipe collection. I can't find that recipe anywhere. Thanks. Sarah
  21. P

    Has Anyone Made Mashed Potatoes in the Rice Cooker?

    Has anyone made mashed poatoes in the rice cooker? I was talking to my SED this morning and she said that she heard about this. I don't have all the details, but you put raw peeled potatoes in the rice cooker - nothing else. Microwave on high for @ 15 mins. Then mash them with butter. She...
  22. ChefPaulaB

    Microwave Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

    Does anyone have a recipe for scalloped potatoes in the microwave, maybe in the DCB? TIA!
  23. ChefPaulaB

    Sweet Potatoes in the Dcb in Microwave?

    Hi, I'm trying to convert a recipe and need a little help... The recipe is called Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Apples and it's made on the grill in 4 individual foil packets... I'd like to make it in he Deep Covered Baker in the Microwave but not sure how to adjust the time... Here is the...
  24. C

    Director Delicious Baked Potatoes on the Bar Pan!

    Does anyone else love to bake potatoes on your bar pan? I scrub the potatoes really good; poke them with a fork a few times; rub a little vegetable oil on them; sprinkle them with salt (now our new salt); then cook them at 375 for about 1 1/2 hours. They are so yummy! We are having them...
  25. jrstephens

    Turn Leftover Mashed Potatoes into Pancakes!

    I have left over mashed potatoes. How do I turn them into potatoes pancakes? I usually do a shepherd's pie but I do not have enough left over for that, so, I thought I would turn them into little fried potatoe pancakes. I hope I am calling them the right thing.
  26. sherid

    Cheesy Potatoes in Microwave ??

    I though I seen someone post a recipe for cheese potatoes in the deep covered baker. If anyone knows could you let me know where the post is. Thanks
  27. kathijenkins

    Using the APampered ChefS for Fruits & Veggies: Beyond Apples & Potatoes

    I know this has probably been covered on here somewhere but I can't find it...what BESIDES apples & potatoes can you use the APCS with? My mom was wondering if you could peel oranges & that got me thinking...could you use it for cucumbers, kiwi, etc?:confused:
  28. T

    Easy Microwave Mashed Potatoes Recipe Using a Batter Bowl

    ok i heard this on an audio but can't find it now how do you make potatoes for your mashed potatoes in the microwave using the batter bowl. thanks
  29. whiteyteresa

    Is Adding Miracle Whip to Mashed Potatoes a Good Idea?

    For many many years now I have made mashed potates early in the day and then I put them in a crock pot - turn them of high for about 30 minutes and then on warm until we eat - this will be 4 to 5 hours later My cousin just came by to said "hi" to my dad and said that she has never heard of...
  30. jrstephens

    Delicious Italian Potatoes: A Thanksgiving Treat!

    Someone brought this to church last night for our Thanksgiving Meal. It was so good. I haven't tried making them myself yet. 2 cans sliced potatoes, drained 1/2 cup melted butter 1 packet of Italian Dressing mix Combine butter and seasoning and pour over potatoes. Bake on 350 for about...