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  1. Jennie4PC

    Batter bowl

    I was wondering if anyone has a list of the types of cake that you can make in the batter bowl i know you can do the doll, volcano and spider cake but im just wondering if anyone can post a few more for me Thanks a bunch Jennie
  2. V

    Batter Bowl Shine?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to clean up the batter bowl glass so it shines again? Mine are pretty dingy. :eek:
  3. K

    Barbie Batter Bowl Cake

    Where do I find the recipe for the Barbie Batter Bowl Cake? Thanks!
  4. P

    Graduation Batter Bowl Idea and ?????

    Hi all! Just wanted to fill you in on an idea in the works. A friend of mine decorates cakes, and hasn't had her party yet so I lent her my Classic Batter Bowl to make a graduation cake. She will be using the bowl cake for the skull cap part of a mortar board. For the flat part she is...
  5. C

    Batter Bowl Ideas

    Does anyone have ideas for the batter bowl, like cookie ingredients in the jar as a gift? I saw this once but cany find it anymore Thanks
  6. DebPC

    Batter Bowl Cake Ideas

    Originally posted under Chef's Lounge by Karen. Below are some ideas that I have in a Word document, however the document was too large to attach. Ant- Frost one 1QT and two 2QT cakes black or chocolate. Place them in a three section line (the 1QT cake is the head and the two 2QT cakes are...
  7. S

    Batter Bowl Cake Variations

    My son has his Boy Scout Banquet tomorrow night. They are doing a Father/Son Cake decorating contest. Anyone have any ideas for decorating a cake using a Batter Bowl Cake?