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What is batter: Definition and 153 Discussions

  1. P

    Looking for an Old Classic Batter Bowl with Closed Handle?

    Does anyone have an old Classic Batter Bowl with the closed handle they would like to sell?
  2. raebates

    Batter Bowl Gifts: Looking for Cookie & Soup Recipes?

    I am probably just missing it, but I cannot find the recipe/tag for Batter Bowl gifts. I want to offer these this year. (It's been a few years since I did this, but the white chocolate prep bowls last year were a HUGE hit.) Anyone have these at your fingertips? If I remember correctly there was...
  3. B

    Looking for a Lid for the Old 2 Qt. Glass Batter Bowl

    Please contact me if you have one. It's for our mail carrier. He's in the dog house since melting the lid to the batter bowl. Thank you!
  4. C

    Looking for a Gently Used, Retired Small Batter Bowl with Lid?

    I have a very gently used Small Batter Bowl/w lid - old style. Asking $6 + shipping
  5. C

    *Old* Classic Batter Bowl Lid Only

    Just looking for a lid to the OLD 8-cup batter bowl.Thanks!
  6. doughmama

    Fs - Necklace With Classic Batter Bowl Charm

    FS - new P Chef necklace and October batter bowl charm. $18 plus shipping. paypal only.
  7. Bren706

    Are the New Batter Bowls with Pour Spout Easy to Pour From?

    Has anyone had any problems pouring from the batter bowls? I did a customer care call with a customer yesterday and she was disappointed that they didn't pour well and dripped a lot.
  8. jpanzenhagen

    How can I remove stains from my new batter bowl lid?

    I just took the lid from my new batter bowl out of the dishwasher and it is stained. It was washed with dishes that had spaghetti sauce on them and seems to have absorbed the color from it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it looking white again?
  9. S

    Review: New Classic Batter Bowl - Is it a Hit or Miss?

    Dare I say, I'm not loving the new batter bowl the way I love the old one. It feels really wide and I don't like the handle. It feels too short for such a large heavy bowl. Does anyone agree with me?
  10. Admin Greg

    What do you think of the Newly Designed Batter Bowls?

    Please discuss the Newly Designed Batter Bowls. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  11. mspibb

    Bless My Momma, Broken Batter Bowl

    Venting! My aunt who lives in Indiana (I'm in TN) emails that she wants to buy her granddaughter a classic batter bowl. My mom moved in with me last year and we not only have 3 of those she just had a fundraiser and got the HWC pink lid ones so I said why don't we just send her one of ours? So...
  12. Kristin Radunz

    Iso: Batter Bowls W/ Pink Lids

    I have a customer looking for another set of batter bowls with pink lids. She got one set, but she is looking for another set. Pink is VERY important to her! If anyone has any to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  13. DebPC

    DIP AWAY!!"Cake Batter Dip: Grab a Dip Stick and Go!

    ~CAKE BATTER DIP! What you'll need for 2-1/2 cups of Cake Batter Dip: 2/3 cup Milk 1 cup (heaping) Funfetti Cake Mix..dry! 2 oz. Cream Cheese (1/4 of an 8oz. brick) 1-6oz. container of Vanilla Yogurt 7oz. Marshmallow Fluff (an entire container) Mini Choc. Chips for garnish...
  14. DebPC

    Want to Try These Adorable Batter Bowl Cakes?

  15. gailz2

    Batter Dispenser Would Be a Nice New Product

  16. H

    Replacement Part for Classic Batter Bowl

    I emailed home office but you guys are usually faster. I have a client looking for the classic batter bowl lid. I didn't see it on the replacement list? I thought she could purchase just the lid please let me know. thank you
  17. L

    Looking for a Batter Bowl Gift Order Form?

    I was wondering if anyone has an order form made up for the Batter Bowl mixes? I have looked for one on here but haven't found one. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  18. jcsmilez

    Batter Bowl Fundraiser - Good Price for Bowls?

    I'm doing a batter bowl fundraiser again for a group of 5th graders but am stuck not being sure what to price the bowls at. In the past we priced the bowls at $15, donating my commission the organization made some great money and it was a huge hit. Since then unfortunately the bowls, shipping...
  19. thehaleykitchen

    Unique Batter Bowl Gift Flyer for Easy Gifting - Order Now!

    Anyone have a great Batter Bowl Gift flyer? Wanting to offer up orders for the batter bowls with the dry mixes in them as gifts (they buy the bowl and add a few bucks for ingredients and I make them up). Thanks, Karen
  20. V

    Cowboy Chili - Batter Bowl Gift

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and have a question regarding the Cowboy Chili recipe that can be given premade with the Small Batter Bowl as a gift. I know the recipe is an older one so it lists spices in the ingredients. Does anyone know if (of has anyone tried) substituting all the spices in the...
  21. T

    Looking for a Batter Bowl Cake Recipe? Can anyone share it?

    Does anyone have the recipe to make a cake in the Batter Bowl? I have a customer that is looking for one. Thanks. Tina
  22. AJPratt

    Storing Waffle Batter Overnight

    I wanted to make batter for waffles tonight to have for the morning. I was going to make it and store it in the fridge in the batter bowl. Can I do this? Will they be OK? Has anyone tried it? As you can see, I am a little neurotic about my waffles. LOL
  23. finley1991

    Director Make Roasted Garlic in Minutes: Small Batter Bowl Recipe"

    At my Feb Shows, I'm going to show how to make Roasted Garlic in the Small Batter Bowl using the technique from the Microwave White Chicken Chili recipe. Using the Small Santoku Knife, slice about ¼-inch off the pointed top of the garlic head to expose the cloves. Place the garlic, cut-side...
  24. N

    Want to Support SAT Prep with Batter Bowl Gift Mixes?

    I found this in the files but I changed it around a bit. The original flyer had the price at $25 but the batter bowl, scoop, whisk, scraper and ladle have all gone up so if people want to add the kitchen tool with their order, I'm charging $27 total. Just enough to cover the cost of batter bowl...
  25. Dotty

    Find the Perfect Medium Batter Bowl for Your Kitchen | Iso Batter Bowls

    I have a customer who just asked for a medium batter bowl. Apparently his wife had a set of 3 batter bowls purchased a long time ago. The medium one broke and he's looking to replace it for her. Has anyone heard of this or have one?
  26. ginamkiely

    Quick Help Needed: Volcano Cake in Small Batter Bowl

    Hi, I need help quick! I'm trying to make a volcano cake for my son who's home sick today and I need to make a cake in the small batter bowl and the classic batter bowl. I read the classic takes 1 hr 10 min, but does anyone know how long to make the cake in the small batter bowl?? THANKS SO...
  27. gailz2

    Batter Bowl and Prep Cup on Dollar General Video??

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook What do you think? I was amazed when looking at this video from Dollar General it appears they are using the PC Batter Bowl, and if you look closely towards the chef in the 2nd recipe, I think I see our Prep Cup. What do you think?
  28. jcsmilez

    Batter Bowl Fundraiser: Tips for Getting Approval and Maximizing Sales

    So, I think I read on here a while back (from Scott, I think) about doing a batter bowl fundraiser. So with great excitement I have promoted this as an option. Now, I've had a group take me up on it, so I called HO about a large order of small batter bowls and they say I have to get it...
  29. RMDave

    Are New Batter Bowl Covers More Decorative Than Functional?

    Has anybody seen the new covers? How are they different? Hopefully you don't have to wrestle them to get a batter bowl covered.
  30. cookingwithdot

    Upgrade Your Batter Bowl with Improved Lids - Get Yours at Spring Launch!

    I just read this in the Special Edition Consultant News: New and Improved Batter Bowl Lids Our new Batter Bowl lids fit better than before, because they are now made of the same material as the Trifle Bowl lid. Spring Launch attendees received a set of new lids for free! I went to a...