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What is form: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    Get Your Outside Order Form Now - Quick & Easy Process | TIA!

    Hi can someone please post a Outside order form for me, I'm at work and can't access the PC site for some reason. TIA!!
  2. BeachBabyMom

    Blank Customer Information Form

    Good morning, all. I'm relatively new to PC and completed almost all of my online training on CC. During the training (or at some time during my travels around CC to get familiar) I was sure I saw a blank customer/guest information sheet to write down their contact information, shows the...
  3. higoobs

    Need a Quick Solution for Collecting 2014 Data? Try This HWC Form!

    i took someones last years and made it for this year. Hope it helps everyone out there
  4. MissyPC

    Get Your HWC 2014 Order Form Now - Easy & Convenient!

    HWC 2014 Order Form - Has anyone made one of these for this year? It was such a hit at my son's daycare last year. I have no idea how to create it but I know I got last years from this site. Thanks in advance
  5. K

    May and June Outside Order Form

    Does anybody have an Outside Order Form for May and June in a Word Document that includes the spot for the Pantry items? I've seen some but there are none with the Pantry section. I like the one PC offers but can't edit the few things that I want and couldn't find a word version of the PC OOF...
  6. S

    **Help Whip Cancer Order Form**

    I am in need of the 2013 Help Whip Cancer products order form. Does anyone have one made up that I could borrow? Thank you,
  7. DebPC

    Most Common Form of Communication

    What is (are) your most frequent form of communication(s) with your customers, hosts, and recruits. Is it email, telephone, text, or other?
  8. DebPC

    Find Parts Replacement Form on Our Website | Get Pricing Information

    I swear I looked in every nook and crany of the website and can't find it. Can someone direct me to it? I want to check on pricing for a part. Thanks!
  9. T

    Looking for a Generic Outside Order Form for Any Month? Check This Out!

    Hi, does anyone have a generic Outside Order form that could be used any month? Thanks! I'd love to have something like this to put in packets that I give out at the show, that way my packets wouldn't be month specific. Theresa
  10. C

    Where Did Bulk Panties Go?: Supply Order Form Confusion

    Are the bulk panty items discontinued? I don't see them on the supply order form.
  11. sailorsarah

    HWC 2013 Order Form: Updated for New Items

    I stole this form from the files list (don't know who designed it, but big thank you!) and updated it for this year's items.
  12. S

    Digital Catalog for Offline Viewing | PDF Version Available | iPad Compatible

    Does anyone have a digital copy of the catalog I can keep on my iPad for offline viewing? I was hoping someone would have one. Thanks
  13. wadesgirl

    Trouble Downloading January Non-Taxable Order Form

    Can anyone else get the non-taxable order form for January downloaded from Consultant's Corner? It keeps taking me to something other than that page.
  14. Dina Atnip

    What is the Tax Form for Booth Vendors?

    I am doing a booth and they want some form about the taxes and how we are covered or something like that I looked in downloads and can't find it any help at all please.
  15. kisrae

    Get Your Hands on the HWC Pink Product: Pre-Order Now!

    Does anyone have a flier for pre-orders of the pink product to share. I have a client who only wants to sell the pink products so I want to give her a made up order form so she can keep track of who orders Thanks:)
  16. K

    October Outside Order Form - Create in Word | SEO-Friendly

    Does anyone have an October Outside Order form that you created in Word. thanks, Karen
  17. ChefPeg

    October 2012 Hwc Items Order Form

    It's not fillable, because I don't have that capability, but here's one I designed last night based on the one PC put out last year. eta: removed order form because gloves are no longer being sold. Will update and post a new one.
  18. P

    Urgent Is a Generic July Outside Order Form Available for Inactive PC Status?

    Hello, Would someone be willing to provide a generic July Outside Order Form that I could use please. My PC status was changed to inactive and I need one ASAP. Thank you!
  19. pamperedbecky

    Director Seeking HWC Order Form - Have You Seen One?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen a HWC order form circulating this year? In past years, I've seen a "girl scout cookie style" order form with columns people can check with the various pink products listed across the top. Does anyone have one for this year's products? If so, could you post it...
  20. E

    May 2012 Outside Order Form: Get It Here!

    Has anyone created the May 2012 Outside Order Form yet? A couple of team members are asking me for it as they have early May shows. Thank you in advance to the talented, computer-savvy Pampered Chef who posts one!!!
  21. cookingwithlove

    Create a May Order Form: Instructions & Ideas

    One of you creative types have a May Order Form done yet?
  22. T

    Has Anyone Created a Market & Lunch Tote Order Form Similar to the HWC One?

    First off, I'm very thankful to all who take the time to create the wonderful fillable forms and order forms posted on Chef Sucess. Thank you for helping all of us be successful! Has anyone created an order form for the Market & Lunch Tote similar to the HWC order form? I was thinking of...
  23. H

    Comparing Show Order Form vs. 2-Ply for Supply Orders

    I am putting in a supply order, and I noticed that there is something called a "Show Order Form". I usually use the 2-ply, but am wondering what this other form is. It's not the one you can print receipts on. Does anyone know?
  24. kam

    Customize Your HWC Order with Our Easy Fillable Form - May 2012 Products

    I have been asked several times about doing this order form for the current May 2012 HWC products. Instead of doing a several versions (tax on shipping, no tax on shipping, etc), here is what I have done: There are fillable areas under "Tax" and "S&H". You would fill in your tax rate under...
  25. esavvymom

    Tax Categories for the Schedule C Form

    Two years ago, my DH had gone through my P3 business expenses reports, and using the tax laws at the time, TurboTax, and the Schedule C form, he came up with this "cheat sheet" for me to help me categorize my business expenses. I prepare my reports, and then give him everything in the correct...
  26. W

    Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form

    I was just able to pull up the new Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form!! All you have to do is go to CC and click on the Fall/Winter Supply Order Form link and when it pulls up, back over the fw letters at the end of the link and change them to ss and boom.........there it is!!
  27. W

    Seeking Spring/Summer 2012 Supply Order Form

    Has anyone seen the new supply order form for Spring/Summer 2012? I was inactive in January, so I didn't know if maybe that's why I can't see it. If anyone has it, would you share it please.
  28. P

    Director Looking for Team Member Q&A Form - Help Appreciated!

    I'm looking for a form I saw probably around this time last year. It's basically a form for team members asking "What do You Want from your Business and How Much Help do you want from me?" Type of Q&A. Y'all know what I'm referring to? I'd love a copy if you have something like this...
  29. D

    Director Need a Party Booking Form? Get Help Here!

    I was wondering if anyone has a booking form that you use for when someone books a party? Looking to start using this but cannot seem to get a go on it. Thanks!
  30. P

    January 2012 Order Form: Find the Perfect Template for Your Business Needs

    Hi everyone. Has anyone done a January 2012 Order Form yet. I've searched and haven't found one. (I don't care for the ones HO provides.)