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What is market: Definition and 77 Discussions

  1. J

    Flea Market & Limited Rules...help?!

    I have a booth set up at my local flea market tomorrow, and my in-laws partially own the market. They told me that I can set up a PC display, but I cannot collect anyone's information...so what's a girl to do? Apparently Scentsy & Avon consultants are there all the time...so how am I supposed to...
  2. C

    Affordable Pampered Chef Banners for Farmer's Market

    Pampered Chef banners. Don't want to pay too much. Just need a few for Farmer's Market. No certain size or color requirement. Thank you
  3. N

    forSale: Umbrella,Apron,Cool and Serve, Luggage, Market Tote

    Hi Everyone!! I am a consultant that is going out of business! I have earned several of the incentive items and will be listing them as I clean out! For sale as of now: The paisley umbrella - 40.00 includes shipping the Paisley apron $28.00 includes shipping Cool and Serve Tote -...
  4. C

    New Market Tote - $18 w/Domestic Shipping - [email protected]

    I have one of the Market Totes that is new from the wrapper, but I took it out for a moment at a show to display it. It's available if anyone is interested. $18 includes domestic shipping. Contact me off group at [email protected]
  5. wadesgirl

    Shopping for Market Tote: Find Great Deals with No Shipping!

    My niece forgot to order the market tote on her show last month. I'm looking for one (preferably new) but at a good price. I feel bad because she should have got it at her discount and without paying shipping otherwise I would just put an individual order in.
  6. Kjurich

    Non-Commission Market Tote/Lunch Box Order - Availability & Date Change

    I tried to place a non commision order last night so I could get the market tote/lunch box but it keeps telling me its not available to change the date . . . Can I not get one through a non commision order?
  7. babywings76

    Master the Art of Folding a Market Tote in 15 Minutes

    I'm leaving in about 15 min. and for some reason I can't get the Market tote to fold up correctly. I've done it before several times, but for some crazy reason I can't remember it right now. I'm packing up and getting ready to leave for my booth. lol Help me! (or provide a link to where the...
  8. S

    Cooking Show at a Farmer's Market

    Hey Everyone! I registered to have a booth at a farmer's market and they requested that I have a 30 minute cooking show on stage. I'm a ham - so I'm not too concerned about the presenting on stage - however, I am having trouble thinking of recipes that I can showcase the products at the...
  9. K

    Dimensions of Mothers Day Market Tote

    Does anyone have or can measure the mothers day market tote for me? I have a customer who wants to order one but needs the dimensions first. I do not have this so I can not measure myself otherwise I would. Thanks in advance. Kayleigh
  10. esavvymom

    Mother's Day Market Tote- Can Someone Modify This Flyer??

    I tried to do this myself, because I hate to bother you wonderful ladies who always make the flyers, but alas, I don't have the right tools on my computer to do it.Is it possible to modify the attached Market Tote Flyer so it can be used for Customers?? I love the "7 Ways" list for the tote, and...
  11. T

    Has Anyone Created a Market & Lunch Tote Order Form Similar to the HWC One?

    First off, I'm very thankful to all who take the time to create the wonderful fillable forms and order forms posted on Chef Sucess. Thank you for helping all of us be successful! Has anyone created an order form for the Market & Lunch Tote similar to the HWC order form? I was thinking of...
  12. M

    What Are the Dimensions of the Lunch Tote in Hollie's Sale?

    I'm selling both of the February incentive totes together for $35 shipped! Please send me a PM if you have paypal and are interested.-Hollie
  13. J

    Fs New Market Tote & Lunch on the Go Tote

    PM me if interested.
  14. K

    Director Have You Received Your Market Tote and Lunch Tote Yet?

    Has anyone received their market tote and lunch tote for submitting 2 shows this month. Karen
  15. P

    Urgent Finding Your Niche as a Consultant in a Competitive Market

    To a potential recruit who is concerned about there being too many consultants in the same area?
  16. A

    Director Veggie Cooking Demo Ideas for Farmers Market

    I am going to be doing a "cooking demonstration" at a farmers market type place and am wondering if anyone does these and has anything that they are doing with different veggies? I am going to do some salsas, demo the wedgers and the mandoline and the new potato chip maker... looking for any...
  17. Barry Carlton

    Unleashing Your Pet Business: Tap into the Pet Market

    My wife brought this recipe home from her sub lunch lady job and it got me to thinking about how much people love their pets and what we might be able to do to tap into that market. (I know there are some flooring installers around the country marketing to pet owners with great...
  18. F

    Holiday Market Booth- Tiny Event?!

    I am doing my first booth this weekend for a very small holiday market in my very small hometown. There are only going to be 4 other booths there. It was short notice (the organizer just called me last week) but I wanted to do it since it was in my hometown and I moved away a little over a...
  19. JackieB999

    Discover the Perfect Cash-N-Carry Gifts for Christmas Markets | Tips & Ideas"

    Hi y'all... I have 2 vendor markets scheduled for November and I'd like to have some cash-n-carry gifts for people to buy on the spot. But since I need to make an inital investment, what do you suggest I bring? Does anyone have experience with Christmas Markets? What have you sold there? These...
  20. T

    Maximize Your Farmers Market Table: Tips for Setting Up and Driving Bookings

    I have a table at a Farmers Market this weekend. Any tips on how to set up? What do to to ensure I get some bookings or orders? What should I display? Thanks!
  21. lockhartkitchen

    Can Cooking Shows at a Saturday Market Boost Your Business?

    I visited my town's Saturday indoor market today and fell upon a great opportunity. They are setting up a full kitchen with sink, demo island, etc. They were looking for someone who could demo recipes. She loves Pampered Chef and wants me to do them. It will bring people in, and I can sell my...
  22. PamperedSD

    Have you seen our locally grown and made Farmers Market booth?

    I have been doing my Farmers Market for a couple of months now. Here are a few pictures. It is a small FM in a rual area just outside of where I live. I just made a banner on vista print and will be ordering one from Merill soon. Let me know what you think THANKS!
  23. P

    How Do You Warm up Your Cold Market?

    If you don't know what cold market is don't worry for a long time I didn't even know. What cold marketing is is talking to people you don't know. I would like to know how people deal with their cold market potential customers. As right now cold marketing is my only option. Everyone on my...
  24. PamperedSD

    Should I Bring Host Packets to My First Farmers Market?

    I'm doing my first Farmers Market this weekend. I'm not sure what to do when people are intersted in a show. Should I have a generic host packet made up and brought with me and hand them to them before them leave my booth or should I mail it to them? Thanks! :)
  25. B

    Farmers Market Is Doing a Website

    Hey The Farmers Market I am doing is going to do a website and wants to list the vendors. Can I list myself on their website and can I have them link to my website from there? Should I call corporate to verify? ;)
  26. P

    Farmers Market???? Is It Alowed

    I was so excited about the possibility of doing a farmers market in my area but then I read this in the consultant agreement <quote>I will promote and sell Company products to customers by regularly holding Cooking Shows. I will not sell Company products on unauthorized Web sites on the...
  27. B

    Creating a Buzz at the Farmers Market - Tips and Tricks!

    So I have been working hard to find something consistent to build my business. I found a local farmers market which I am able to get into and am really excited about it. What I want to know is what would you do to build excitement week after week. Obviously I will have people who are there week...
  28. esavvymom

    What Do You Say? "Saturated Market"

    I was recently at my folks in Ohio this past week and a half. I saw my SIL one evening. She brought her forged cutlery over for me to 'sharpen' ;) (hone)- since I brought my gadget up for her for that purpose. Somehow we were talking about PC stuff, and she said "I was thinking about selling...
  29. J

    Need Suggestions for Farmer's Market Booth

    As some of you know I am doing a booth for a Farmer's Market. It will be once a week for 16 weeks. I don't know if I should do any kind of drawing because the leads I've gotten from previous booths haven't done very well and since I haven't gotten very many bookings I can't really afford to be...
  30. J

    Need Suggestions for Farmer's Market Booth

    As some of you know I am doing a booth for a Farmer's Market. It will be once a week for 16 weeks. I don't know if I should do any kind of drawing because the leads I've gotten from previous booths haven't done very well and since I haven't gotten very many bookings I can't really afford to be...