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What is veggie: Definition and 52 Discussions

  1. M

    Cooking a Cold Veggie Lasagna: Time Considerations

    Will an assembled casserole that is refrigerated overnight, take longer get to bale because it's cold throughout? It's a veggie lasagna and it's in a rectangular 9x13 baking pan.
  2. Jess Olstad

    Get Your Veggie Strip Maker E-Book Today - Share with Your Customers!

    Hi! Does anyone have a veggie strip maker e-book or they would be willing to share? I have a lot of customers that order this product and are asking for one. Thank you for your help! - Jess
  3. M

    Veggie Spiralizer: The Don'ts of Veggie Noodles

    So what can you NOT do with a Veggie Spializer? I made zucchini noodles the other day and it was much easier - just make sure your vegetables are fresh and not soft in the middle - or you will get mush. What are your thoughts?
  4. SherryLynn

    Order Now: Experience the Convenience of Veggie Strip Maker!

    Has anyone tried this yet? I know you can order it now and it's sitting in my cart. I will be ordering it in a few days. What are your thoughts?
  5. C

    Chillzane Rectangular Veggie Tray: Guarantee/Warranty Q&A

    I have a customer who says her Chillzane rectangular veggie tray(obviously bought years ago) doesn't stay cold and is curious about returning it. I assume it's just old, but she asked - Anyone know what the guarantee/waranty was?
  6. Admin Greg

    The Corn and Veggie Brush: Tips, Reviews, Ideas & Thoughts

    Please discuss the Corn and Veggie Brush. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  7. esavvymom

    Discover the Delicious and Nutritious Pampered Chef Veggie Cake Recipe!"

    has anyone heard of a Pampered Chef "Veggie Cake" recipe? I met a lady last night who loved it from a show she went to. She said it was a PC show, and the lady made a chocolate cake with carrots, zucchini, etc in it, and it was very good. I had never heard of it, but I pretended I knew what...
  8. B

    Veggie Slicer - Used 2-3 Times - $20 Shipped

    I have a veggie slicer that was used 2-3 times to try it out. Don't really have room in my drawer for it. $20 includes shipping.
  9. C

    Used Veggie Spiralizer - Like New!

    I would be glad to sell mine. I only used it once to try it on a carrot.
  10. C

    Director Veggie Slicer Discontinued: Disappointing News for Consultants

    Boo! I was hoping they would announce that it was available so I made up all my host packets without the "not available" stickers. I guess I need to fix them. Since it had been gone for so long I figured they weren't bringing it back but when they shipped all the back orders a few weeks ago I...
  11. NooraK

    Veggie Slicer Discontinued: Quality Issues Cited

    Just received this email:
  12. O

    Fog Brain? Need Help with Veggie Slicer Shipping

    Good morning! I think I have a fog brain and I need your help. Now that the Veggie Slicer is being shipped to those who ordered - is it being shipped to the host? or to the customer? Wasnt this printed somewhere or did I dream it? Any and all help is appreciated!!:yuck:
  13. chefjeanine

    Urgent Important Product Update - Veggie Slicer

    Dear Consultant, I have some disappointing news to share with you about the Veggie Slicer, item #2584. During recent inspections of incoming products, we've observed inconsistent quality in the product's performance. As a result, we are putting this item on Stop Sell. This means, beginning...
  14. veggiemama

    Delicious Veggie Recipes for DCB: Tips from a New Consultant

    I am a new consultant considering investing in the DCB. At this point I only want to buy products that I will find useful in my own kitchen as well as for shows. I have heard all the amazing meat dishes you can make with the DCB. Our family is is vegetarian. Does any one use this for...
  15. 1PamperedMommy

    Two Pantry Shows: Tips & Tricks & Veggie Slicing

    So I'm jumping on the band wagon and doing two pantry shows this week. Do you guys have any tips to share? I've seen the other posts, but am looking for things you learned after doing the show. What would you have done differently? What was a success? Also, I was planning to slice...
  16. A

    Director Veggie Cooking Demo Ideas for Farmers Market

    I am going to be doing a "cooking demonstration" at a farmers market type place and am wondering if anyone does these and has anything that they are doing with different veggies? I am going to do some salsas, demo the wedgers and the mandoline and the new potato chip maker... looking for any...
  17. wadesgirl

    Vote for Your Favorite Sour Cream/Mayo Veggie Dip!

    I'm making the sour cream/mayo dips tomorrow and was wondering what your favorite is. We'll be serving it with veggies.
  18. mountainmama74

    I'm Obsessed With the Veggie Wedger

    Oh. My. Gosh. This thing is SUPER FANTASTIC!! I've wedged: Green Pepper Red Pepper Onion Lime And that's it so far. It worked PERFECTLY for all these things!! I want to try it on EVERYTHING! I love that it has the base that allows the blades to go all the way through whatever...
  19. L

    Favorite Pantry Item for Veggie Dip

    I am looking for suggestions for favorite, most popular pantry item to use at a show tomorrow night to serve with veggies.
  20. wadesgirl

    Cheap and Easy Veggie Soup Recipe: Pampered Chef or NonPampered Chef!

    I'm looking for a good, cheap and easy to make veggie soup recipe. I don't have the new soups, stews and chilis book to see if there are any in there. PC or nonPC recipes are okay! Anybody want to share?
  21. K

    Replacement Lid for Chillzane Veggie Tray

    do they sell a replacement lid for the circle chillzane tray? I saw one for the rectangler one.... Thanks
  22. byrd1956

    Brain Freeze: Garlic Storage & Veggie Pizza

    ok, I must be having a brain freeze today..... is the fridge the best place to store garlic? and is is ok to completely put the cool veggie pizza together today, keep it in the fridge overnight and serve if for lunch tomorrow....or should I spread the cream cheese mixture on it and add the...
  23. krackley

    Veggie Tray Ideas for Your Next Event: Tips from a New Mom with Allergy Savvy!

    I just had a baby who had some serious allergy issues, but now that she's better (we know what not to feed her!!), I'm getting back into business right where I left off! In fact, my first show is tonight! I'm planning to do the Chocolate Mousse Cups and a veggie tray. I was thinking I'd do...
  24. R

    Cool Veggie Pizza: Show Outline & Tips for Hosting

    Does anyone have a show outline for the cool veggie pizza? My hostess for tomorrow evening has asked me to make it. She just loves it. t looks simple. I've never made it. Can anyone help me? Any tips? Any recipe adjustments?
  25. wadesgirl

    Easy Electric Veggie Steaming: Success on My First Try!

    I used mine for the first time last night. I have an electric one that is such a PITA. There are so many pieces to it that have to be cleaned, assembled, take up room, etc. I made broccoli and cauliflower in it. It turned out really great and so easy to use! Although DH, who didn't read the...
  26. C

    Veggie Pizza Recipe from a Show: Help Needed!

    I have a host for next month that wants to make a veggie pizza that was made at a show she went to some years ago, does anyone know what she is talking about and does anyone have the recipe for me? Thanks in advance.
  27. byrd1956

    Can You Make Cool Veggie Pizza Ahead of Time?

    I am having a brain freeze...:eek:.. Will the cool veggie pizza be ok if I put it completely together and keep it in the fridge overnight?? Thanks!!
  28. ChefMary412

    Cool Veggie Pizza with Prepared Dough: Can It Work?

    Can I make the cool veggie pizza with prepared pizza dough? I have it and wanted to use it up. I thought it might work...
  29. B

    Cool Veggie Pizza - With Cheese?

    I am considering doing the Cool Veggie Pizza for a demo soon and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it with a little grated parmesan on top? I have never tried the recipe before but I will use ANY excuse to whip out my Microplane Adjustable Grater at a party (LOVE IT!:love:) and was hoping...