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What is work: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Richard891

    Which Moretti Forni Oven Model is Best for Expanding My Pizza Business?

    Hi, I run a small pizza place in Etobicoke. Recently, I have been thinking of expanding the place. As I have enough customers now. When I started, there weren’t many people visiting. But, now it's not the same. I need to increase the shop area and also need to upgrade the appliances, to make the...
  2. scottcooks

    Freezer Club May Be More Work at First for Less Effort Eventually

    I'm eager to hear about anyone's success with Freezer Club shows for guests. I'm anxious about the outlay for guests in product (which gives the consultant the "show orders") plus foodstuffs to make their recipes. I'm sure there is a market out there for this, though!a
  3. esavvymom

    "How Do I Work With the Price Objection?" Tip From Tammy Stanley

    Saw this tip on Tammy Stanley's website today: So for OUR shows, we could say "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you use it."
  4. K

    How Often Should You Update Your Tote Bag Photos?

    a few yeas ago for Christmas, my grandmother gave me a tote bag that you can insert pictures into the front of. This bag is perfect to use like a briefcase to carry catalogs, order forms, pens, ect. Anyway, I haven't changed the pictures in the bag since 2010. I notcied today one of my...
  5. K

    Boiling Over No More: Does It Work? Testimonials Needed!

    I read the thread of the Boil Over No More when it was launcehd in the spring. What I would like to know, is if it actually works. I read how it's great that it has more than one purpose, but didn't read if it actually prevents boil overs? Does anyone have one of these? Do you use it...
  6. byrd1956

    Barbecue Chicken Pie Recipe with Easy Prep and Delicious Flavor!

    I am batting zero this month. I have no Deep Dish Pie Plate, so do you think I could do this in the Bar Pan and use 2 pie crusts? Barbecue Chicken Pie Ingredients: 1/2 package (15 ounces) refrigerated pie crust (1 crust) 4 green onions with tops, thinly sliced (about 1/2 cup) 1...
  7. DebPC

    Unbeatable Quality: Our Best Work Yet!

  8. L

    Dessert Recipe to Impress My Work

    Hi, my work is doing a Valentines Day Dessert Bake off & I want to do something that will impress everyone using one of our recipes. I don't have the Deep Covered Baker yet, (ordered last night so it may get here by VDay) but any suggestions?
  9. C

    Block Pools as Fundraisers: Making it Work!

    Has anyone done block pools as fundraisers? How does this work? I see that you can buy blocks for a certain amount..say $5 or $10. But how do you make this a show when products are not being purchased? If you could share you block pools too that would be great! Maureen Schoenberger
  10. J

    Will It Ever Work Again...with Another Job???

    My GOODNESS! I would so love to get PC up and rocking again. I miss it so much (still active, but by the skin of teeth every other month)! But, I seriously can't seem to figure out how to fit it in with my full-time job. I'm starting to really like that now too, and we desparately need the...
  11. L

    Ugh!!! How Do You Work With This Host?

    I have a host who doesn't have email (but her son does.) She doesn't have a landline and NEVER picks up her cell phone and only texts me.... I tried for a month to get ahold of her to no avail, and then she emails me that we were onfor last Thursday, last Tuesday. Again no response to any...
  12. T

    What About a Host That Doesn't Want to Work With You?

    My host is excited about the show, it's the first time she is hosting a party for selling something, but when we talked about getting outside orders from those who can't attend, or whoever, she says she won't do that, she will not try to sell anything to others, and clearly told me that is my...
  13. byrd1956

    Hostess Can't Get Website to Work for Her...advice???

    I received this message today and do not know what to tell her. "Cannot get your hostess site to work for me. Have tried twice with no luck. When I attempt to import email addresses from Aol, it says that I have no contacts. Please help."
  14. T

    Does Pampered Chef Have a Colander That Would Work for Rinsing Quinoa?

    I have a host that want to pick a product that she can rinse the quinoa in and the Stainless Steel colanders have to large of a mesh. Would the 7" strainer work? Or maybe the skimmer?
  15. kdangel518

    Tips to Work Smarter Not Harder?

    I am restarting my PC biz after just having a baby- I am returning to my full time job in 12 days and absolutely dreading it :-( I would like to build up my biz enough that I can replace my current income with PC. I am looking for tips to work my biz SMARTER and not HARDER since I will be...
  16. M

    MS & Disability: Can I Work as a Consultant? - Expert Advice

    I have a customer that has MS. Right now she is able to hold down a full-time job but knows that sooner or later she will probably have to go on disability. She has been interested in PC for a long time and wondered if it is possible, from a legal standpoint, to be a consultant while on...
  17. P

    Urgent Entering the Guest Special: How Online Orders Work

    How does a customer enter the guest special when ordering online or can she not if the order isn't tied to a show???
  18. D

    Work W/ Shows Vs Customer Connection Question

    Hello, I just qualified for my 3 free months with a website. I've imported my contacts from P3 and my previous shows and would like to send a "Thank you for your order email" to guests from a specific show from my website. From the Personal Website Assistant page, I clicked on Work with Your...
  19. esavvymom

    (Finding Time to Work Your Business) When You Already Feel Overworked

    I got this article today in Tammy's e-zine newsletter. I had to share it, since I know it fits ALOT of us- me included!!! (as I sit here facing a mound of school-books/papers to put away; Cub Scout to-do list as long as my arm, and of course, my PC cust. call list and SUYB homework. :) I...
  20. baychef

    Director Discover the Schedule for Paper Work Arrival | Easy Online Search

    Can anyone tell me where to find this? I have looked in the past CN's and directories on line and cannot find the schedule. It bugs me that I can not find it myself :grumpy: Thank you in advance!
  21. fotojunkie

    Boost Sales with Lunchtime Work Express Shows | Cool & Serve Tray Ideas"

    Hello everyone! Since I'm currently working half days on Friday at my job during the summer, I've decided to do some lunchtime shows at my hosts' work place, to help boost their sales. I definately intend to use the Cool & Serve Tray, but I'm also looking for some recipe ideas. Thanks!
  22. PamperedchefDaly

    Are Your Newsletter Links Not Working?

    I always send a newsletter to myself (under several addresses) so that I can check to see when they were sent. This month, I clicked on different links--recipes, etc., and I was directed to a blank page. This happened on all the newsletters I received. I checked with my upline and she had...
  23. wadesgirl

    Post-It Notes Work for Out & About Contacts!

    I want to start off by saying I LOVE my sling tote!! I also wanted to share that putting post-it notes for contact information on mini catalogs is an easy and effective way to make sure you get their information! It's easy when you hand them the mini catalog to just ask them to write their...
  24. T

    Hwc Fundraiser -- Will This Work?

    I am trying to come up with a fundraiser plan for the HWC products. I was thinking that I would try to find nurses that I know from some of the area hospitals and ask if they would be willing to get the information out to their fellow employees. I want to set up the fundraiser show on my...
  25. S

    What is the Timeline for Ordering Spring Paperwork and Catalog Product Numbers?

    When can we start ordering spring paperwork? I have a bunch of host that I need to get them too. Sarah

    Would the Dcb Work for a Bean Pot?

    Ok I went to a celebrating home party and bought a recipe book. The recipies call for the bean pot but I was thinking of using my DCB instead. Do you think it would work? Would I bake it the same amount of time? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  27. P

    Boost Your Business with Effective Flyers & Catalogs: Tips and Tricks

    I was thinking of posting some flyers in town. Do they actually work? Have you had people call/email/order from you because of a flyer they saw at a grocery store? I really need to get some more bookings. I'm having a lot of problems with that so I'm trying to explore all the possibilities...
  28. thehaleykitchen

    Help! Hubby Needs an Appetizer for Work Tomorrow

    Hey all! I am drawing a blank here....my husband needs to bring in an appetizer to work tomorrow. He goes in at 8am and the potluck starts at 11am, no fridge to keep cold and no oven to heat anything up. Thoughts on what he could bring, outside of veggies and dip in the CS? Thanks, Karen
  29. wadesgirl

    Help Needed: Can't Access Recipe at Work

    I cannot get on CC at work, can someone post this recipe for me? Thanks!
  30. sluna75

    How Does a Bazaar Basically Work?

    I understand what to do at a bazaar event, what my roll and goal is so forth, but since this would be my first time doing it, I am little lost in another area. They do the bazaar to raise money, vendors come and pay for a space, so I pay a little money. Is this the only money they get from...