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  1. Richard891

    Expanding the place...

    Hi, I run a small pizza place in Etobicoke. Recently, I have been thinking of expanding the place. As I have enough customers now. When I started, there weren’t many people visiting. But, now it's not the same. I need to increase the shop area and also need to upgrade the appliances, to make the...
  2. K

    Pampered at Work Network

    Has anyone tried or done a "Pampered at Work Network" show? I have the flyer from this site and was wondering how you approach the businesses. I am looking to increase my sales before October is up and to get my name out there more. Do you offer incentives, etc? I would appreciate any advice...
  3. M

    How do you make your website work for you??

    I just got my website 2 days ago (www.pamperedchef.biz/momoftwo) How do you use your website to increase sales and bookings and how do you promote it? They say it pays for itself..is that true? Thanks for helping a newbee out!!!
  4. P

    Flyers for work

    I just signed up and i was wondering if anyone had flyers or ideas for monthly catalog shows at work. there is another lady at work selling avon and i just found out that we can put information/catalogs in mailboxes. i was thinking i would put a catalog and a flyer in everyone's mailbox this...
  5. T

    Will this work?

    Hi Everyone. I thought of an idea today and since I am still new I would like to know if you all think it will work. I am thinking about doing a draw for a "thanksgiving show" . So to start off I will ask at my upcoming shows if anyone is interested in booking a show and if they would like...
  6. D

    Pampered At Work

    Hello to everyone. I am really new on the board. I have been in PC for a month now, and August is my SS1. I dont have many bookings, and I am thinking of sending brochures out to do the at work luncheons. Do you have any ideas of recipes to do at these occasions, and kind of an idea of what to...
  7. B

    How does offering a discount work when ordering?

    I haven't had a show yet, but I was wondering about the discounts I see on this board for $10.00 off or, anything other than what the company suggests. How do you report that since the host pays the company and they pay you. I am a bit confused. It seems to me like 20% is not much and when you...
  8. P

    Came home from work today, and low and behold...THERE IT WAS!!! ...and

    Came home from work today, and low and behold...THERE IT WAS!!! ...and it's HUGE!! Just in time for my Open House tonight... (but we're in the middle of tornado/severe storms, so no show!! It's on again for Saturday- I planned two sessions...oh well, got a clean house and great practice...
  9. B

    Make the new booking benefit work for you!

    Here is a great flyer that was passed onto me by Katie! It helps the host realize the benefit of helping us get bookings and keeping them!
  10. PampMomof3

    Fundraisers-How do they work?

    Hello everyone! I just started PC, in fact, April is my first SS month and as of today, with only 3 shows, I have $1400 in sales and am so excited for May to roll around so I can get all of my free product that I earned! I am really wanting to push my second month (May) and it occured to me...
  11. H

    How many hours a week do you guys work pampered chef? Anybody?Hello :)

    How many hours a week do you guys work pampered chef? Anybody?Hello :)