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What is express: Definition and 58 Discussions

  1. Ashley_Delio

    Find Your Party's Express Checkout Number | Quick and Easy Checkout Process

    Hi, Newbie here! I cannot for the life of me find where the express checkout number is for a party I have this weekend! I feel like I found it for a different party, where I didn't use it, a few weeks ago, but now I just can't find it. Can someone tell me where to look?
  2. kcmckay

    Express Mystery Host Show: How Can You Win Free Products and a Designer Bag?

    Now that I've already been to spring launch and am so excited for Spring products I want to make an effort to earn the $1500 level. I have one show I'm submitting today over $500. So I thought of somehow getting a quick express mystery host show to get my 2nd show for bag and the spring...
  3. T

    Director Express 2011 West Palm Beach, Fl

    Hello. I just registered for this event and I was wondering if we pay for the hotel that night or PC pays for it. If PC pays, where is the hotel we are staying at? Thanks, Ruth
  4. fotojunkie

    Boost Sales with Lunchtime Work Express Shows | Cool & Serve Tray Ideas"

    Hello everyone! Since I'm currently working half days on Friday at my job during the summer, I've decided to do some lunchtime shows at my hosts' work place, to help boost their sales. I definately intend to use the Cool & Serve Tray, but I'm also looking for some recipe ideas. Thanks!
  5. B

    Celebrating My 2nd Recruit: Grateful for Director Express Training

    I have my 2nd recruit! WOO HOO! I'm SO excited and thankful for my Director Express training!
  6. T

    Has Anyone Gone to Director Express 2011??

    I registered to go, but I'm so busy with school, PC Show this week, and family that I was too exhausted to make the drive. The nearest location was 4 hours away from me and I would have had to wake up at 3am to be on the road at 4am to get to Director Express that morning.:( I really wanted to...
  7. NooraK

    Director Express - Second Time Around

    I need some input on whether or not to attend Director Express again. I went last year, and I really enjoyed it all, but I'm still just a SC. Yes, I did have a baby in between, but even now that he's seven months old, I'm dead in the water. I want to say I want the motivation, but that's...
  8. deanna_g

    Networking at Director Express Chicago - Let's Meet Up!

    Who's going tomorrow? I'd love to meet up with anyone during breaks/lunch. If anyone wants to meet up, you can text me at 574-933-3187. See you there!
  9. kcmckay

    Anyone Interested in Joining Me for Director Express in Hartford CT?

    Hi I'm registered for Director Express in Hartford CT and the business basics the night before March 14-15th. So I'm going to stay in Hartford and the hotel the training is in has decent rates. No one in my cluster has expressed interest in going as of yet that would want to split a room with...
  10. PampChefJoy

    Do You Use November Express Newsletters?

    Here are the November Express newsletters. If you could please do me a favor and let me know, do you actually use these or are you just viewing them? I'm looking at some very low usage stats for these newsletters, so I am considering discontinuing these. If nobody is finding a use for them...
  11. C

    Best Recipe for an Evening Express Show

    I have a show coming up at the end of the month at which the host preferred not to have a demo, so I'll be bringing something already made. I've never done a non-demo show, so am not sure what I should make. I've been thinking of a trifle bowl layered salad, or perhaps a pizza in the LBP that...
  12. P

    Who's Going to Director Express in Acworth, Ga on July 31St

    I'm going with several of my team members. Who else is going so that I can look for you?
  13. B

    What is the best pick-up option at McCormick for GO Airport Express Shuttle?

    I am flying with a fellow consultant for NC and we are taking advantage of the good PC rate offered by GO Airport Express to get from the airport to the hotel and then from McCormick to the airport. I am trying to make a reservation through consultant's corner right now and it is asking me...
  14. P

    Notes from Director Express with Amy Neal - Share Yours!

    For those of you who have attended Director Express with Amy Neal, where she does the Preshow Intro, Beginning, Middle and End, did you all take notes on how she did that - meaning her words? Also, notes on her Consultant A and Consultant B comparison. If you are someone who takes awesome...
  15. pampchefrhondab

    Join Me at Director Express in Fort Wayne Today! #DirectorExpress

    I'll be attending Director Express in Fort Wayne today. Anyone else going?
  16. NooraK

    I'm on Board the Director Express!

    Becky started a fabulous thread for accountability for 2009-2010. I've really enjoyed taking part in it, and plan to continue doing so. Last weekend I went to Knoxville, TN and took part in the Director Express training. I really want to implement this program in my business, and to do that...
  17. R

    Director Express Events: What Did You Learn?

    Hello!! Can anyone tell me if the Promote To Director Now! workshop that is being offered an NC is the same as the Director Express Events that are being held thru out the country? Also, could someone tell what they learned at the Director Express and what the handouts were. Thank you...
  18. lockhartkitchen

    New Goal Set: Booking 8 Shows After Director Express with Amy Neal

    I'm pumped after attending Director Express today with Amy Neal, our speaker. I have my personal goal of booking 8 shows, as my last holding show for April just rebooked for May. uggh.
  19. heather223

    Get Essential Director Express Handouts | Don't Miss Out on Valuable Training!

    Hi! I am hoping someone that attended Director Express can help me out. I went to the one in Cleveland yesterday. I would reccommend that anyone who wants to promote to Director go- well worth the time and one of my favorite training sessions so far. I was hoping that someone who attended...
  20. baychef

    Director How Can Attending Director Express in Rochester, NY Help Team Members Promote?

    Will be attending today in Rochester, NY! Have 3 other team members. Two are just inches away from Director but I have been saying this for months! One will promote but she is like a 'second line". BUT her recruiter is close to promoting as well but she has come close and been close for well...
  21. PampChefJoy

    April Newsletter: Word, PDF, and Emailable Version Available | Tasty Tidbits

    Word and PDF for your use. Subscribers can also download/send the emailable version - get it at http://www.tastytidbits.net/connect Thanks!
  22. NooraK

    Director Express in Knoxville, Tn

    I saw that Knoxville, TN is listed as one of the locations for Director Express, with a location and sales manager and everything. However, I can't find how to register for it. I went back through all the NewsWires and did not see it listed on any of them. I also called Career Solutions, and the...
  23. ChefRiGuy

    Director Express? Have You Gone, if so How Was It?

    Hey just wanted to know who has gone to the one or two Director Express meetings that have already taken place?? I am going to the Orlando one and want to know what kind of stuff goes on? how it was run? worth the time?
  24. esavvymom

    Director Express City Locations?

    I missed what they said about when the Director Express cities would be listed. I know they said 80 cities...She only mentioned that there would be one on March 6th in Williamsburg VA, but that day I've already got something going on...plus, with 80-cities on the circuit, I was HOPING there...
  25. kristina16marie

    Healthy / Light Recipe for an Express Show??

    I'm trying to find a fabulous recipe for an express show at my pediatrician's office. Most of the ladies are on WW, so I want to have a healthy recipe that they'll actually eat, but there is only a microwave available. I was thinking of doing a salad in the trifle bowl, but I'm drawing a...
  26. esavvymom

    What Should I Take to an Office Express Lunch "Stop-N-Shop"?

    I have an office express show during lunch hour tomorrow- a sort of "Stop-n-shop". (I'm a bit excited...good potential! Over 100 who work there and I'll be in the 'hub' of the area during lunch hour. :D) So I have an island- which I can only use part of- to allow folks room to make lunch...
  27. K

    How Can I Optimize My Express Cooking Shows for Maximum Sales and Bookings?

    Hello, I am a single mom and I am wokring part time towards a Masters degree in education. I was told there are not many jobs in teaching when I graduate so I am trying to step up my business. Yet I need to find a schedule that works for me. I need to set goals and learn how to do express...
  28. PampChefJoy

    Printable Express Newsletter: Free for Everyone!

    I've decided to make this one-page printable "Express" newsletter as part of my "free" offerings... it was previously only available to subscribers. Subscribers can still retrieve their personalized emailable copy from TTConnect, but this printable version is available to everyone here. This...
  29. E

    Football-Themed Express Show Tonight at a Bar!

    I am doing an express show tonight at a Bar. Yes a Bar. So since we are having it at a bar, I got with the host and suggested that we do a football theme. So here is what i am makeing a football cake with the Batter Bowl, The warm nutty brownies, sandwich ring and carrot cakes. I know it sounds...