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What is light: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. scottcooks

    Find a Logo Light for Your Facebook LIVE's!

    I would appreciate putting the logo light to use when I go online and do my Facebook LIVE's. Does anyone have one?
  2. kcnancy

    Fs Size Xl Logo Wear Light Blue/White Top

    Light Blue/White Logo wear top. Size XLSize XL Logo Wear Light Blue/white top by kcnancy posted Jul 6, 2015 at 11:44 AM$10 plus shipping from 66214
  3. kcnancy

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size Xl

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL Light blue and white size XL never worn logo top. List Date: 6/4/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $20.78 + $6...
  4. K

    Searching for Lost Light Purple Simple Additions Bowl

    I am looking for the light purple Simple addtions small square bowl. It matches the tiles square retangle platter, and other related items. The bowls came in egglplant( dark purple) cranberry, and green. I used to have them all. I took my light purple one to church, and forgot to take it...
  5. C

    For Sale: Light Blue Vinyl Pampered Chef Banner - $15 + Shipping

    This is the light blue vinyl PC Banner for sale. I am asking $15 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested! I do have paypal so I can ship it as soon as it is paid for.
  6. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Light a Candle for Paige: Help Locate Evidence and Bring Peace to Her Family"

    Let's all light candles for Paige. Perhaps our combined energy will aid the MCSD to locate important evidence to find Paige, learn what happened, bring the right people to justice and bring peace to Paige and her family. Click here and follow the simple instructions. You can light up to five...
  7. chesse

    Streamline Your Travels: Tips for Efficient Packing and Lighter Loads

    Good evening everyone. I had my first cooking show in ages on Sunday and due to a scheduling snafu, I didn't have time to "set up" a display. So I only really showed the products I was actually using for the demo. Basically I lugged in two big totes and used didn't take anything out! (I guess...
  8. NooraK

    Free Subscription to Cooking Light

    From FREEBIEBLOGGER.COM Free subscription to Cooking Light magazine: Claim Your COMPLIMENTARY Subscription!
  9. leftymac

    Light Recipes for Quick and Budget Friendly Dinners

    Maybe I'm looking wrong, but I'm a bit sad that most of the quick and budget friendly recipes (like those from the Weekday Dinners Cards) don't really seem to be on the light side. I'd like to use my DCB more. What are everyone's ideas for some lighter recipes? I know I can do: -the...
  10. P

    Director No Email Notifications? Let's Get a Flashing Light!

    This is an old whine but, I really hate it that we no longer get the email notification from HO when we have a new consultant on our team! My SC just signed her 2nd recruit and I didn't even see it until today. I wish there was an email or maybe a flashing light when we sign in to CC to let us...
  11. kristina16marie

    Healthy / Light Recipe for an Express Show??

    I'm trying to find a fabulous recipe for an express show at my pediatrician's office. Most of the ladies are on WW, so I want to have a healthy recipe that they'll actually eat, but there is only a microwave available. I was thinking of doing a salad in the trifle bowl, but I'm drawing a...
  12. 2

    Light and Healthy PC Show: Tips and Tricks for New Consultants

    My husband and I are brand new PC consultants and we just had our first show. It was good but, we have a lady who booked a show with us and wants to do a light and healthy show. Any suggestions, and and as of right now we have only the ne consultants kit so we would like to try to use only...
  13. chefcharity

    End of an Era: Was the Last Episode of Guiding Light a Bittersweet Farewell?

    Well, today was the last episode of Guiding Light. How silly is it that it is so sad! I mean the show has been on for 70 years and I have been watching for about 25. You really get to know the characters! It is the only soap I watch any more and I can't even watch it at regular times. I DVR...
  14. T

    What are some light and delicious recipes for a dinner show?

    Hi Everyone, I've been taking a "boot camp" class this summer and my instructor wants to host a show. I am very excited about it but I am kind of new so I was wondering if you guys could suggest some recipes that are light or low-fat to cook in the dcb. It will be a dinner show and she...
  15. J

    Making Progress in My Pampered Chef Business - What Tips Do You Have?

    As many of you know I have really been struggling to get things going. Helped out with booth and so far I have booked a show and have a possible recruit!! Just had to share. Judy
  16. rbvernon

    Delightful Light Recipes for Your BeautiControl Spa Party

    Yes I am looking for a Light Simple Recipe to make for my BeautiControl Spa Party. I want something that is light but new and if I could make it a head of time like couple of hours or right before and if it gets cold it won't taste bad. I told them (guest) that I was going to make a NEW recipe...
  17. KellyTheChef

    Fs: 3/4 Length Sleeve Light Blue Maternity Shirt

    I have two maternity shirts that I want to pass on! Looking on Merrill's site, it doesn't even look like they carry any maternity shirts right now! These are from a SMOKE FREE HOME! I can take a picture of them, if need be... The first is 3/4 sleeve light blue cotton/stretch polo shirt...
  18. K

    Light Recipes for a Show: Ask Barbara for Ideas!

    Hi, I have a show coming up and the host has requested a light recipe. I am a fairly new consultant and do not have the light recipe book yet. Can anyone share some good recipes that they've done at shows that people will enjoy? Thanks, Barbara
  19. G

    Light a Candle for the Missing After "Ike"

    There are more than 375 missing after IKE the hurricane. At least 25 are children. The surge of water arrived 14 hours before the storm hit..(unexpectedly) trapping many that were going to evacuate and others who would not leave. Nearly 3 weeks after the hurricane, they are still discovering...
  20. P

    Light & Herby Angel Hair Pasta Dish for Tonight!

    I have a box of Angel Hair Pasta and wanted to make a light dish for tonight. I have a friend that made a pasta last week and it just tasted like it had a light sauce with herbs mixed in. Unfortunately, this friend is out of town for a wedding, and I am stuck at home craving this stupid pasta...
  21. PChefPEI

    Keeping It Light! Phoning Can Be Fun!

    This is the subject of yesterday's Success Factory tip....I thought I would share, as this is a hard one for many of us....that darn 1000 lbs phone!! ;) The next time you need to motivate yourself to get on the phone, try this for fun. Give yourself an Alarm Clock Challenge. Set an alarm for...
  22. cwinter474

    Light a Candle for Paige: Show Support & Prayers

    I've only known about Paige since I joined CS. Everyday I take just a tiny moment to stop and click on the daily update supplied by "The Kitchen Guy", then I take just another moment to think about her, her children and family and I light a few candles. It takes truely just a moment to do this...
  23. S

    Light Chocolate: Trying it Was Worth It!

    Just tried the light chocolate. It's not too bad and definitely has a lot of good stuff in it. I was really hesitant but had a coupon for a free one so I didn't have an excuse.
  24. P

    Anyone Have a Light and Simple Invitation

    I am looking for a document for an invitation for a Light and Simple theme show, does anyone have one out there?
  25. ivebeen4given

    Making Sourdough Bread - Recipes for a Light & Dense Loaf

    Does anyone here make their own sourdough bread? Just wondering if you have a recipe for your starter and the bread. I am really wanting a light fluffy sourdough bread and the lady I work with makes a dense sour dough bread.
  26. The_Kitchen_Guy

    What You Must Do if a Light Bulb Breaks...

    If a regular old incandescent light bulb breaks, we vacuum up the shards and replace the bulb. If it breaks in a lamp, we use a potato to jam over the remains of the bulb and unscrew it from the lamp, then throw it away and vacuum up the shards. That's it. But, if you subscribe to the...
  27. elizabethfox

    Need Some Light & Healthy Pampered Chef Recipes

    I have a host who is doing a show at the end of Feb. She is wanting to do a light and healthy recipe. I told her about the soups (smashed potato and turkey chili) but I think she is looking for something else. :confused: Does anyone have any recipes they can share. I don't have any cookware...
  28. lockhartkitchen

    After a Light Snow on Christmas Day (The First in 70 Years-On This

    After a light snow on Christmas day (The first in 70 years-on this date) we were teased with it last night for a short time, and nothing in the morning. I have insomnia. I'm glad. I'm looking out my window and watching beautiful white snowflakes coming down. Temperatures are staying low. I...
  29. Chef Stacy Edwards

    Light & Fluffy Peanut Brittle: Rediscover Mom's Old Recipe!

    Looking for a Peanut Brittle recipe. I would like to have one that the brittle is light and fluffy and melts in your mouth, not one that is break your teeth, hard..:) My mom had one years ago and I loved it, but can't seem to locate it anywhere. TIA
  30. daniellemorgan

    Pray, Meditate, Light Your Candles Etc....

    I'm not sure if this has made national news, but this past weekend a house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC caught fire and killed seven college students. I didn't know any of them personally, but it is 30 minutes from where I live, so it feels a little close to home. I'm just asking to put all these...