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What is loaf: Definition and 51 Discussions

  1. J

    Mini Loaf Pan #1418 - Stoneware

    I'm in search for a new or lightly used Mini Loaf Pan Stoneware for a customer. She has one and wants another one since she loves it. Does anyone have ideas on where to find one? Thanks, Julie
  2. H

    Tricks to Prevent Overflowing Batter in Decorative Loaf Pans

    I am wondering if someone can answer a question that was posed to me by one of my hosts? They were wondering if there is a trick to using the discontinued Decorative loaf pans to prevent the batter from ovrflowing (besides the obvious filling them with less batter)?:confused:
  3. ChefJWarren

    Kids in the Kitchen: Make a Mini Loaf Recipe

    I am going to do a Kids in the Kitchen Holiday Party where each child makes their own Mini Loaf. Does anyone have a recipe for just mixing together one mini loaf? Like how much flour, etc.
  4. byrd1956

    Recipes for the Stoneware Loaf Pan: Quick & Easy!

    a document w/recipes for the stoneware loaf pan? Looked in recipes and also under files, nothing specific and I hate to open all the stoneware docs just looking for loaf pan...
  5. C

    Need Recipes/Ideas for Mini Loaf Pan

    Hi- My host has the Mini Loaf Pan and wants ideas/recipes for it. Any good ideas out there? Thanks!
  6. ChipLines

    Metal Square or Loaf Pan Recipes?

    January guests get either the square or loaf pan for free, when spending over $60. I'm wondering if anyone has great recipes to share to use in either of these -- or if you are incorporating either of these pans into demonstrations in January. Please share ! Thanks, Chip
  7. Michelle817

    Cooking Bread in a Stone Loaf Pan (Compared to Metal)?

    I'm debating buying a stone loaf pan, because I've recently started cooking a lot of bread (like regular wheat bread). I use a metal loaf pan now, and I think the bread turns out well. I'm curious just how much of a difference there would be with that compared to a stone one. Has anyone...
  8. deanna_g

    Do You Have Any Stoneware Loaf Pans to Spare?

    Mini and regular sizes wanted.....got any you're willing to part with?
  9. C

    Half-Sized Dump Cake Recipe: Baking in a Loaf Pan

    Has anyone ever cut a dump cake recipe in half and baked it in the stoneware loaf pan? I have a show with some ladies who live alone and probably won't want an entire cake in the house tempting them. Any tips are appreciated!
  10. ChefPaulaB

    Trying Something New: Share Your Favorite Meat Loaf Recipe!

    Can anyone share their favorite meat loaf recipe... I don't make it very often and I always forget which recipe (of my 1000's of recipes) that I use, so I thought if someone else had a favorite that sounded good I'd try a new recipe. I don't care which stone it's done in... I usually make mine...
  11. L

    Help with Loaf Pan Baking: Issues and Solutions

    Hi all, I did a booth today and had some issues, but hopefully I can get on phone and get some bookings. No one wanted to set up right there, they were at farmer's market and didn't have calendar. Anyone, one of the other vendors comes over at one of my busiest times :yuck: and starts...
  12. pampchefrhondab

    Yummy - South of the Border Meat Loaf!

    I tried this recipe tonight and it was sooo easy and good! Now I had high quality meat (ground round) from a local meat market so I didn't have any grease on the bottom of the DCB. Next time I make it I'll try a lesser quality meat to see if I get the same results. I also used green bell...
  13. L

    Rediscovering Pampered Chef's Mini Loaf Pan: A Journey of Culinary Exploration

    I am new and a hostess told me about shows that PC used to have that showed the Mini Loaf Pan. You could make a meal using the Mini Loaf Pan. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  14. J

    Maximize Your Stoneware Mini Loaf Pan: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Use

    if i don't fill all 4 holes do i need to put anything into the empty ones like water? i know they sometimes suggest this with other pans - but couldn't remember with stoneware. thanks!
  15. natural

    Need Recipes for Mini Loaf Pan and "Mini Bundt Pan"

    I had a customer call and want recipes to use with these items, does anyone have a file or list of recipes? Thanks! Sandra
  16. L

    What is American Cheese Loaf? Substitute Ideas?

    Hi Gang... I just got the new BC recipe book and in one of the recipes it says "american cheese loaf". What the heck is that? Do they mean velveeta? :o I am trying new reciepes, hopefully ones that are appealing to my little ones, and are more kid friendly than my usual italian soul...
  17. straitfan

    Urgent How Long Should Banana Bread Bake in a Mini Loaf Pan?

    It's in the oven now..............I'm making banana bread for the first time in the stoneware mini loaf pan. If the original recipe calls for 60-70 minutes for a full sized loaf how long should I bake the 4 minis? I seem to recall seeing 30 min. somewhere, but want to make...
  18. J

    Jiffy Mix Cornbread in Mini Loaf Pan: Expert Tips and Advice

    Good Morning!! With Thanksgiving on it's way, I just had a relative ask me if I thought she could use Jiffy Mix Cornbread mix to make cornbread in the Mini Loaf Pan. I don't make cornbread with that mix and I don't know anyone who has used the pan much, personally, so after a little research...
  19. etteluap70PC

    Any Tips... St. Mini Loaf Pan..

    I am thinking of breaking out my mini loaf pan today to make pumpkin bread with the fresh pumpkin I just cooked up. I have only used the stone a few times for meat loaf. My history with stoneware and quick brads is not great. I usually burn the outside? This is the only thinkg I have ever had...
  20. G

    Mini Loaf Stoneware: Share Your Best Recipes!

    So I am finally getting the mini loaf stoneware! Would some of you ladies like to share some good bread recipes with me! I have alot of ppl that I would like to get christmas gifts for but can't afford it but would like to give mini loaves in cute bags with ribbons. Thanks
  21. jrstephens

    What Do You Bake in the Mini & Regular Loaf Pan?

    I have used the min a few times and am thinking about getting the regular one this month. I know the beer bread and I have done the cinoman things that come in the use and care with the mini. I was thinking of something inexpensive to give as gifts.
  22. K

    Looking for Zucchini Carrot Loaf

    Had a customer today say that she loves the zucchini-carrot bread recipe that came with her stoneware loaf pan. Does anyone have this recipe? She just raved about it, and I can't pull it up on CC (says it's in the stoneware cookbook, one that I don't have!).I hate not knowing what a customer is...
  23. L

    Mini Loaf Pan Fun: Share Your Recipes & Ideas!

    Hey Gals! What do you bake/make in your mini loaf pan... :chef: I have mine for a while and have yet to use it... I was going to make some mini banana breads today, but never got around to it... :o I do have a few PC recipes for it, but I haveta admit, havent tried any of them...
  24. kcjodih

    Urgent Do Stoneware Loaf Pans Take Longer to Bake In?

    I've never really noticed before because 99% of my recipes were already PC ones but I'm finally making the Amish bread tonight and I've had it in the oven for an hour now and it's still VERY gooey (as in not cooked) in the center section. So does it normally take longer in stoneware for loaves...
  25. linojackie

    Can You Bake Beer Bread in Alternative Pans?

    I wanted to try to make the beer bread, but realized I have already packed my loaf pans for the move. Do you suppose it might work in the rectangle baker? That and the round stone are all I left out!
  26. ChefNic

    Efficient Mini Loaf Pan Meal Preparation Tips: Meatloaf and Sides in One Pan

    Does anyone have the info on making the whole meal in this pan? The meat loaf in one well, and veggies/side dishes in the other 3 wells...? How long to bake it, what goes in it, etc... thanks!
  27. G

    Any Delicious Stoneware Loaf Pan Recipes?

    We are having a dinner at church tomorrow and I have been asked to make two loaves of bread. So always wanting to show off Pampered Chef products and recipes, I would like to make two different types of bread in my Stoneware Loaf Pans. Does anyone have a recipe or two that they would like to...
  28. ivebeen4given

    Making Sourdough Bread - Recipes for a Light & Dense Loaf

    Does anyone here make their own sourdough bread? Just wondering if you have a recipe for your starter and the bread. I am really wanting a light fluffy sourdough bread and the lady I work with makes a dense sour dough bread.
  29. S

    Start Your Mini Loaf Stoneware Right! Good Recipes to Season it.

    Hi ya'll I just got the Mini Loaf Stoneware baking pan yesterday, I'm so excited Ive wanted it to the longest time. Anyways does anyone have any good recipies I can make in it to start the pan off to being nonstick. You know how in the beginning stuff sticks...what would be good to get it...
  30. S

    Need Recipe Ideas for Ddb and Loaf Pan

    Hi, I have a customer who I promised recipes ideas to for the Deep Dish Baker and Loaf Pan. Of course now my mind has drawn a blank. Can you recommend some? Thanks!