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What is kids: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Kid-Friendly Pampered Chef Party Ideas

    I've been asked if I can do a parent/child Pampered Chef party. I'm sure that I can, but havong no children of my own, I don't know what's appropriate for the kids to do. I'm thinking of doing a healthy treat and a sweet treat. Does anyone have ideas?
  2. C

    2 Party Type Questions- Mommy and Me; One for Kids

    My daughter (11 yo) has expressed interest in learning to cook. I was thinking about a Mommy and Me cooking class or even a Junior Chef class to teach kids basics of cooking. Has anyone ever done any of these or have any ideas, etc. Thanks.
  3. DebPC

    What Are Some Fun Halloween Treats for Kids?

  4. K

    Fun and Easy Kids' Cooking Party Ideas and Recipes | June Celebration

    I've got a party coming up in June that is for kids to learn how to cook and get around the kitchen. Mom's will be there. Has anyone done a kids party before and if so, what worked, what didn't, what's the best recipes to do, etc? Thanks in advanced!!
  5. K

    Gotta Love the Things Our Kids Say

    So aabout a month ago, my husband and I were invited to an event at the last minute. I don't remember now what it was, and it's not important. We were discussing if we could go or not, knowing there was no way we could find a sitter as such a late date. My 6 year old says "mom. it's called...
  6. esavvymom

    Complete a Survey for My Kids' Team

    Hi everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've been online (lost my PC Mojo a bit...lots going on). But I had a favor to ask of any of you willing. I know from time to time we've helped each other out with contests and surveys to help Cheffer's schools or teams earn prizes, and such...
  7. C

    Fun Indoor Kids Theme Show Ideas for February

    Hi folks! I'm looking for a kids theme show to do in February. I've done the ice cream one in the summer time and it was a big hit. I'm looking for an indoor activity since the weather has been so cold and yucky lately. Any ideas? thanks!
  8. ChefJWarren

    Kids in the Kitchen: Make a Mini Loaf Recipe

    I am going to do a Kids in the Kitchen Holiday Party where each child makes their own Mini Loaf. Does anyone have a recipe for just mixing together one mini loaf? Like how much flour, etc.
  9. C

    Director Back to School Chaos: Surviving the First Week with 3 Kids!

    The kids are back in school. Yesterday was our first day. This year I have 3 in school. Grades 3, 2, and K. and only 1 at home. This morning by 11 am I had cleaned the dining room and kitchen, ran the dishwasher and hand washed dishes, made dinner, and run a load of laundry. I called my...
  10. babywings76

    Which Cookbook Is Better for College Kids?

    My niece is attending college and has an apartment. She got invited to a show with another consultant and asked me for my opinion on which cookbook she should get. She's contemplating either the Make it Fresh, Make it Healthy and the Cooking for 2 or More. Thoughts?
  11. L

    Could You Help a Special Needs Class at My Kids School.....

    Hi all, Mrs. Petrewski's class at Lathrop St. Elem. school is in need of your help, she has kids that range from age 5-12, . They have been collecting postcards from all 50 states. They still need Wyoming, Kansas, and Indiana, but LOVE to get mail from anywhere and everywhere! If you want to...
  12. R

    Have You Created a Kid-Friendly Word Search for Your Trade Show Booth?

    Hi all, I am about to do my first trade show booth and I am trying to get everything organized. I am new to this group and have found LOTS of great things and ideas to use (THANK YOU to everyone for sharing them!!) Anyways, I was wondering if someone had come up with a word search that also...
  13. KayteTUrner

    Cooking with Kids: Delicious Snack Ideas for March Show!

    I just did my first Cooking with Kids show this weekend and it was a HUGE success! I even booked another Cooking with Kids show for March. YAY!!! We did Mini Taffy Apple Pizzas at the first show and they were a HUGE hit. The next Mom doesn't want to do the same recipe because it will be a lot of...
  14. kristina16marie

    Kids Project - Postcards From Different States

    Need help please! My niece & nephew are working on a States Unit Study and I'm hoping to find some friends willing to send a postcard from the state you are in for the kids to receive in the mail. If you can help please comment below with the state you are in and I will send you their address in...
  15. O

    Need Nut-Free Dessert Ideas for Allergic Kids?

    Does anyone know of a fun dessert to make for kids that has to be non-nut, and not made in a facility with nuts. I'm thinking of a fruit dessert pizza made with sugar cookies dough. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  16. J

    Mommy 'n Me': Engaging Kids with Food-Related Fun!

    I have a host that wants to have a daytime show for her stay-at-home mom friends and "let the kids play while the mommies chat." We all know how likely THAT is to happen :rolleyes:, so I'm trying to develop a sort of "Mommy 'n Me" format that would involve the kids. Ideas? Obviously, we...
  17. babywings76

    Kids B-Day Treat for School, Gluten Free?

    My son's teacher has asked that all treats brought in to be nut free & gluten free. Any ideas what I should make for him to bring in for his b-day treat next week?
  18. J

    Kids' Cooking: Rocky Road Brownies & Blizzards in 3 Weeks!

    I need some ideas for a kids cooking show. Ages 5-10. I was thinking rocky road brownies with pre made brownie mix and blizzards in the MFP. Not sure yet though. Show is in three weeks. Any suggestions?
  19. babywings76

    Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook Recipes?

    Can someone who owns one of these please post the titles of the recipes in it? TIA!
  20. ChefJWarren

    Easter Party Product Ideas for Kids

    I have a friend having a birthday party this Saturday for her daughter. I am going to "cook" with the kids for fun. We are decorating bunny and egg cakes with frosting and decorator bottles. Any ideas on how to use other products to decorate them further? Crinkle Cutter - what could I cut...
  21. P

    Mom's Wild Night with the Kids: Unplugging and Throwing Out!

    Last night , my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." They got up, unplugged the computer and threw out my wine. They're...
  22. A

    No-Kick Demo Suggestions for Kids' Show

    I have a show on the 19th and the host is going to have kids there so she does not want anything with any kick (flavor) to it. My offerings are the Mango salsa w wine, the tapanade with sangria, or the fajitas, and she is asking for other selectins. What do I give her as selections for demos...
  23. babywings76

    Looking for Kids Cookie Cutter Recipes in Spanish?

    Does anyone know where I can find the recipes that came with this? A guest didn't discover till recently that her booklet of recipe is in Spanish.
  24. Dutchess

    Iso Retired Kids Chef Hat & Apron

    If you have it and wouldnt mind parting with it pls PM me pricing.
  25. angmillar

    Fs: December Apron & Kids Shirts

    December apron $20 (includes shipping). I wore it a couple of hours at an event, and it hasn't been worn since. Two girls Pampered Chef shirts $5 each (includes shipping) Both are size S (6-8). My daughter wears a 5, and they both fit her fine. Both are the exact same. Great condition...
  26. L

    Kids "Making" a Gift for Parents

    I need your awsome ideas and fast.A friend of mine is a Girl Scout leader with 38 girls in her troop. A few years ago we had the girls do the celebration cookie mix in the sm batter bowl as a Mother's Day gift.Now she would like to do something different for a Xmas gift for both parents and her...
  27. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Dswa: Party With Your Kids Week

    It's Party with Your Kids Week @ DSWA... I signed up for the FREE Family Business Toolkit from @DSWA and a chance to win prizes! http://bit.ly/a5gGcK #pwyk
  28. lockhartkitchen

    Free Medication, School Supplies, Coats, Etc. for Kids

    There have been several posts of people who have lost their jobs. A resource to look into: Many local school district's teacher's unions have foundations that teachers can request funds for medications, jackets, glasses, etc. for students. If you feel comfortable, ask to speak with the...