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What is gotta: Definition and 37 Discussions

  1. K

    Gotta Love the Things Our Kids Say

    So aabout a month ago, my husband and I were invited to an event at the last minute. I don't remember now what it was, and it's not important. We were discussing if we could go or not, knowing there was no way we could find a sitter as such a late date. My 6 year old says "mom. it's called...
  2. S

    Where can I find the best deal on a new device with WiFi capabilities?

    I just finished watching the new videos that are up about the new web site and apps -- OMG! Soooooooooo cool! Now I NEED a new device!! NEED!! I'm not sure I could do it on somethng as small as a phone or iPod. I don't want to pay those montly fees . . . . what to do??? :confused: Sandi
  3. pampered1224

    Gotta Love Maxine! Adorable Moments Worth Sharing

    This is to cute not to share!
  4. K

    Gotta Brag About Myself! $8000!

    I don't usually congratulate myself. As a Director, I enjoy recognizing my team for their efforts. But I reached 2 amazing goals: 1)to beat my personal best in sales=I have already submitted $8000 for October (my 2nd highest month in 10 yrs is $6000) 2) I have a fundraiser that is currently at...
  5. mspibb

    Is the Merrill Retractable Banner Worth the $269 Price Tag?

    I do a lot of booths and trying to find a way to put up my Pampered Chef Banner can be a problem. I saw that Merrill now has a Retractable Banner! I want one! Sure wish I had someone to share the $269 price tag! I'm thinking may have to use some of my bonus at my FT job!
  6. M

    Gotta Feature the Corn in Nebraska

    Thanks to the product tip from someone else to do corn on the cob in the DCB. I tested it Saturday and it was PERFECT! Because of that and being in Nebraska (where we love our corn!) I'm doing a Chicken Your Way show with corn in the DCB, so a great chance to highlight some very nice...
  7. BlueMoon

    Just Gotta Celebrate a Little:it's My 30Th Day!

    ...and I submitted my 4th show last night, 1250 the day before. woohoo!!! Maybe I'm not setting the world on fire, but I was beginning to worry. Now my October calendar is full (woohoo!) I have two in Nov, one in Dec, and 3 catalog shows. (woohoo, woohoo!) Now, I really can't take the...
  8. emiscookin

    Why Do People Always Fall for Freebies Without Reading the Fine Print?

    So this friend of mine is throwing a killer catalog show for me (she lives back east!) and is up to $400 in sales! Woo hoo! :sing: I gotta admit, that is the most I have gotten for a catalog show so far since starting the business, but anyway.... I was checking out the orders she received...
  9. kristina16marie

    Where Can I Find More Gotta Have It Stickers and Flags for Catalog Marking?

    Anyone know where I can get more of the stickers/flags that guests can use to mark up their catalogs. The stickers say "Gotta Have It", "Love It", "Need It", etc. I thought they were on Merrill, but I can't find them! Anyone have some they'd like to sell?
  10. J

    Yay! I'm Promoted - Now Just Gotta Keep It!

    Yay! It's only been forever in the making, but I promoted officially late last night! Woooohoooooooo! Now, I just have to keep it! ;)
  11. C

    Unleash Your Inner Party Queen with Our Host Coaching Services!

    ....who challenge themselves! I have a host who just came to pick up her host packet. She is an outside order from another show I just did, but we discovered she lives right down the street from me! Anyway, I did her first host coaching with her, and I was coaching for a $500 show...
  12. nikked

    Extended Stay Hotel Visit Leads to DCB Success!

    So, my stepmom just received her products from my show. She wasn't going to book a show with my AD in PHX because she's currently living in an extended stay hotel (a nice one) through her traveling nurse service. Anyways, while she was visiting, I made her a cake in the DCB and raved about...
  13. colegrovet

    Window Decals.... Gotta Love Them

    Went to a hostess's house last night to finish up her party. As soon as I stopped woman from across the street came running over. She asked if my wife was the consultant. Told her that I was the consultant..(love the look on their faces over THAT!) She talked to me about 15 min. she asked for...
  14. heat123

    What Delicious Recipes Can You Create With These New Pampered Chef Products?

    I didn't go to confrence but these sound great to me! I can't wait to get them on sample order! What are you most excited about???? Dots Martini glasses-- Love the idea of using them as dessert bowls :) Snowman Appetizer Plates Snowman Rectangular Platter has 4 snowman on it 13...
  15. I

    Have you ever recruited someone unexpectedly at a conference?

    I need to share my recruitment story from conferance. Like always when I come home from a conferance I'm so sleepy,so when I got to the airport I sat in the corner with my consultant and we were going to go over some notes from conferance, before I could even get out a notebook a girl leaned...
  16. Intrepid_Chef

    Is a Timing Belt Replacement Necessary for My 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

    Thanks to losing a boatload of money on my PC business and other factors, I received a very nice tax return. Every penny of it, and then some, was used to by my car, a 1997 Dodge Intrepid, with a 3.5 engine and 109,000 miles on it. I also have a stack of receipts for this car, which show...
  17. P

    Southern Charm & Wit: The South You Gotta Love It!

    THE SOUTH---YOU GOTTA LOVE IT Tennessee The owner of a golf course was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said , 'You graduated from the University of Tennessee and I need some help. If I...
  18. babywings76

    Am I a Bad Party Planner? Doubts and Mistakes Along the Way

    I have got to get better about being more organized when I'm talking with hosts. I need to take notes about what we discuss, because apparently I'm forgetting things. I have a host for next Saturday and I could have sworn we talked about my sending her invites. I was going to send her a host...
  19. B

    Gotta Love Tech Support: Shout Out to Our Amazing Team!

    :love: We have the best tech team!! I just wanted to give them a shout out! Every time I've had an issue they have been able to fix it very quickly! I also want to remind everyone that even if their suggestion sounds elementary or dumb or if you've already tried what they suggest - listen...
  20. chefmeg

    Is There a Way to Sort and Print My 8-Year Contact List in P3?

    Ok you computer savvy folks, I am trying to print my contact list in P3...it is 8 years worth and there looks to be no way for me to sort it so that only contacts with phone numbers come up.....it is 180 pages with everyone on there! HELP!
  21. C

    Ready to Declutter Your Office and Focus on One Business?

    I have decided I'm going to (really need to) focus on one business and I have the most recruits and shows with my other business. I can't be distracted anymore with this stuff in my office. If anyone is interested PM me for a list if you are interested. Thank you all for the great ideas.
  22. P

    Director Unlock Your Summer Fun with Delicious Meals - Book a Cooking Show!

    and am planning to send this email to all of my friends on my email list...not to my customer list...what do you all think???? If you think I should send it to customers, let me know! I need your help~ First, let me explain tha I am NOT complaining. When my Dad got so sick in March &...
  23. Kitchen Diva

    and thePlot Thickens.... (Cont From You Gotta Be Kidding Me)

    We just got a letter in the mail today from our healthcare providers through my husband's former employer. Seems they have not paid any of his monthly premiums for our dental, vision and healthcare premiums even though they've taken it out of his checks. That letter was dated...
  24. janetupnorth

    Gotta Love It!!!! Read This Carolyn...

    Remember how I got my butt in gear after that thread on the PWS and the outlet? I sent my monthly newsletter out, put the note on there about the outlet...well, I just got an e-mail that a customer spent $90.50. She bought the Gen II cookware set and the Gen II saute pan. :D I love it...
  25. lacychef

    You Gotta See This Singing Mom....

    Check out this mom that made up this song with all the things we tell our kids in a day......it's great! YouTube - The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics
  26. P

    Need It - Want It - Love It - Gotta Have It Stickers..

    Anyone use these stickers from Merrill? I ordered some clothing last week and these were free with my order. If you use these, how many do you give each guest (I was thinking one sheet) and do you think they make a difference?
  27. lacychef

    Guess who made the top 10 in sales at the executive banquet?

    OK, I am not one to brag, but I was just so surprised/excited I have to tell ya! At our executive banquet, they announced the top 10 in sales & recruiting of course. I was shocked that I was #9 in sales:D Even neater, when we got back to the hotel room afterwards, I had 6 missed calls from dh...
  28. kcjodih

    Gotta Question Regarding My Recruit

    and the submit 2 shows in June for the 2 sharp products. Does she have until the 5th to submit this just like the rest of the submissions for the different levels?
  29. etteluap70PC

    Do Spanx Really Provide Comfort? Hot and Bothered?

    Do any of you wear spanx? I'm thinking of investing in some. Are they comfortable? I get hot very easily... has that been an issue?
  30. dannyzmom

    Late Night Fun with CS Friends: Keeping Me Company on Saturday Nights!

    ...I love the Saturday night late night crowd here on CS...LOL My DH works on Saturday nights so after bedtime it's just me, the cats and the keyboard. I am so grateful to have my CS friends here to keep me cmopany when it's too late at night to make CC calls...