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What is decals: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. N

    Iso Tablecloth, Banners, Car Decals, Etc

    I have several booths coming up and I am looking for items to decorate my booth and car with. If anyone has any of these items please let me know. You can respond here or send an email to [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  2. B

    Cheaper Alternatives to Car Logo Decals from Merrill - Shelley TIA

    I purchased the car logo decals from Merrill. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can purchase a decal with my name, phone # and PWS that would be less expensive than Merrill? Also, are the decals on your cars vinyl or clings? TIA Shelley
  3. Sheila

    Advertising: Merrill's Personalized Car Decals

    I was at a (non-PC related) party last night and one of my friends went to introduce me to someone I've never met. She said "Heather, have you met Sheila?" Heather's response "Oh, yeah! I see her van all over the base." I guess that qualifies as meeting me? Oh well, at least she knew who I...
  4. deanna_g

    Boost Your Business with Car Decals: A Story of Success and Tips for Advertising

    I've only had my car decals on my windows a few weeks....but I've already made LOADS of business off of them. By far the best investment I've made for advertising, yet! :sing: In the last few days, alone, I've made several new customers. I was in the McDonald's drive-thru the other day...
  5. chefkathy

    Upgrade Your Ride with High-Quality Vehicle Window Decals

    Side windows or back window?
  6. colegrovet

    Window Decals.... Gotta Love Them

    Went to a hostess's house last night to finish up her party. As soon as I stopped woman from across the street came running over. She asked if my wife was the consultant. Told her that I was the consultant..(love the look on their faces over THAT!) She talked to me about 15 min. she asked for...
  7. B

    Car Magnets Vs. Window Decals Your Thoughts

    I'm trying to stir up new business and want to add some signage to my van. I'm interested in your thoughts of the pros and cons of both the magnets vs the decals. Have you received any business by having them on your vehicle? Do the magnets need to be removed often to clean? Can they go...
  8. K

    Window Decals. What Does Yours Say

    They're having a special on Vista so I wanted to know what to put on it. The Pampered Chef Cell Phone Number Opinions please.
  9. babywings76

    Tips for Applying Window Decals: Avoiding Mistakes and Maximizing Impact

    I just bought 3 of the Merrill Pampered Chef decals. I didn't order one with contact info, it's just the name and catch phrase "Discover the Chef in You". I'm thinking of ordering other lettering somewhere else to just spell out my website. So, I'm nervous I'm going to mess these up. Are...
  10. BlessedWifeMommy

    Experience With Personalized Car Window Decals

    I want to try these, but my hubby isn't sure he wants me driving around with them on my van... Any suggestions, experience...
  11. M

    Custom Decals for Cars, Boats, Trailers and More - Contact Randy at SignaPeel!

    I just posted this on another thread. I have a neighbor who started his own decal business. This is what he did to my car and if you would like information on putting decals on your car, boat, trailer, etc., please contact Randy at [email protected] or 518-314-7156, 518-293-1562...
  12. Cindycooks

    My Merrill Car Decals Paid off Today - Woohoo!

    So today I was picking up my little granddaughter from PlayDate (a drop in childcare center here) and at the same time the manager of the local sports bar (awesome food...we love it) was picking up his little boys. We happened to walk outside at the same time and he saw my car. Ask me if our...
  13. amy07

    Do window decals for businesses affect your car insurance rates?

    do you ban your DH from driving your car? I've been wanting to get the decal but have been so hesitant because of my DH's driving. I'd be so embarrassed if I got a call from someone complaining about "my" driving, or worse to remember my name from the decal when he was driving.:yuck: Maybe...
  14. C

    Waiting for Window Decals: Shipping Issues with Online Order

    I ordered business cards as well as the car window decals they had on sale for 2/29.95. We received the business cards yesterday but nothing on the decals. I do understand that the shipping time stated upto 10 days but is it normal for them to ship items separately? Our bank account has only...
  15. N

    Which Looks Better: Personalized Window Decals in All Caps or Lower Case?

    For those of you who have the Personalized Window Decals #714076100 you have a choice to put it in all caps/lower case just wondering how did you do does it stand out more in caps or what?
  16. Intrepid_Chef

    "Free" Window Decals From Vista Print

    Since we know they're not "really" free ... is the shipping on these things worth it or are we better off going with someone else? Does anyone have a good design they'd be willing to share?
  17. Cindycooks

    Car Decals - Are They Working for You?

    Thinking of ordering the ones from Merrill. I have just the logo on my car now, so really generate nothing from that. I know there is a post on where to get these below - but thought I'd ask if they are really working for any of you. The ones from Merrill have the logo, website and phone...
  18. B

    Getting the Word Out - Car Window Decals or Magnets?

    I'm brand-new to PC, and am trying to get the word out in lots of ways. I like the idea of the car window decals, but... ...my oldest son just got his license, and we're sharing my mini-van. Being the nice mom that I am ;) I took the tiny pink ballet slippers off the rear-view mirror, as...
  19. dannyzmom

    Scratch on My Minivan Window: Need New Pampered Chef Decals

    A mailbox jumped out and hit the back window of my minivan this morning totally scratching up the Pampered Chef logo & info I had on my back window. Anyone know where I can order new ones?
  20. P

    Get Your Car Decals w/The Pampered Chef Logo from Trend Logo!

    I just ran across a fabulous and affordable place to get your car decals from---and believe me I've been looking everywhere. The place is called trend logo. They offer two stickers for $22.85 which are 15 1/2 x 5 3/4....white logo and adheres on the outside of the car window. But you can...
  21. heat123

    Magnets vs. Decals for Car Advertising: Pros and Cons

    I am really wanting to advertise on my car but have not decided which way to go? I think my husband would want me to get the magets (not permanently stuck on), I'd love cling on window decals but I guess that 's not an option, do you think there are :confused: any drawbacks to magnets? And to...
  22. S

    Promoting Your Business: Where to Order Car Magnets & Window Decals

    I am a new consultant and have my first show this on Saturday. I am looking into how to promote my business to other people. I was on the Pampered Chef website and saw the Merril's website that you can order promotional items! Does anyone know where you can order either a car magnet with your...
  23. A

    Get High-Quality Custom Car Decals - Find the Perfect Design Today!

    I am looking to get a custom made car decal. I already checked with Nancy's but they don't sell them. Does anyone know where I can get one made?? :confused:
  24. P

    My New Window Decals: My Exciting Experience

    Hey guys, I ordered window decals (the ones like the magnets, but for the windows) at conference, and I was curious of everyone elses experience with these. I'd been wanting them for a while, and finally got them at conference. I got an email that they shipped out yesterday, and I'm so excited...