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What is scratch: Definition and 15 Discussions

  1. doughmama

    Old Corn Bread From Scratch Recipe Needed?

    A customer is looking for a corn bread recipe she got years ago from The Pampered Chef. She said it was included in the 9" square baker. Anyone know what this might be? Thanks!!
  2. Sheila

    Director Things That Make You Scratch Your Head & Wonder ...

    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/418404_3217551882889_1389121744_4060304_932852837_n.jpg Is she just THAT ditzy? Or does she change her name so often that she can't keep up with the current last name? LOL
  3. esavvymom

    Question About Baking a Scratch Cake

    My kids and I have been reading "Tall Tales" this week, and one of our stories was "The Whopper Cake". In the back of the book was a recipe for our own version of "The Whopper Cake", and they wanted to make it. And I wanted to talk about fractions and other REAL life applications of...
  4. redsoxgirl

    Baked Beans From Scratch in the Dcb?

    I'm soaking some pinto beans to make home made baked beans for the first time. The recipe I have calls for a crock-pot but I was wondering if anyone has made baked beans from scratch in the DCB yet and had a recipe or tips or anything?
  5. crystalscookingnow

    Cat Scratch Fever: Beware of the Barn Cat and Her Kittens

    Bad things happen in threes, right? Well, now I'm waiting for the third. First Samuel's collar bone, now DH... We have a cat that is a barn cat (we live on a farm). We think she was someone's pet that was dumped. We usually feed her on our sidewalk b/c the kids love cats, but we can't...
  6. Jenni

    First Time Grilling Show: Making BBQ Sauce from Scratch!

    I just am so proud of my little idea that I had to share! I am doing a grilling show tonight for the first time :yuck: I wanted to show off more products so... I am making the BBQ sauce recipe! In lg pinch bowl I put the ketchup, next one brown sugar, next one BBQ rub, next one the vinager...
  7. pamperedalf

    My Ds Got a Scratch in His Eye....

    Please say a little prayer for my ds, he was torturing the cat chased her under the couch then layed his head to look at her and she got his eye, eye lid. Took him to peds. and they said he was fine but keep an eye on him. Oh I was scared. I just wish he would learn to be nice to the animals...
  8. JAE

    Favorite Pancake Recipes - Scratch or Not

    Do you have a favorite pancake recipe from scratch or boxed mix? My dh makes pancakes from scratch almost every Sunday night. He and oldest ds do it together. Tonight's were not so good IMO.:yuck: He's been trying to find a good recipe. He likes them thick, I like them light and fluffy. My kids...
  9. dannyzmom

    Scratch on My Minivan Window: Need New Pampered Chef Decals

    A mailbox jumped out and hit the back window of my minivan this morning totally scratching up the Pampered Chef logo & info I had on my back window. Anyone know where I can order new ones?
  10. Jennie4PC

    Mystery Scratch on Green Knives: Has Anyone Else Seen This?

    I just noticed today that the green knives look like they have a scatch in them. They are not peeling or anything. Has anyone else seen this on thier knives?? BTW- I hads a girl book a show JUST for the knives she fell in love with thm.:D
  11. M

    I Need a Strawberry Shortcake Recipe That Can Made From Scratch

    Hi all. I am in need of assisitance, I have a possible new customer, I just met her thru my new job, and she is looking for a strawberry Shortcake recipe that can be made from scratch. Her Mother in law is dibetic so she cannot have the regular store bought shells but something homemade with...
  12. M

    Non-Teflon Cookware: Scratch or Not?

    I know that our cookware is not anywhere close to Teflon, but does the material that it is made out of scratch off like Teflon? Sorry, it is a dumb question. What exactly are they made out of?
  13. plichte

    Multi Vender Event - Scratch off Tickets

    I am involved in a multi-vendor event on March 11 and I have a couple of items I would like some of your guys' input on. 1. I am going to turn my business cards into a scratch off ticket on the back. I want everyone who comes by my booth to get one of these and win something. I am trying...
  14. C

    Unleash Your Creativity with Scratch-Off Stickers - Get 100 for $6.60!

    Hi everyone! I found a website that sells scratch-off stickers. There are so many things that you can do with these! Put them on business cards for incentives, use them at shows for booking games, etc! I ordered 100 for $6.60 (there's a 10% discount code on the website). I'll let you...
  15. krzymomof4

    Scratch My Back I'll Scratch Your's

    Scratch my back I'll Scratch your's so to speakI am really new to this. July will be my first starter month. I have a question about getting my name out there. I have a friend who sells Premier Jewelry. She offered to hand out my business cards at her shows in exchange for me handing out her...