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Multi Vender Event - Scratch Off Tickets


May 24, 2005
I am involved in a multi-vendor event on March 11 and I have a couple of items I would like some of your guys' input on.

1. I am going to turn my business cards into a scratch off ticket on the back. I want everyone who comes by my booth to get one of these and win something. I am trying to come up with ideas of things to put under the scratch off. I know the majority of them will be Free Cooking Shows and then of course winning like the cake tester or citrus peeler, and then probably some dollar amounts. Any other suggestions?

2. Secondly, with this, I am trying to figure out a good way to be sure I get their contact information. I am going to have drawings every hour too to win bigger prizes, so maybe, everyone I give a card to, I have sign up for the drawing and on the drawing slip they indicate what it is they won. I don't know, I had this idea with the scratch off and now I am trying to implement it.

Any help or suggestions would be AWESOME! :D


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Nov 4, 2005
*looks down, digs toe in carpet*


How do you put scratch-off over the prize text on your card?



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Jan 17, 2006
Vendor event

I do a home school vendor curriculum fair every year and as PC consultants get to take shifts to get contacts. Our directors were great, they actually paid for the stone we were raffling, I would have done a stone from my enhancement month discount. Anyway we each put our info on the drawing slips so we could seperate them after the raffle and distribute them to each PC consultant so they would have a stack of contacts.
Yes have each person who takes a business card or even gets near your table to sign a drawing slip. Since there's no purchase necessary it is easy to get them to fill in the slip. As far as scratch off business cards I love that idea, I had some that would say:
Free shipping with any purchase!
Free cake tester or citrus peeler or nylon scrapers (2), or quikut knife
Free recipe ingredients for cooking show
10% discount on any cookware purchase, if you really want the points on the pans, I know I do.
Free gift wrapping for any gift purchases!
Free gift with kitchen or catalog show ($150 min.)!
$5 off $50 purchase!
$10 off $100 purchase!
Just some ideas. Hope this helps.


May 24, 2005
Great stuff Debbie thanks. As far as the scratch off question, I have purchased some stickers from a vendor I found that sells sratch off stickers fairly reasonable. You then print what you want on the card, slap the sticker over the top and they scratch it off. It's really cool. I just got an e-mail from the supplier today that said they have already shipped---I ordered them last yesterday afternoon, what service!


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Oct 7, 2005
scratch-off tickets

what is the vendor you got these from? do thye have a website? your idea sounds totally awesome.. and very different from other vendors. standing out in a crowd is very important in home-based business and I think this will do the trick for sure!

besides things listed already, how about:
* season's best cookbook
* 50% off any one (1) product (*some restrictions apply) .. this would be outside of the host rewards half-price items. the restrictions could be show minimum of $500 and cookware restricted.. I did the math, and even with the highest priced product -- aside from the cookware sets and pieces -- you'll only end up paying $17 and change, after you use the host rewards discount and they pay half.. plus you'll earn commission on that $17, so you're really only out $13 or so. That's less than recipe ingredients a lot of times! Not bad, spending $13 from your $100 commission on that $500 show they had..)

If I think of anything else, I'll post again.

thanks :)