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Scratch my back I'll Scratch your's


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Jun 27, 2005
Scratch my back I'll Scratch your's so to speak

I am really new to this. July will be my first starter month. I have a question about getting my name out there. I have a friend who sells Premier Jewelry. She offered to hand out my business cards at her shows in exchange for me handing out her cards at the end of my show. I looked up on the Pampered Chef website and the only thing it says is that I can not demonstrate other products that I sell. Is this an alright thing to do or not. I don't want to get into trouble before I even get started.
Thanks a bunch
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Jan 6, 2005
gotta think on that one...

What about this instead...what if you host a show for her and she hosts a show for you...that way, you both grab a little bit of each other's contacts..
I'm not sure if passing out her business card at your shows is going to help you...and the purpose of your business is to GET YOU BUSINESS and not someone else...I think its a great concept..but as a customer standpoint, I'm at a PC show and not a jewelry show..so switching shows/ or hosting a show for each other is a great way to put your name out there...
Another way to put your name out there is to look at local fairs in your area..this way you get contact info. of people you've never met, but love PC...
Just a thought..hope it helps..


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May 6, 2005
I did a show with a host a couple months ago and she found out a week before her show that a next door neighbor was having another home-party show. Obvioulsy their guest list overlapped a bit with the surrounding neighbors. So, the host decided that we'd swap catalogs with the consultant next door. Since that was her idea and her choice, I didn't feel I could say no. Well, it wasn't successful anyway and there were no "cross orders" for the other products.

I agree that when you go to a one company's party, that's what you're there for and it's pretty unlikely that people are going to be all that interested in another one. I like the idea of swapping shows though!!


Apr 22, 2005
Another idea: get together a couple of other direct sales representatives and set up your own "fair" or even set it up as group fundraiser for a church or other cause...this could be especially fun for people around the gift giving holidays!
May 26, 2005
trading shows

I have traded shows in the past and the one suggestion that I can make is have her host first. I am not sure why but it seems to be better that way. Other wise you host first, and then her show has 2 people :( (not fun) Learned this one the hard way. Good luck!!