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What is grilling: Definition and 87 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Bbq Basting Bottle Grilling Tip

    It's BBQ time! Did you know sweet or sugar-based sauces are prone to burn and should only be brushed on the grilled food at the end of the cooking process? However, sauces made with vinegar, citrus, or yogurt can be brushed on throughout. Good to know and share at shows!
  2. W

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook Looks New * Will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from me 56 recipes including burgers and smoky ribs to vibrant veggies and much more. Includes grilling basics and grill master's tips for perfect results. List Date: 6/24/2014 For more...
  3. jpanzenhagen

    Delicious Grilling Ideas for a Guys, Gals, and Grills Themed Show"

    I would like to do a Guys, Gals and Grills theme show and am looking for suggestions on recipe choices. I like the Grilled BBQ Chicken but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions.
  4. P

    Couples Grilling Show: Game Ideas & Pizza Recipes

    I am doing a couples grilling show next week. Any game ideas? Any good pizza recipes?
  5. Intrepid_Chef

    Grilling With Indirect Heat: A Guide for Your Grad Party

    A customer of mine just bought two beer can things for the grill. I was reading the recipe for the chicken and it said something about "indirect heat." Is there some kind of flyer around here or an easy explanation of what this means and if it can be done on the grill? I don't want her to...
  6. DebPC

    Grilling Demo Recipes for This Year - Learn More!

    If you do- what recipe(s) will you demo this year?
  7. M

    Looking for Recipe for Grilling Individual Pizzas

    I remember seeing a recipe a while back that someone did pizzas on the grill. They used the refrigerated pizza crusts and cut them into smaller sizes, grilled them and then put toppings on them. Anyone have this and what you did exactly? I'm doing a grilling show on Sunday and they want to do...
  8. E

    Grilling on a Glass Top Stove: Is It Possible?

    I've been wanting to get a grill pan, but am not sure if it will work on my stove. I'm not sure if it would heat evenly....because I have a glass top stove with round burners. Anyone else has a stove like this & uses the grill pan?
  9. R

    Grilling Nachos - Tips & Tricks to Avoid Burnt Chips

    Has anyone grilled nachos? I have a host that wants to try it at her party. If so, what pan did you do it on? I would guess indirect heat? Did you cover the bottom with tinfoil? I'm worried about the nacho chips burning.
  10. S

    Discover Delicious Grilling Recipes: A Guide to the Great Grilling Cookbook

    Hi all, I do not have the Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook yet. Can anyone please tell me what recipes are in there. I am a pick eater, don't like fish, seafood, or mushrooms. So if the recipes have these there is no reason for me to buy this cookbook. Also looking for what is listed in the...
  11. C

    Grilling Show - to Do or Not to Do??

    One of my July hosts really wants to do a grilling show. I really, really do not want to do a grilling show. I have very little experience using any grill, let alone one I've never used before at the host's house. Plus, I don't have any of the grilling products, so I would have to buy something...
  12. C

    Grilling Pizza Indoors: Tips and Tricks from an Experienced Jenn-Air Grill User

    I have a host with a Jenn-aire grill in her kitchen and I was thinking about doing a grill pizza. Has anyone tried this. I am hesitant since it can't be closed like on an outdoor grill, but I thought I would see if someone has done this successfully! Thanks, Carrie G.
  13. cookingwithlove

    Grilling Class: PDF Booklet for Tuesday

    I am doing a grilling class Tuesday. Here is a booklet I made. It was made in publisher and I converted it to a PDF. I cannot convert it to Word.
  14. wadesgirl

    Outdoor Party Recipes Without Grilling!

    My niece wants to do her party outside this week (weather pending) and wants to do an outdoor theme recipe. She doesn't want to do a grilling show and I'm drawing a blank because I prefer to use the DCB, MFP or grill pan to show off the recipes. Any ideas?
  15. O

    Grilling with the Grill Pan: What's Cooking This Month?

    What is everyone doing this month to promote the grill pan, other than the chicken your way show? Has anyone tried making ice cream cones in the skillet?
  16. S

    Need Grilling Recipes for a Cooking Show - Help!

    I have a customer (and a good friend) that wants to do a grilling show. No problem. HOWEVER, I don't do the grilling in my house, my husband does. She has said she will do the grill part of the show, but I need a few recipes to toss her way. . . any ideas? Suggestions? Help! :cry...
  17. deanna_g

    Looking for a Black Grilling Apron? Check Out Our Brand New Incentive Item!

    I have the black grilling apron earned as an incentive last month brand new in the package for sale. $15+S&H
  18. M

    Grilling Show Success: Tips & Ideas

    I did a show a week ago and got a booking from it. The hostess wants to do a Grilling themed show. SOOOOO I need tips and ideas to pull this off.
  19. R

    Free Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Cookbook

    Greetings All, I received an email from Sirius Radio. Buried in the email was a link for a 51 page Summer Grilling Cookbook. I saved it, and it has some really good recipes. Just thought I'd share it with everyone. http://sirius.chtah.com/a/hBMRhbLB7gW-gB8PRJcI9chZ6NY/cookbook I can...
  20. KayPT

    Ultimate Grilling Products: Must-Haves for Your Next BBQ

    I am trying to get ready for a grilling show and I have the basket and that is it. What else should I buy? There are so many things I can't get them all, yet at least. :) Thanks!
  21. 1PamperedMommy

    How can I make chicken fajitas on the grill without any prior experience?

    I offered hosts a show choice of making chicken fajitas on the grill. Problem is, I've never used a grill! Can someone give me the rundown of how to make the chicken fajitas using a grill? Anyone have success with this type of show? If so, can you give me an outline/timeline of how yours...
  22. C

    Father's Day Grilling Show: Outdoor Fun & Recipes!

    Hey there! I have a show that is the day before father's day and the host is inviting both men and women. She says they grill about 3 days out of the week and really want to do an outdoor show showing off some of the grilling/outdoor products, ex the grill basket & tray. Has anyone ever done a...
  23. J

    Need Help Choosing a Grilling Recipe

    I have a show this Sunday afternoon and the host would like my demo to be something on the grill. Any ideas??
  24. B

    Father's Day Grilling Gift Set Sale: May 20-June 10!

    I just got the email that the Grilling gift set is on sale May 20-June 10. Just in time for Father's Day. Myst be submitted by June 10. Can't wait to share it at my shows.
  25. pamperedpals

    Want to learn a new grilling recipe for summer?

    I just received this email and thought I would share, since we are getting into the grilling season. :D Hi Ladies, I have been a consultant for almost 16 years and every summer I have done this recipe for many years. A Pampered Chef friend of mine created this recipe years ago and it is...
  26. leftymac

    Grilling Veggies 101: Recipes and Tips for Beginners

    I'm going to use my Grill Basket for the first time tonight. Anyone have a good grilled veggies recipe? Yeah, I know I can just toss them in some olive oil with salt and pepper but I was wondering what creative combinations you folks have done. Also, what veggies are the best to grill? I was...
  27. K

    Grilling Ideas for Newbie Chefs: Recipes and Show Ideas

    Hey everyone! Looking for ideas for a grilling show. I need some recipes as I have a couple of shows coming up. Keep in mind please that I don't normally grill so I'm not wholly comfortable with it. My upline suggests that we just do chicken on the grill and then incorporate it into a salad...
  28. K

    New Consultant in Need of Easy Salad and Grilling Recipes

    Hi, I'm a new consultant and just booked a couple parties with a backyard BBQ type theme. Anyone have some ideas on easy to make salad recipes. I'm also looking for some grilling ideas for a couples party. The men are going to grill and the women are going to prepare a salad. Any...
  29. J

    Grilling Show: Seeking Advice from Experienced Griller!

    Got a show coming up and we are going to be using the grill!! Haven't ever done a Grill show before anyone out there have an experience they'd like to share... Do's and Don'ts!! Thanks Jennifer
  30. C

    Cooking Salmon & Flounder: Ideas Beyond Grilling & Baking

    I have some tilapia recipes but would also like some ideas for cooking salmon and flounder. I know to grill them or to bake, or fry them with italian dressing but not much else. Any ideas are welcome :)