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What is individual: Definition and 132 Discussions

  1. straitfan

    Get Help with Individual Orders & Shipping for Emoji Cookie Cutters

    Needing to submit tonight..... not enough for a show. I have 3 sets of emoji cookie cutters. One needs to ship out of state and the other 2 with the rest of the order. It won't let me enter in the same item twice ( just adds quantity to the out of state order.... any way around this? Or do...
  2. B

    Individual Cheesecakes: A Delicious Alternative to Springform Pans!

    I read an old post about not putting a cheesecake in stoneware. The person was advised to ALWAYS use a springform pan. There is no need to always use a spring form pan for a dinner party. For many years, I have made cheesecake in a springform pan. However, a few years ago, we decided to give...
  3. kam

    Create an Individual Order and Ship to Me on Beta: Step-by-Step Guide

    Here is what I want to do: 1. Create an individual order under a customer's name 2. Have it ship to me 3. Put it on my payment account and I will just collect the check from my customer When I started doing this on Beta, the first thing was it made me set up "an account" for my...
  4. N

    Placing an Order for 14 Individual Gifts: Help Needed

    I have a customer that is placing an order for 14 medium round stones and wants each one sent to an individual and not the host he is ordering through. These are client gifts for his business and he does not want any pricing info sent with it. I have only dealt with the ship to host option...
  5. JanisF

    Can I Order September Specials Through Individual Orders?

    I have a customer who is after the metal bakeware. I have a catalogue show on the go, but now the host has changed her mind and needs to close it later this month due to family issues. Can I submit an individual order now for the Sep special? All I saw on the flyer (I'm in Canada, but I don't...
  6. raebates

    Changing a Show Order to an Individual Order in Beta

    So, I was in the process of putting together a small show of my own, but, I only have about $50 in orders so far. A wonderful host of mine had a show fall apart. I have transferred two of the orders to her show. (This isn't something I usually do, but I try to help out when life happens to...
  7. M

    Looking for Recipe for Grilling Individual Pizzas

    I remember seeing a recipe a while back that someone did pizzas on the grill. They used the refrigerated pizza crusts and cut them into smaller sizes, grilled them and then put toppings on them. Anyone have this and what you did exactly? I'm doing a grilling show on Sunday and they want to do...
  8. T

    Individual Items for Sale: $25-$35 Each

    I will sell each individually.I will get prices they will be around $25-$35 each
  9. naekelsey

    Do Pampered Chef Consultants Receive Email Notifications for Individual Orders?

    When someone places an order from your website, not for a party just a individual order-like tomorrow, do you get an email saying someone placed an order?
  10. anoelle

    Instant 3, 2, 1 Cake: Ready in 1 Minute!

    I got the following recipe in an email today. It is so simple and versatile I had to share it. I was thinking of using the Prep Bowls to demo it in. 3, 2, 1 CAKE These individual little cakes are amazing and ready to eat in one minute! They are perfect for whenever you feel like a...
  11. T

    Ordering Prep Bowls: How to Enter Individual Orders in P3

    I was at a show about a week ago and almost every order I gathered had new catalog items on it except for one. I am holding on to these orders until March 1st but the one order, I hate to make this customer wait until then. She ordered 2 cup prep bowls. Can I enter an individual order in P3?
  12. kcjodih

    Individual Order - No Past Host Discount?

    I'm trying to submit an order for a host I had in October. It's showing that she has a past host discount number and that it's valid until 10/12 but when I go to input the order it's showing a 0% discount and isn't giving her the past host 10%. Is that discount not allowed on individual...
  13. K

    When Do Emails About Individual Orders Get Sent?

    I posted a facebook invite today to encourage friends to go to my website and order HWC products through individual orders. One of my old teachers posted saying she placed an order, but I didn't get an email about it. Are individual order emails sent after the order is submitted, or is it...
  14. C

    Place Individual Orders without a Website: How to Get Credit

    I have 2 people who want to place individual orders, but I don't have a website yet. How do I get credit for the sale? I tried doing it through pc.com but it wouldn't let me put my own consultant # in.
  15. C

    Trouble Placing Individual Order for Pink Paring Knives

    I am trying to place an individual order for the pink paring knives and it is telling me they are not available :cry: Am I doing something wrong?
  16. A

    Random Individual Order: Success at Last!

    I just got a random individual order. I am not eligible for HO leads so I guess all those cattys I gave out finally paid off. Yay!!
  17. M

    Oops Placed as an Individual Order, Not on a Show

    Is there a way to move an individual orders to a host show? I have someone who has opened a show as her Christmas list, but it looks like her mother has placed an order, but it is not showing up under her show. So I am assuming that she placed an individual order. I am assuming the answer is...
  18. Hunter Mom

    How Long Until Individual Orders Show Up?

    I have a friend who says she ordered, but I haven't gotten anything yet via email, and it doesn't show up on CC. It would've been an individual order. How long before I see what she got?
  19. T

    Personal Website & Individual Orders

    I'm a new consultant (started in November) and have now exceeded the $1,250 mark (as of a few days ago). I set-up my personal website through PC earlier last month to allow outside orders from shows. When will PC allow individual orders on my personal website? Also, when it customer access to...
  20. winklermom

    Black Friday Order Placed as Individual Order

    I've got a customer who placed an online order for my Black Friday sale but she did it as an individual order. I made sure that every time I advertised it that I told them that they had to be sure to put BLACK FRIDAY as the host so that I could give them the discounts. I used all caps like I...
  21. L

    Adjust Individual Orders on Pws..??

    I was wondering if you can adjust a payment (give a discount or consultant gift) when someone submits an order on your PWS with selecting a Host? Thanks in advance- Di
  22. babywings76

    Guest Placed Individual Order Instead :(

    I wish people would ask first if they aren't sure what they are doing on the website to place an order for a show. I have a really nice catalog show host who asked about people being able to order things from the outlet and the HWC stuff. I explained it to her (that's another thread I...
  23. K

    Where Can I Find My Individual Performance Tracker on Consultant Corner?

    Where on consultant corner do you find your Individual Performance Tracker? I know havent got 150 in commissionable sales in a couple of months but want to make sure I havent gone 6 months and the one on consultant corner now is only up to 2009....TIA
  24. Nep2nfly

    Newbie Question Ie Individual Orders on Pws

    Hey - I worked with a customer this morning and we placed an individual order online (outlet SA stripes products). It was definitely submitted on my site, and even said it would contact me. It's 12 hours later, and I still have not received any kind of notification that the order was placed...
  25. C

    Ordering for HWC Fundraiser - Individual Orders and Host Benefits Explained

    I'm having a HWC fundraiser party tonight at my place and have received quite a few "sorry cant make it but can I order" responses. So with everyone, I've emailed back to let them know they can go to my website, click on Shop Online and then enter Help Whip Cancer as the host name and shop from...
  26. L

    Boost Sales: How to Sell Trifle Bowls and Get Apron with Individual Orders

    ok, so i was trying to quickly put together a show by selling 5 of the trifle bowls. i have less than $50 in orders. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to quickly get a couple of orders? i really wanted to get the apron. i think it is probably going to have to end up being...
  27. thehaleykitchen

    Changing From Individual Order to Show Order

    Morning all, Is there anyway to take an individual order and transfer it to a show? I had a lady call me last night wanting to put in an order for two trifle bowls. I set it up as an individual order while I was talking about them being a wonderful Mother's Day gift and that they were on...
  28. M

    Finding Payment Info for My First Individual Website Order

    Howdy all. I received my first individual order via my personal website (because the customer didn't click on her host...at least I know who her host is!)... How do I find this info? In Website Assistant? I know its not under work with shows....but HOW do I find it? The program e-mailed...
  29. M

    Individual Order Confirmation: Do I Get Notified?

    If someone places an order on my website (not part of a show, just an individual order), will an e-mail notification be sent to me? I know that it would be for a show, but not sure about individual orders. I've had a few people say that they were going to place an order through my website but...
  30. jcsmilez

    Can I Set Up a Fundraiser for My Friend's Child's Heart Surgeries?

    I want to set up a cooking show fundraiser for a friend who is having a high risk pregnancy and her child has a heart defect (prayers appreciated). Her heart on the left side has not developed. Her right side is very generous in size but the left ventricle will never be of use and the...