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What is credit: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    Kit Credit: $25 & $50 Discounts on Kits

    We still have kit credit, correct? $25 toward either kit and $50 toward New Consultant Kit? We enter it under free and discounted products on the host order form, correct?
  2. DebPC

    Delicious Recipe Without Credit

    Don't know who to credit this to, but it looks delish!
  3. O

    Credit for New Recruits: Qualifications and Deadlines Explained

    Can someone please tell me when we get credit for a new recruit? If someone signs in December, does that count toward the 2013 trip or the 2014 trip. There is much discussion about this and we cannot seem to find the answer. Some say that we have until Dec. 2013 to sign a recruit for the current...
  4. Bren706

    Beta Website - Incorrect Customer Credit Card Charged

    Just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else: I entered a show in the Beta website last night. I have been on beta since the release to Team Leaders. The host used her card to pay for her order, plus 4 others. There were about 20 orders for the show. She called me this morning...
  5. DebPC

    Attain and Maintain a Good Credit Score

    Your credit score determines everything from your mortgage rate, insurance rates, and the interest rates you pay on your credit cards. Know what yours is and if it isn't where you want it to be. Learn how to up yours.
  6. wadesgirl

    New Consultant Credit Card Charges

    I know PC usually takes a few days to charge our Order Payment Accounts but what if a new consultant uses their own credit card to pay for a show in their first 60 days? Do they debit the amount right away like a normal credit card charge or do they take a couple days like the Order Payment...
  7. nikked

    Stop Using Credit Cards! You're Throwing Money Down the Drain!

    Unless you are one of the minority who actually PAYS OFF the credit card every month, you are wasting money on interest. After going through Financial Peace University, boy did we ever learn a lot. We haven't accumulated new debt in about six months, including having our FIRST debt-free...
  8. wadesgirl

    Do You Need to Have Guests Sign Credit Card Receipts?

    Do you have your guests sign their receipts for credit card payments? I only ask because right now I'm doing a book party for another company and she is requiring me to mail her all the receipts that paid by credit card with signatures to her for "verification that they agree to pay". I take...
  9. higoobs

    Vendor Events: $2 Credit Card Stand from Pampered Chef Supply

    Does anyone have a picture of the credit card stand that is sold on the pampered chef supply sheet? Curious to know why it's under $2. I need one for vendor events.
  10. M

    Ordering from Outlet with Pampered Chef: Get Credit for Your Sales!

    Since business is slow I didn't renew my webpage...now I have someone who wants something from outlet. How can I order it for her so that i get "credit" for it on my monthly sales?? If someone just goes to pamperedchef.com and orders from outlet does it go to any particular consultant??
  11. kisrae

    Can You Use Kit Credit for the Mini Kit?

    Can you use kit credit for the mini kit?
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Accidentally Deleted Credit Card Numbers

    A person approached me at a fair and with my laptop handy, I took their credit card numbers. I went to change a different credit card payment and changed her numbers instead! I have downloaded an old version of this show on my desktop but I can only see the last 4 numbers. Is there any...
  13. ChefPeg

    Credit Card Declined: How Many Attempts Before It's Declined for Fraud?

    A customer's CC was declined several times. I'm not at home right now where my P3 software is set up where I can search help, but I heard that a CC can only be tried a certain number of times before not being accepted any further (fraud attempts). Anyone know what that number is?
  14. C

    Credit Card Fraud Strikes Again: My Guests' Experiences

    So with almost every show I've had the last 3 months there is always at least one declined credit card. It's gotten to the point where I dread submitting cause I know I'll get that email them BAM, there it is. One time, it was just the system. I entered her same exact credit card info 3...
  15. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I use multiple credit cards for online show orders?

    Trying to close out a show and P3 is having a fit. The host, a former consultant, wanted to close out online so she has the show on 2 different cards. P3 is having a fit over the cards in her mom's name but is fine with her credit card being used on the other 3. What's up? I should mention...
  16. P

    Personal Credit Card Warning: PC Visa Discontinued for Show Payments

    When the discussion came up back in December about the PC visa being discountinued, there were several that said they used their peronal cards to pay for shows and entered it in under the host. I had to call about a declined card today and she told me that we can't do this and that its now in...
  17. J

    Director PWS Credit Cards: Ensuring Safe Transactions for Your Orders

    Thought I read somewhere that credit card info is no longer held on our PWS after it's entered for an order...although I checked on my website on a show I had in August and the card number still shows up....Does anyone know??
  18. C

    Place Individual Orders without a Website: How to Get Credit

    I have 2 people who want to place individual orders, but I don't have a website yet. How do I get credit for the sale? I tried doing it through pc.com but it wouldn't let me put my own consultant # in.
  19. Karen

    Pampered Chef Credit Card Is Going Away...

    Just read my email regarding the PC credit card no longer being available. I didn't use it a lot, but when I did it was strictly for PC business. At least when I make the last payment it will be gone forever. I know of many consultants who used this for submitting shows to get the rewards...
  20. C

    Troubleshooting Credit Card Authorization in P3

    Every time I submit a show or order in P3 it says the card authorization isn't working at this time. Is this happening with anyone else?
  21. F

    Does Kit Credit Expire? Find Out Now | Online Answers Available

    Anyone know if the kit credit on a show expires? Have a gal who's put it off for several months and is asking. Can't find it anywhere on-line.
  22. C

    Reaching $3000 Level: Cut-Off Date & Credit Card Decline Issues

    I submitted a show on the 30th that put me over the $3000 level. I had a declined credit card and wasn't able to resolve until the 2nd. It is showing as July sales but I will still earn the $3000 level, correct? What is the cut off date for that?
  23. F

    Will the Credit Card Run Tonight or Tomorrow for a Host's Party Order?

    Host closed out party but doesn't want card to run until tomorrow. Need her order submitted tonight. Assume that the card won't run since it's in the evening. Anyone know for sure?
  24. A

    Declined Credit Card - My 90-Day End Date Is Today!

    I just had a declined credit card - it's after 11pm here, too late to call customer. I emailed her to tell her to call me when she can so we can make sure correct number was entered in first place but I'm pretty sure it won't be resolved til tomorrow. My 90-day end date is today. That's why...
  25. P

    Pampered Chef Credit Card Issues

    I just took a look at my PC CC Statement. My husband pays the bill through our bank, the bank cuts a check and sends it to PC. He generally allows for 4 or 5 business days. For the month of May, the payment was due on May 13. My husband set the payment for the bank to cut the check on May...
  26. babywings76

    Entering Multiple Orders on One Personal Credit Card

    I'm buying some Mother's Day gifts (one is a direct shipment to my MIL who lives far away) and am paying for them with my personal credit card, so I can't figure out how to do this. Will it reject it if I try put in 2 separate payments on one card? I can't combine the amounts, because I get a...
  27. kam

    Resolving Declined Credit Cards

    If you can believe it, after 3-1/2 years I have just had MY FIRST DECLINED CARD! OK, I was able to go online and see who it is for. This particular card is one that the guest's bank lets her create as a 1-time card. I guess it is a temporary number that will be used once and then is no longer...
  28. ChefinHarmony

    Credit for Items Not on Registry

    So I read lots of stuff, but I can't find a firm answer on this... A couple has a registry set up. A wedding guest wants to buy them something they are NOT registered for. Does the couple get rewards for those items - if it's purchased online through their registry? Added to the registry...
  29. kcmckay

    March Rebate With $40 Show Credit.

    I have a host that's closing show on Thursday and signing and is questioning about rebate. So I can't find it. On the flier it says may vary but isn't very explanatory. If she uses her $40 and pays $115 will she get a rebate for the $155 price or half of $115 back? TIA
  30. K

    Director Can You Use $40 Kit Credit on $80 Kit?

    Can you use $40 kit credit on $80 kit? That is my question any one know?