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What is discounts: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. D

    Kit Credit: $25 & $50 Discounts on Kits

    We still have kit credit, correct? $25 toward either kit and $50 toward New Consultant Kit? We enter it under free and discounted products on the host order form, correct?
  2. C

    Pre-Order iPad 3 & Get Discounts: Find Your Code Here!

    Since we now get discounts on Apple products, where do I find a code? I want to pre order the Ipad 3.....
  3. L

    Figuing Out Host Discounts and Orders?

    My first show is a catalog show and it is underway now. My host lives about 45 minutes away. I am going to go pick up all the orders, so we wanted to be able to do her host order when I pick up everything. My recruiter said that its easy to figure out and calculate her discounts and host...
  4. C

    Did the Pampered Chef Bridal Shower Turn Into a Discount Party?

    I did a bridal shower yesterday. About 5 of the bridesmaids wanted to go in together and get a double burner griddle (part of her wish list). I mentioned that they should wait and use that as a half price item. Only problem, the sales so far without the griddle is barely over $150. Another...
  5. Cooking_Mama

    Setting up Discounts in Your PWS: A Step-by-Step Guide

    So I have it set up in my pws...but how do I honor a discount? If I offer 10% off is there a way to set it up so it automatically applies?
  6. J

    Giving Hosts Discounts for Booking Off Another Show

    Hi...Not sure if I should post this here, but... I had a show tonight that was booked off of another show. The consultant of the 1st show was my recruiter and she gave me the show when I signed... So the question is, how do I give the past host discount for the monthly special if I didn't do...
  7. P

    Discounts Available at OfficeMax

    I was wondering if anyone knew what items we get a discount on at Office Max?
  8. cwinter474

    How Can I Adjust Discount Orders on P3 to Reflect on Customer Receipts?

    Ok, I know that I will have to put in the extra $ for any discounts that I want to give. But is there any way to change their order on P3 so that the receipt that they get reflects these discounts? Like say 10% off to all orders (like if they were placed at a booth or something) Or a...
  9. S

    Score Big Discounts on Purchases: Beyond Pampered ChefD Credits

    What type of discount do we get when purchasing products? (Other than credits PCD)
  10. raebates

    Do Bonuses Work Better Than Discounts in Sales Strategies?

    I'm a fan of Jeffrey Gitomer. He is an author and sales guru. I subscribe to his Sales Caffeine newsletter, and it's great. Language and nuances are important. Small changes can result in big differences. In this week's edition he includes a letter that's a follow-up to a previous letter. The...
  11. C

    Urgent Team Leader Discounts & Free S&H on pp3

    I am trying to order supplies on PP3. I thought as a Team Leader you get 30% off I also thought I was suppose to get free S&H Does anyone know???? Thanks ;)
  12. tlag1986

    Trouble Finding Past Host Discounts? Check Out My Experience!

    Is anyone else having difficulty finding past host discounts? I have a recent host who about 1 1/2 month ago hosted a show and the system says Person not found.:grumpy: I had the same trouble about a week ago and emailed customer service, and have yet to hear from them.:mad: I was just...
  13. KimoMakano

    Pampered Chef Laptop Shopping: Discounts for Consultants?

    Aloha all, I am thinking of buying a new laptop for PC and was wondering what options are available to us. I thought I had heard or read somewhere (but can't seem to find it) that PC Consultants could get a discount either at Office Depot or via Dell. Is anyone familiar with this...
  14. P

    Boost Your Sales with Limited Time Offer: 10% Off Trifle Bowls!

    I have a close friend who used to be a consultant who told me she used to offer additional discounts on large ticket items, like Stoneware. I have a show tomorrow in which the host tells me she has 15 confirmed guests. We are making the Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle. I thought about telling...
  15. B

    Entering Discounts: How Can I Offer 10% Off at My Fall Kick-off Party?

    I plan to offer discounts at my Fall Kick-off party. If I want to offer 10% off an item (or order) what is the best way to do this? Do you take the discount off of the particular item(s)/order and then figure shipping and tax? Do you use a write-in order form or is there a way to put it in P3? I...
  16. O

    Help Needed: 4th Month of 90-Day Ordering Discounts

    My 90 days end today! So my question is on the 4th month I could order kits @ 40% off but where to I find them? Is my forth month July or August? I really do not know what I am looking for. Thanks for your help
  17. M

    Host Your Own Catalog Party - Discounts on Pampered Chef+ Orders!

    I am having my own catalog party online, I had three shows and just couldnt seem to get anyone else to throw one more before my 30 days ended .. so I am doing one myself .. anyway, I am offering a few discounts if people order over a certain amount. my question is this: how do I offer these...
  18. C

    Giving Customers Discounts in pp: A Guide

    So some of you have mentioned giving customers a discount when they have referred someone to you, or for a birthday. How do you offer this discount in Pampered Partner? Sorry if this is a silly question...Thanks :)
  19. P

    Ordering Host/Guest Specials: Get Discounts & Details

    I think I read somewhere that the month prior to a guest special the consultant can order the guest special. Where can I do that and is it at a discount? Also, is there anyway to order the host specials the month before in order to present the items to future hosts?
  20. quiverfull7

    Offering Discounts and How It Affects Our Business

    on another thread there was a question about offering discounts and I remembered this article from awhile back. It's well worth reading... Subject: Discounting…yes or no? Tonight's dinner table discussion was an interesting one. Two of my children work at the same neighborhood coffee...
  21. P

    Group Hotel Discounts for Conferences: Budget Planning

    Does anyone know if there will be discounts on the hotels like conference where we can all book together? Just doing a little budget planning and was wandering how much to budget for the hotel.:p
  22. beepampered

    Saving Money at Fundraisers: A Look at Discounts

    If a host of a September fundraiser purchases a set of cookware at 60% off, will the organization get 15% of the amount she paid? Thanks.
  23. Jennie4PC

    Host Discounts: Aug 5th Show and Beyond

    I am getting reqady to leave for a show and I was wondering if the past host dicount is good for the month or does it expire on the date the show was held?? EX the past host dicounts show was Aug 5th and I am doing a show today that I know she will order from so does she still get the discount...
  24. Chef_2_Four

    Previous Host's Discounts: P3 Orders & Updates

    How does the previous host get the 60% off whatever that months special is? Does P3 do it automatically? Also, I entered an order for the knives and it didn't come up with 20% off. Does that have something to do with the update coming up?
  25. J

    Friday Frenzy Sale - Discounts Every Hour!

    Ok so i'm wanting to do a Friday sale where each hour you do something special. (as seen on some flyers on this site:) ) I'm not sure how to go about doing it. How do you do the discounts and such? For instance the first hour you get 15% off you order... How do I do that in P3? TIA
  26. chefjenibel

    Six Flags Discounts: Save on Admission with These Tips!

    Hey there, my resourceful cheffer friends! My family is heading out east to Boston in a couple of weeks and we hope to go to Six Flags New England. Does anyone have any coupon codes or know of how to get some good deals on the entrance price for Six Flags? Any help would be awesome!!! :D...
  27. renee.see

    Instant Discounts: Shop on Your Way Home from Work Today!

    How do I get the discount at the store? I need to stop on my way home from work today. Thanks!
  28. W

    Help! Computer Crash Cost Me Contacts & Host Discounts!

    Hello All, I am sooo ready to scream !! My computer crashed (really really dead!) at the end of February, so I have lost all of my contacts (husband did a re-write on my backup disk).. anyway now I am entering a show.. The person that my hostess booked from has an order, I'm able to get the...
  29. L

    Get Discounts at Kinko's with FedEx: Info & How-To

    I seem to remember somewhere it was mentioned that due to the switch to FedEx, consultants could get a discount at Kinko's locations as well. Does anyone know anything about this and how to we use it?
  30. dannyzmom

    Do Office Max Discounts Apply for Shelf Organization?

    I can't get onto CC right now to get the details - but maybe one of you remembers...do we get Office Max discounts online AND in the store? I want to by this: http://www.officemax.com/max/solutions/product/prodBlock.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&prodBlockOID=536958881&expansionOID=-536882126 for one...